Monday, April 12, 2010

DRIVE-IN Time!!!!

i love our drive-in. its one of the few left & its only about 8 minutes from our house. this weekend we took the wild bunch to see 'how to train your dragon' & 'the clash of the titans' in 3D. we pigged out on chili coneys before we went & packed up pillows, blankets & stuffed animals to make everyone comfy. the kids sat on the hood of the car & giggled at the first movie. it was ixxies favorite & clash of the titans was jammers. who kept yelling 'awesome' throughout the movie. everyone in the cars around us got a laugh out of him. he gets a little wiry when he see fighting. you don't even want to be in the same room with him when he & pappaw start watching wrestling. and they'll kill you if you mention its all choreographed. even though they know you're telling the truth. theres a new rule at the drive-in. you have to pay $5.00 extra to bring in your own drinks & food. i can see that but they always get such a huge crowd that a few people not buying food can' t make that much of a difference. we always wind up buying popcorn & drinks. even when we brought our own. and seriously? how many people do you think lie to them about having a cooler in the trunk or food in the car? my favorite things about the night was they still have the kids playground & they still do the intermission thing with the hot dog jumping into the bun & the dancing ice creams. some things never die, ya know? at least, those are 2 things i hope they never take away.
next weekend is the big surprise. we're taking them to the aquarium. it'll be the first time hubby has been there too. we're all really looking forward to that. i've been there several times but hubby always had something else to do. i can't believe how expensive its gotten. its 22 bucks for an adult now & 14 for kids. i'm sorry but thats ridiculous. their memberships are set up for one person only. so you have to buy individual passes for everyone. isn't that kinda crazy? the 3 times i was in it was through the zoo. once was while it was being built. the other 2 times the zoo gave me free tickets. needless to say, they haven't made a lot of money off me. they'll make up for that next weekend. its gonna cost us 2 days pay to get through it. one reason is because they have it set up that you have to exit through the souviner shop. yeah, they know how to get you.