Tuesday, April 17, 2007

God Sent?

i posted about not having owned a bike until i was 15 a few entries back. in response i received
an email from nipper, my younger sister. i asked her if i could use this so she wouldn't be surprised but i wanted you to see what our childhood was like.
nippers' response:
'BTW, I feel bad that you never had a bike. I wanted a *&^%$ FM radio. I got an AM that never held a channel and Gunner got a king size stereo with floor speakers. He didn't even live there, he lived at his papaws. Oh man, you really brought back memories.'
we were the step children in this marriage. we were made to believe that we had a wonderful life but when we got older & looked back on our lives we realized that we were housed, we were used, we were convinced that we were lucky...we were convenienced. they gave us some piece of shit to appease us that was no where near what we wanted but we were taught to appreciate what we got so we didn't complain. we just accepted the way it was & this is what we got. i actually appreciate the fact that i was taught to keep a clean house but it came from the fact that i was used as a cleaning maid, built in babysitter & was nipper when i moved out. how's that for love?


Walker said...

Now this is a tough one.
I understand the not getting the stuff equally that was blatant but the baby sitting and housework would have been there if the parents had not divorced and had more kids.
The older ones always get screwed with taking care of the younger kids.
AND the younger ones get spoiled more.
I know.

Anonymous said...

I have no room to comment. But, listen to Walker.

Etoile Tyler said...

I'd give you a hug if I could. Nobody deserves to be treated this way. You were (and still are) so special, I hope that someone in your life makes that up to you now.