Saturday, June 25, 2005


being summer time it's too hot to stay inside. we've been spending alot of time outside. swimming, walking, riding, swinging, talking, running, laughing & name it, we're doing it. Especially swimming. We have a built in pool thats 3 feet deep on one end & 10 feet in the middle of the deep end. Makes us very popular with the neighbors for miles around here. The twins love the pool & aren't afraid of anything. They want to learn to swim so bad. Ixxie will float in the inner tube & wings but she doesn't much like getting her head wet. Yet! And Jammer, well, Jammer won't let me go. He wants to ride on my back more than anything. Cos he knows thats the safest place. He doesn't like to be splashed or dunked. He doesn't like being where his feet won't touch & he's not quite 3 feet tall yet so he doesn't touch anywhere in the pool. he's fine as long as he has hold of my neck or arms or riding on my back but other than that he won't get in with anyone. He does like to run around the pool pushing everyone in & then growling at them in his best hulk hogan stance. typical little boy.
did i tell you about going off on honey? oh no, how did i forget that? we were all sitting in the living room with the tv on but we were going through a bunch of pictures i just had developed. pappaw was reading to the kids & everyone was just having a good time talking & laughing over the pics. well, at some point honey looked up & just happened to see a small flash of a boobie & immediately started screaming how she didn't want to see that shit on tv. what the hell was her kids watching? of course until she started bitching & yelling nobody was watching tv so we didn't know what she saw. but how many times have you walked into someones home & tried to tell them what they could or could not watch? on top of that the problem is not what her kids may see. the problem is that my son may see a pretty woman with little or no clothes on & that makes her see red. why? cos she's crazy. so, i screamed back that if there was a problem with what i allowed her kids to see on tv she didn't have to bring them to me & therefore i wouldn't expose them to something they shouldn't see. sonny pointed out that until she started screaming & acting stupid nobody saw what was on tv anyway. pappaw pointed out that the kids still weren't looking at what was on tv so what was the problem anyway. and she still pissed me off so i continued to yell at her that she was the only stupid person i have ever known that was jealous of the women on the fucking tv. i mean for
1. what are the chances of him ever seeing any of those women in person? for 2. how many of them would go for a man that works for a living making $24.00 a hour when she can have all those actors making millions? she has always embarrassed sonny over woman that may come into his line of sight. she's the most jealous person i've ever met & has always shown her ass over even a woman speaking to him. it didn't matter if they were friends of his from childhood or someone that just being nice walking by should happen to catch his eye & say excuse me or something, anything she'd throw a fit. my car broke down one time & i called sonny to take me to get the part we needed. on the way to the autoparts store a woman jogged across the street in front of us at a stop sign. sonny looked down at the floor cos he already knew what was coming. i had never seen her show her ass before but then i had never been anywhere in public with her. she immediately started screaming & crying that she saw him look at that woman & she (honey) would never be enough woman for him. she's almost pitiful over this crap.
another time, we all went to the zoo together. (once cos i'll never go anywhere with her again) as soon as she got out of the car & we headed for the entrance some women across the parking lot looked around. not particularly at anything just looked around & she started screaming at them that they could just look somewhere else & what the hell was they looking at anyway. sonny turned around & got right back in the car. this woman is wacko & i had taken the last of the shit i was gonna take from her. i told her if she was coming into my home she would not dictate to us what we watched on tv & if sonny happened to see a tit, oh well. deal with it & grow up. she acts like a 16 year spoiled rotten, jealous kid. not in my house. in my house i'm the only one allowed to show my ass. and i'm way too cool for that. she didn't like it but she hasn't tried to control our tv viewing since so maybe i did some good. maybe not. but i don't expect sonny to stay with her after his son is old enough to be in school. i really think when he leaves her he'll probably take her daughter from her too. i'm sure he can prove her to be crazy & incompetent. no judge would punish a child by making them stay in her custody. besides talk about fucking up a perfectly balanced kid... this woman is the fuck up queen. her oldest son from another relationship has already been put in the looney bin for trying to hurt himself & other kids. and then she tells me how she used to do the self mutalation thing. cutting herself & sticking herself with needles cos she didn't feel any pain. crazy? yeah, i think so.
well, gotta get some sleep.
gotta be awake to swim with jammer.

Monday, June 13, 2005


mia is becoming a bitch. seems like hubby beats me to the pc every day & i'm tired of fighting over computer time. so, i let him go & everynow&then i throw it in his face. no, i'm not accomplishing anything except driving myself crazy. oh for those of you wondering. i am a redneck. my car lock stuck on the drivers side last summer & we took the inside panel off the door. in the process of removing it i split it about an inch. the interior of my car is silver, the tape is silver, it was perfect. i guess though, yes, i am a redneck. doesn't make any difference i still love duct tape. i'm thinking about having my coffin wrapped in the shit to preserve my body a tad longer.
sorry this is short. it's late & i'm tired.
night friends