Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Office

if you've been wondering, this is whats up in my world. we've been building on this for about a year now. honestly, i wasn't sure it would ever be done. they started talking about all this 6 years ago but had to acquire the funds first. once the powers that be got the notion they wanted to reopen the old entrance it was on. we've made a lot of budget cuts & talked up alot of sponsers but viola': there it is. and the best part about all of it?
MY NEW OFFICE : right there... where the arrow points. thats my window. that turret on the left is over my shoulder & supplies so much light that the auto lights in my office kicks off cos it can't see me moving. there's a small table for conferences right there & i have the printer over my left shoulder. its all so convenient & wonderful & beautiful & new!!! the turret on the right is a huge kitchenette/conference room & all the space in between is storage. we have our own bathroom that i don't have to work my way through members to get to so they won't ever know again when i have to 'go'. its air conditioned & it works! unlike the heating/air conditioning in the old office that you could never get right. i just love it. i feel like a queen. and for my new office i'm getting a new do. remember i started buying new clothes last week? ahhhhh, i'm living the good life.

Friday, May 15, 2009

What A Small World

i got a wild hair & called nipper this week. usually we just email but i wanted to hear her voice. i miss my sissy & she's a great person. i think its something to do with being at the hospital. it makes me want to reach out & touch my family. she's been as busy as a one armed paper hanger since her company cut back on staff. don't you hate that they can add 7 jobs to your job description when they do their money saving cutbacks? she was telling me she went to an
appalacian festival on sunday. while perusing the crafts she noticed a booth that spouted owsley county quilts & recipes. my dad is from owsley county so she stopped in & was looking through the crafts offered by the little old lady that ran the booth. finally the lady walked up to her & asked if she could help her. nipper was reading her recipe book & i think she thought nipper was memorizing them. she is pretty frugal like that. nipper told her no she was just reading
her book because her dad was from owsley county. the woman perked her little ears & asked nipper who her daddy was. afterall, we're talking about a population of less than 5000 & this old lady was older than dust. so nipper told her she didn't know for sure who her daddy was but he was supposed to be pt from owsley county. (nipper didn't really say that but we got a big laugh out of the thought) well, lo & behold the old lady did know daddy. as a matter of fact she turned out to be his 2nd cousin twice removed. how does that happen? like i said, its a little county & i swear i think everyone is related to each other one way or another. turns out lucy mays, the little old lady, has heard of us. apparently, she is still in touch with my aunt, daddys sister, who talks about pt's 'girls' all the time. my aunt does love us. nipper & i are the only two that visits her regularly. she's the greatest aunt in the world. you can't leave her house without an armload of goodies. last time hubby & i were there she tried to give us boxes of canned food. back to lucy mays, she does her crafts while chatting with the women folk of the county & advised nipper that its time for us to visit with our aunt again. she misses us & her health is failing. a few years back she was diagnosed with diabetes & has to take insulin. we did know that & we got one up on ol lucy mays cos she didn't know my uncle is also diabetic. after lucy mays filled nipper in on her family she hugged her newfound cousin goodby as she removed the recipe book from her hands. it really is such a small world after all.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Belated Mothers Day

i forgot to post for mothers day. damn, i'm a bad blogger. how do you forget to post for something as important as mothers day? and i'm a mother! mother fucking poor excuse of a mother if you ask me. not that i forgot my mom on mothers day or my mother in law for that matter. but i forgot all of Y-O-U. so, happy belated mothers day from one sorry piece of shit for an excuse of a friend. i hope you all had a wonderful mothers day, received fabulous gifts & fountains of lovings from all of your children. i hope god granted you sunshine & rainbows & your husbands flourished you with love & praise for all your worth. and that goes for dads that are mothers too. only i hope women on you, literally.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Life Is Truly Precious

we had gone shopping over the weekend. we needed oil & antifreeze for the car so we wound up at walmart. while we were there hubby mentioned that i needed some summer clothes so i might as well shop to see if i could find anything i wanted while we were there. i know! i couldn't believe it either but i definitely jumped on the offer. that he was in the mood to wait around & actually let me shop made me suspicious but damn, i went for it all the same. i found 3 pairs of slacks that i liked & one top. when i got home i tried them on again & we (he was the one that convinced me) decided they were really too big & i needed to get a smaller size. (yeah for me) on monday we decided to exchange them so as soon as i got in from work off we went.
the phone was ringing when we walked back in. hubby's dad had fallen & nobody could get him up (mum is a little tiny woman & baby bro, the painter, isn't much bigger) remember dad has been diagnosed with cancer & is in the advanced stages of the disease. so we waited on him until he was ready & as soon as he was up to it hubby & i raised him to his walker. he made it to his chair to sit for awhile but he wasn't feeling right. mum talked him into agreeing that he needed to go to the hospital so we carefully walked him to the car. mum called right after they arrived & reported that dad had suffered a mild heart attack sometime that day & a full blown seizure as soon as they arrived at the hospital. he was stabilized but they were keeping him for the night. little did we know that this was the beginning of a nightmare. tuesday night dad suffered another heart attack. this one was much more damaging & he's now left with only 15% of his heart functioning. he actually died. his heart had stopped beating & he wasn't breathing. it took them a half hour to bring him back & his ekg wasn't show much brain activity. they didn't have much hope. they had him pretty doped up & by morning he was holding his own. his brain activity was picking up & he seemed to be fighting with all his might. he woke up finally on thursday with hubby there by his side. he tried to communicate as best he could. what hubby got from it was dad wanted him to yank him off all the connections to go smoke a cigarette. nothng like pounding a few more nails in your coffin. he's been so doped up that he mostly slept through the next few days. friday night the hospital staff called & his heart rate was up somewhere near 19o beats per minute. it should be around 80. they had the crash cart in his room waiting for something to happen. it finally settled down on its own but they've kept the cart in his room just in case. finally sunday mum called & dad was awake & for the first time was asking where he was & why. he didn't have any recollection of the last week. today they are talking about letting him go home in the next few weeks. he's off the ventilation machine but his heart is still too weak for much. i don't think we'll have him for much longer on this earth.