Thursday, June 19, 2008

Checking In

this is beginning to suck great big old buckets. when i reloaded my os i decided not to go through all those pesky microshit updates & i'm having so many issues that i think i'm gonna have to go ahead & start that project. the updates are still in my folders they just aren't recognized in my add/remove programs. they were there before so i know they should be there. unfortunately, microsoft doesn't support 98se anymore so its not as easy as going to their homepage & having it done automatically. lots of fun to be had.
the main reason i stopped in was not to bitch but to update you on luckys' progress. she had to have a complete hysterectomy. turned out she had a tumor on her ovary the size of a tennis ball & one growing inside her uterus that was 10 centimeters wide. thats about the size of a babys head. she had 24 staples & they cut her from just under her boobs all the way down to the top of her hair...down there. she's out of the hospital & everything is looking good for right now. hopefully, she doesn't lose her mind in this change of life thing she's facing now.
i'll be back later. i'm messing with this stupid printer for right now. i can get pinks. nothing else out of the color cartridge...just pinks. any suggestions? i've cleaned them both with the self cleaning & i've used hot water. i can blow color out of the nozzle but it just won't print color. one color did come out really sludgy & i'm wondering if adding water to that well may help. if you have an idea feel free to shout out.


Walker said...

I hope Lucky gets better quick.
My mother had a tumor removed that was as big as a grapefruit the said.
I told my brother it was his braind that was left behind when he was born.

Don't add water, it will make it worse.
Clean the bottom of the cartidge and also the head of the printer.

Why haven't you upgraded to XP?

Lindy said...

Sped shopper hubby. Enough said? I plan on it when I can go without him but shopping without hubby is like sneaking out on an informed parent. I can't get away!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't have any useful advice. It gets to a point when you just have to suck it and buy new stuff. (that point is usually when you have fuck all money)

As for Lucky (this name isn't too appropriate!), glad they got that shit sorted when they did, fingers crossed for a troublefree recovery.

Tammi said...

Ooweee that's awful about Lucky.So is the tumor gone for good,and she'll fully recover?daaannnng!
Sory,but from the sound of it...I think I'd havre to agree w/ Foxsden and g'head and get cha' another printer.Best Buy has some REALLY good ones that are pretty inexpensive L.
One things for sure,hun.Always download the critical updates from Microsoft...those are really really important lil missy.
oh...btw,I just posted 2 pix of my lovely mashed up car.