Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mammograms Aren't For Wimps

hi all, i just got back from the womans center where i had my doctors ordered mammogram taken. they also did a sonogram just to be certain. it looks like my lump, no, my lumps are just tissue mass. i don't quite understand how a tissue mass could feel solid but damn, maybe that means i have healthy tissue mass cos its firm & hard. unlike my fat. i'm here to tell you that mother fucker hurt, too. she stretched my titty so far & hard that she literally tore my skin under my tit. i had a woman on each side of me pulling & stretching my titty like it was a ball of silly putty. anyway, thats a load lifted off my mind. i've been really worried that it was gonna turn out to be cancerous. hard lumps in a womans tits aren't a good thing. i took the day off & hubby & i went out for lunch to celebrate after we got the good news. yeah, i get to keep both my titties & i don't have to endure any chemo therapy or radiation treatments. man, you just don't know how relieved i am. especially after having been in close touch with my friend i was telling you about. the one that just had a boob removed & went through all the treatments. i've been thinking i'm the same age & she looks healthier than me, chances are i was gonna have the same thing. i stopped by to visit her last week & she pulled the wig back to show me her new hair growth. friends, she was so tickled with her hair growing back & that her cancer seems to be in remission that i felt guilty for praying to god to never let me have to deal with that. i'm so glad this is over for now. dr. stevenson said that when i find hard lumps i should always have them checked out. not to let this episode lull me into a sense of security cos its always better to be safe than sorry. he won't have to worry about that. i am not ready to die & if its something i can catch early enough i want to always know that i've done the best i could do to take care of myself. i want to be here for jammers life. i want to be here to watch him grow into the wonderful young man he's gonna be & see him have children. my great-grandchildren, my dream.
i hope you all feel good & good health is your prognosis.


Walker said...

Great news on the tissue mass being nothing.
I beleive you about it hurting.
I take my mother to the doctors and took her to her mammogram and she was crying when she left the room.