Monday, September 06, 2004


'oh, what a beautiful day. i've got a beautiful feeling, that everything's going my way'. my first day as a memaw to 3!!!! count them 3 gorgeous babies!!! this is why i don't use caps and punctuation in most of my blogs. i get so excited to get this stuff recorded that i don't want to miss a thought, a feeling, a pang, a realization, a reality. any realization.. any identify factors... anything....
my reality..
the twins were born on april 25, 2002. they're fraternal twins. AL & HE (just to identify.) not identical. one is smaller built, louder, more demanding with a look that says i' m ur devil. the other is big eyed, loving & very easy going. she just emits love.
the best part is their little bitty toes. u know that little baby toe that just sits on the end of ur foot? there for whatever abuse is gonna get dished out to it...? our poor little toe has like a split toenail. or a corn kind of thing growing to the right that will peel off but leaves raw meat behind. i can't explain it but i know it hurts. i peel it, trim it, cut & file it just to keep it under control. it stays tender and i absolutely hate it. poor babies have it. they r without a doubt his babies. dom has it too..
wanna discuss aliens? we have a trademark....