Thursday, April 28, 2005

Homemade Specialties

my baby sisters specialty is taco salad. she makes lots of sweets but her main meat dish is the taco salad. i compare it to the taco casa's taco salad. its that good. my sister, nipper, is the best goullash maker in the world. spagetti & hamburger with a tomato base that is just simply to die for. hubby has his specialties that consist of one ass kicking sausage gravy, chicken & dumplings, pancakes that are so lite & fluffy & every now & then he surprises me
give me anything & challenge me to make a meal & i will rock your palatable world. i am an inventive cook. i will always survive. hahahha... i have taught honey to make a few things. bbq sauce is simple but she complained that sonny was out & i suggested she make her own. i gave her a few suggestions & now she won't buy it cos she can make better. just challenge me. i am great.
there are people out there that can outdo me. one i witnessed just recently. we were out eating burrito's when i hear someone sucking snot from the very pit of their stomach. num num, homemade guacomole is what went through my brain. gag!!! i glanced back to discover it was none other than my own husband that was mixing his own special sauce right there in front of god & everyone.
remind me not to show my face at a taco bell in my neighborhood for awhile.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Holy Blasting Bongs Batman

we had terrible weather last weekend. it started as rain, then hail. i'm not talking little bitty hail balls. i'm talking almost golf size hail. the wind was hitting 30 miles an hour and again it snowed. lots & lots. when i got up on sunday the car was covered & it was still snowing. but all night long my sweet sounding chimes that hang outside were more like bongs going off in the neighborhood. i didn't sleep well & i kept hearing people yelling 'kill the bongs'!!! i'm not sure if that was my imagination, my guilt or the real deal.
we were stuck in the house all day sunday & by noon i had 2 neighbors call saying 'man the chimes were too much last night, huh?'
i had to admit they were right & assure them they were coming down. how could such sweet, innocent looking chimes turn into the blasting bongs from hell?
just to mention it was a lesson well learned. innocent looking chimes & storms do not mix well with neighbors that have to get up for work early on monday morning.
g'night love

Monday, April 25, 2005

From My Heart To Yours

ok. i am forced to ask what don't you people understand about the making me cry rule? have i not made myself clear? well, let me enlighten you, i am a very soft hearted person & it does not take much to make me tear up & cry....
thank you all for the comments regarding my mom. why do you wake up that day & have the feeling in the pit of your stomach that something is tearing at your heart? i knew when i posted that everyone could identify with me cos we've all lost someone special. i didn't expect all the love i felt for my mom coming from people that didn't even knew her.
thank you all. you are all great people & my mom would have loved you. i do.

Sunday, April 24, 2005


today marks the 18th year of losing my mother. mom had worked for a plastic molding company when she was in her early 20's. her & dad had divorced & she had 2 girls to raise. trying to have a life, pay bills & put food on the table was quite a task for a single woman. apparently this company paid pretty good money for those days. after about 10 years with that company mom found a better job with yet another plastic molding company as a union steward. and had another daughter. regardless of her position she still inhaled the particles floating around in the factory. we're talking early 60's here. nobody really thought about the long time damage to your lungs when the company didn't even warn you of the dangers. so nobody was required to wear a breathing apparatus for protection of any sort. needless to say, mom died from lung damage. she developed emphazema & asthma (sp?) becoming very susceptable to anything that came through. she caught cold after cold & pneumonia was no stranger to her poor body. she used to say to me, 'lin, i just have no energy.' i didn't know what to do to help my sick mom. i just told her how much i loved her & wished i could take it all away.
although, mom was on every medication she could take nothing seemed to really help her bad spells. someone would have to rush her to the hospital every now & then just because she would take a spell where she just could not catch her breath. the last 5 years of her life mom had to wheel a little oxygen tank behind her everywhere she went. even from room to room. she just progressively got worse.
on this day, 18 years ago, she took a bad spell. ranie, my baby sister was the one driving her to the hospital. along the expressway not more than 4 miles from the hospital mom quit breathing. ranie didn't know what to do except to pull over & try to make mommy breathe again. a car stopped & called 911 & everyone tried to administer cpr on mom. finally, the ambulance arrived, rushed mom to the hospital but declared her dead upon arrival.
when i went into the hospital room where she layed i couldn't believe she wasn't alive. she looked so natural. until i got closer & saw the hole that they cut in her throat to perform a trachyotomy. i could feel that she wasn't exuding any air. her chest wasn't moving no matter how hard i stared. my mom was gone.
everyone had lost the best thing we ever had in our lives. even if they didn't realize it yet. i knew. my sisters knew. but some people hadn't realized yet just how wonderful my mom was. she was a foster parent to so many kids that i've lost count. all of them are better for having known her. she taught love, respect & understanding. she worked hard & she always found time to share herself with anyone that came within contact of her. her funeral was huge. i still have contact with most of them. everyone always tells me how much they miss my mother.
the strangest thing is i always held a little contempt towards my step father for the loss of my mom. i felt like if he had worked harder to take better care of her she could have had more time to recuperate from her hard life. maybe this last part is karma.
my step father had this little dog that he saved from death. he's had him about 5 years & the dog had been hit & left for dead. my step dad took him to the vet & they managed to save his life. later we found out that nobody wanted the dog. he was already old & his owner didn't really take care of him but at least fed him until he died. the dog was mostly just fending for himself & wound up running the road. he had probably had the best years of his life with my stepdad. that dog died today too.
my stepdad called me today crying like a baby. he said, 'lin, i loved that dog better than i love myself.' wonder if he remembers what today is.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Take That

the kids have been outside playing alot this weekend. it was a great weekend & we had so much fun. we drew on the street with chalk & rode bikes around. we played catch & house, jump rope and just had a great time. hubby was so mean. he didn't have the patience for anything this weekend. you don't need to scream about something. if someone does something that they shouldn't theres so many ways to discipline them. just bring jammer inside rather than scream at him. by sunday i finally just asked hubby to not talk to any of us. it wasn't like it was a talk. it was just a scream.
i'm about sick of hubby drinking. seems like every week he gets worse. remember the episode we had at the grocery store? i really thought maybe that would be a wake up call for him but it hasn't fazed him.
today we talked about it & he thinks he had a stroke. i think he had a brain fart. but who am i? just the woman that has to live with him & i swear that time is getting shorter & shorter. i'm planning a divorce. i'm shooting for our 13 wedding anniversary this year.

Friday, April 15, 2005


we thought mom of the twins (remember mojo?) married yesterday. turns out it has been canceled. i'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, i think honey was looking forward to her getting married & wanting to take the twins back. well, that's not gonna happen now.
we aren't getting kids till tomorrow. a night alone. oh no!!! now what will we do? another cuddle night so soon. ooohhh, i have to get ready..

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Color Everywhere

how did everything bloom so fast? one day it's just little peeks of leaves & buds & the next day it's full blown bloomering! my yard is amazing with blooms everywhere. all of a sudden i have purple, yellow, white, and blue all surrounded by green. beautiful, just beautiful.
i've been watching 5 egg sacs of a praying mantis that i can't wait to hatch. i watched this mantis hang upside down for weeks last october then noticed these puffy kind of wasp nest looking things. when i went on line to research it i learned about her spitting a mixture & laying eggs in it. then she dies. and in the early spring the babies eat their way out to a brand new world. i can't wait to meet the new babies. i am a nature nut, aren't i?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


i've been having really weird dreams lately. maybe all that medicine isn't out of my body. some things i've forgotten about until i started dreaming about my grandma. we locked grandma in the outhouse one time. she wasn't real sturdy on her feet anymore & had been in & out of the hospital fighting off infections. we thought we were keeping her safe. then got caught up playing & mostly forgot about her. we remembered her about 45 minutes later. she told us she was gonna make us cut our own switch. god, i hated to have to pick my own switch. if it wasn't big enough you had to go back & get a better one. if it was too limp you'd pay dearly cos that sucker would cut your legs open the way grandma would swing it. if she had to get it herself she would make sure it had little side twigs sticking out cos you were in for it. so, in my dream i had to pick my own switch & grandma wailed on my little ass. i could see the blood where she hit my legs by accident.
that same day baby sis fell in the septic tank or well being dug out back. it was about 8 feet deep. mom heard her screaming & asked where she was. we told her she was out playing & mom made us go looking for her. she kept saying 'i know i heard her yelling' it had been raining alot & the damn hole was full of water & stupid was playing along the edge in the mud with cars & trucks & leaned too far forward. she was drenched & scared stiff. she told me later she just knew she was gonna get too tired to keep swimming & was gonna drown.
i dreamed about this fish aquarium we had. mom mostly kept mollies in it but she came home with some goldfish one day & added them. the goldfish immediately started chasing the mollies. i had grown quite attached to those cute little mollies. they lulled me when i couldn't sleep, calmed me when i was upset so i didn't like that big bully chasing my sweet little mollies. i caught that bully bastard & feed a needle through his tail with a piece of thread on it. i left the thread long enough that i could attach it to the curtain. that sucker stopped chasing the mollies. when i finally let him go he kinda hovered in the corner & only came out to eat.
late...i wanna watch some tv.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Stubborn Issues

i think i've had bronchitis. i've felt like shit & couldn't stop coughing. i coughed so hard my ribs, chest & tongue hurt. it hurt to breathe. in case you're wondering my tongue felt raw from rubbing against my teeth everytime i coughed. isn't that weird? that was a first for me. i stayed in bed for a total of 3 days taking medicine after medicine but i'm back on my feet and the cough is getting better all the time. i tried to make an appointment with my doctor but he couldn't get me in for a month. i would've been dead by then. so, i doctored myself. the only way i know how. the trick is to combine enough of the medicines to sleep for days. with all that in you it's easy to sleep & by the time all the medicine works out of your body you don't remember being sick at all.
this past weekend jammer & i had a test of wills. man that kid is stubborn. he brought his cup to me & told me he wanted juice. no problem. as i got up to get it i said 'well, can you say please?' he replied 'git it'. me 'say please' him 'git it' me 'say please' him 'git it'. this went on for 45 minutes. i finally made him go to his room & lay in his bed without the drink. when he got there he yelled 'my blankie'. magic word? u got it. standing at the door with blankie in hand I asked 'what do you say?'. he said 'memaw i have juice & blankie? please.' so i kissed him, gave him both & asked what was so hard about that. he said he was sorry. so, i won that round but he's only 2. what will it be when he's 4?
he's also turned into a stripper. like his daddy he takes his clothes off after about 20 minutes of being dressed. sonny used to bury them in the yard or hide them. sometimes he just threw them away. i'd send him out to play & look out a few minutes later to see him swinging from a tree bare assed. this is something jammer has just started. maybe his daddy hasn't outgrown that habit. i thought he did.
and raaayyyy, hubby is back to work. things are picking up.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Spring Finally

the weather is getting better finally. i was beginning to contemplate the move to warmer climate. texas seems to be a popular place to live. especially for bloggers. don't they have a get together for bloggers yearly somewhere out west? i could so live in california. when i was younger my mom worked for american airlines & we flew for a quarter of the cost. it was great. i think by the time i was 16 i had been in all but 7 of the 48 states. yes i know we have more states than that now.
we went to the zoo today. first time this year. we have a great zoo. its rated one of the top zoos in the world. i'm impressed. we missed the gorilla egg hunt they had for easter. it was on all the news though so we really didn't miss it. we just didn't have to deal with the crowd to see it. i saw my first skink of the year. they run rampant at the zoo. they are little lizard things that somehow got shipped in with some of the many exotic animals we have on exhibit. they have been living & breeding at the zoo for ever. i heard just a few years ago another lizard was shipped in that they called a 'blue' something or another.
i worked in a packing company years ago. we received shipments of parts from texas. we used to get snakes all the time. i always thought they had to be more careful with things like that. guess i was wrong, huh?.
gotta go.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

People I Know

i know a guy named rachael.
i also know a guy that was the first of 8 kids to be born in a hospital. he's also the only one that has a name his mother didn't give him. they were down home country folks that lived way down in the hills of redneck country. mom & dad didn't even have a 4th grade education between the 2 of them. neither of them could read. when the nurses heard her name for the baby they misunderstood. they thought she said 'byron' when she was saying 'barn'. she wanted her son to be named 'barn'. he grew up thinking his name was barn. when he started school the teacher called for 'byron' & he didn't answer. she said 'son, thats you.' he told her 'no my name is barn'. i can't imagine the teasing he took over that. he laughed about it. later. when he was grown. we still call him 'barney'. when he turned 18 he had his name on his birth certificate changed to read 'byron barn bertren'. he gave that certificate to his mom on her death bed & read it aloud for all to hear. i think thats a sweet story.
i also have a friend that is worse about bitching at me then my own son is. he ranted at me for 20 minutes about getting some hookup to my pc that would let me take incoming calls 'if i chose to'. he really wants me to buy this device. the whole time he stood there bitching at me he kept telling me how his car was running & he was on his way to pick up food. but thats the way i like it. if i don't want to talk on the damn phone i don't have to. if i had a devise that told me when i had a phone call coming in then everyone would know i didn't want to talk to them.
how many feelings would be hurt if they knew i didn't want to talk.
my friend from high school is dj'ing on live radio. she gets to interview 'charley daniels' tomorrow. ain't that too cool?
well. later for now.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Shooting Off My Mouth

blogspot sucks!!! you suck! i just finished a big, long post & bloggers' servers must be down. it lost the whole thing. so my great big, long, great post is now floating somewhere out there in cyberspace. don't you hate when that happens? and you know that was the best post i'll ever write. my creative spirit was just flowing. well, in my world. but my skies can be purple too. i'm imaginative like that.
so, does this mean i'm gonna be banned from blogger & the blogworld? do you think they'll blackball me for talking bad about a blog net? i can see the new headlines now. 'blogger arrested for bitch post'. they'll take all my web priviledges away & confiscate my computer for evidence. where will they lock me up at? maybe in cyberspace too? when my family wants to visit me they download me & after so long their computer will freeze, losing my connection & have to restart their computer. visiting hours are over & back to lockdown i go. think i'll need commissary? will i need a shower living in cyberspace? or will they just let me stink since nobody can smell me anyway?
eweww, please someone try to get me a toothbrush. i can't stand to not brush my teeth. well, think about that one for me.
but let me reiterate....blogspot still sucks.
night all