Sunday, February 27, 2005

Did I Tell You?

the snake is gone. the guy sonny got the snake off of said he has another friend interested in a snake so if sonny didn't want it he knew someone that did. yaaa! something else. it wasn't a python after all. it was a red tail boa. how could u own a snake & not know what kind it was? the guy that gave it to sonny had said he bought it at a pet store for like $15. that was a lie. he bought it from another guy that told him it was a python. the guy that picked it up from my son knew his snakes & clarified the breed of snake. he said oh yeah, it was a very aggressive snake. please god don't let anyone else want to get rid of a snake. who knows what he'll end up with next time.
the kids all just left & its time to get ready for bed. its just too hard to get up when i don't get to bed before midnight.
later on

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Brain Dead or Age Process?

my fingers have developed dyslexia. when i first started typing for a living my mind worked fast enough but man, my fingers would fly. like they had a mind of their own. i actually had to stop sometimes to see where i was cos my fingers had typed more than i realized my brain had computed. when i double checked all was good & i would pick up & take off again until i realized my fingers were ahead of my brain again. nowadays, i catch myself backspacing often cos i've switched the letters around. i question whether this is old age, fried brain cells or just boredom at my job. of course, i used to love to type. now, i do it mostly cos i have to. i still love playing on the computer. if i had to make a career change i would do something with computers. probably programming or something like that. i also like to build them. then i wonder if my brain is too far shot to learn a new skill. i often joke that for everything new i learn something old goes out of my brain. sometimes that shit isn't funny. i forgot to clock out for a whole week once cos they taught me a new set of passwords & combinations. i think it was psycosamatic (sp?) i didn't want to have to learn those. i knew the old ones but the powers that be thought it was time to make the upgrade. i rebelled even if in my own head. taught them didn't i? they had to adjust my time sheet for the week. after i went into the managerial dept that shit wasn't funny. that turned out to be painstaking work.
i've got a new movie to watch. anyone seen 'alien versus predator'? don't tell me the end. i haven't figured it out yet.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

And She Said, And I Said, And What?

me: whats wrong with your phone? that ringer sounds sick.
her1: i don't know. its been getting worse.
me: trade phones.
her1: i don't want to lose my number.
me: what do you mean? you'll still have the same number just a different phone.
her2: no, when u change the phone she'll have the number assigned to that phone.
her1: i still want my same number.
me: people, think about this. u will have the same number just a better phone.
her1 & 2: no, it will be the number assigned to that phone!
(and these people are getting serious about this. i'm dying at the stupidity)
me: no, its the line to ur desk that makes the number, not the phone.
her1 & 2: no, its the phone.
(i get up & unplug my phone then plug it into her line & have the other one call her number)
the phone rings.
should i make them call my number? i said i'm dying..

Monday, February 21, 2005

Up, Up & Away

our computing & processing program has been upgraded. now to learn the new software (quickly) & start our year all over. looks like things will be picking up here in just a few weeks. heaven help me make it through another year of the insanity.
does anyone know the rules about blogging over ur job? i haven't read all the paper work on it but damn, i'm reading more & more about people being fired or fearing for their job over it. and the hate mail. wow, feeble minded people & their feeble minded attitudes. who are we hurting by bitching about some of our coworkers or telling work related stories? or for that matter how we raise our kids or joke about our everyday lives. i have yet to figure out why mean hearted people don't just keep their noses out of things. granny always said 'if u ain't got nothing good to say don't say anything at all'.
the latest to pull his blog was jack. jack is an excellent writer & i'm gonna miss reading his posts. if you didn't get to read him, i'm sorry. he rocks. i'm not sure what ever happened to tj but he was another one that i loved to read. now, steverino is one i check in on everyday. for every one that quits another one comes along. when i die, (whether literally or just in blogdom) i want to go out blazing on this blog. my fingers typing swiftly to get the last words in as i leave this big ole shit hole full of the assholes that made blogging experience a hell. i've found a new site that i think might prove to be interesting for bloggers. check it out here . maybe this will help with the jerks. maybe we should create a page for just the jerks to go bitch about what they saw or read & they'll leave us alone.
man, i shouldn't have had the green peppers on that pizza. i've got heartburn. i think i'm gonna drink some of the pink shit & go to bed.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

something i didn't realize that hubby pointed out tonight. sonny always either washes or rinses his dishes out. granted when they get here someone is always hungry. i will never turn someone away hungry. but i never paid attention to what they all did with the dishes when they finished. i just always noticed there were dishes to be done. tonight hubby happened to mention that sonny always rinsed his dish if there was no dish water ran or he would wash his dish if we had water ready. me thinks me didn't do a bad job, huh.
teaching the aliens to share has turned into a nightmare. if one has a toy the other one wants now, they walk up, yank it out of the others hands & say 'share'. not exactly what i've tried to get across. so, we go through the 'give it back' speech. everyone winds up crying & the toy gets put clear out of sight until they can share it right. not once has anyone been willing to share it right. they'd rather i put it up & nobody have it then one or the other get it. this is why i only had one child. this is why i was utterly grateful that the one child i had was a boy. i swear boys are easier to reason with than little girls. girls are always into crying to hard to learn anything until they get to be 6 or 7. i know this because i was a little girl once & to try to get away with things i did a lot of crying & kicking. course, i got the shit knocked out of me but that didn't stop me from trying.
well, this weekend jammer came to me & said 'i love u memaw, wanna shair'. i wasn't real sure what he said. some words aren't real discipherable. i had 2 options. he either wanted to sit in the chair or he wanted someone to share a toy. i asked him to clearify. 'do u want to sit in the chair or share the toy?' he said 'wanna shhaair'. i said, 'go ahead'. thinking whatever he wanted we could make it work. turnes out he wanted to share the same old way but he had a hook so he thought he had one over on me. i'm like 'no thats not sharing'. he answered 'but no memaw, i said i love u'. 'well, i love u too but u can't take toys from each other. share means she plays & u play too right people? how come i have to be the meanie? why is this so hard?
i told ixxie tonight to start her birthday list for ideas for gifts. i think she'll have a long list. Before she left she had 6 things already listed.
k, gotta go. i'm tired.

Monday, February 14, 2005


happy valentines day everyone. i have to say that cos they force me to. they being the money grubbing people that forced this holiday on us. have u noticed how prices seem to sky rocket on things appropiate to give & have u ever noticed how stressed everyone seems to be around the 14th? whether u have someone to share it with or not. most times it turns out to just be one big hassle for all involved. i don't believe we need a 'special' day, 'tailored' for us, to 'deplete' our wallets. (hahaha, see std people.) if i care about someone i don't need a specific day set aside by someone that doesn't know if i'm happy with my relationship that day or not to tell me i should show them how much i love them. i like things like that to be my decision. besides its nice to see genuine surprise for a gift rather than a fake 'ahh, u didn't have to'. when u know if u don't u'll be in the dog house for awhile. unless u have a prearrangement with ur specific other. with that said, yeah, we're planning the gift thingy & the lovey dovey for the day. i got him special made chocolates with a sappy card. i don't have a clue what i'm getting. well, thats a lie, i have a clue to some of it.
well, gotta go. hubby is ready for valentines day.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

No, No and No

i'm reading through my favorite blogs tonight & i came across one that really put something into perspective for me. i mentioned to him that i may steal his idea so if you want to check out a really cool dad look here:
hubby & i have always tried to maintain a few rules of the house. one rule has always been 'no hitting'. that goes for the kids as well as the adults. we only spank when 'time outs' & 'talks' don't have the effect we seek. another rule is 'mind me first, ask questions later'. (not enforcing this one is why jammer is missing his top front baby tooth.) there's also the norm 'don't take toys from each other, don't throw things inside.' u know just standard rules.
with 4 kids, all under the age of 4, coming at u, sometimes, it's hard not to feel like u are constantly saying no. some weekends are worse than others depending on the kids moods. sometimes they seem hellbent on fighting, screaming, hitting, and taking toys from each other. sometimes it's all i can do to not just 'stop, drop dick & roll'. understand where i'm coming from here? i get overwhelmed. not easily but sometimes they try every ounce of my being.
lately, the no thing has been bothering me. i'm tired of saying no all the time.
so, i've actually allowed them to do somethings that I said no about just so I could point out (when it all goes wrong) that memaw doesn't do it to be mean but because it's whats best for them.
last weekend i witnessed a perfect example. jammer & i had to have a talk about this one cos i felt like he needed to understand.
all weekend i asked the kids not to run in the house. explaining each time the downfalls of doing this. the chances they were taking. the punishment that would entail. so many words, so little compromise. finally, ixxie fell & hit her head. as i'm checking her out & loving her up for her 'wreck' i'm explaining that if she had minded this wouldn't have happened. immediately what happens? jammer wrecked. yep, running into the room i'm in the process of saying 'what did ur sister just do?' when down he went. his response, 'meanie'. me, the meanie? how did that happen? how do u fall & i turn out to be the meanie?
well, frumdad made me realize that i'm always gonna be the meanie. someone has to teach them that sticking ur finger in a lite socket is a bad thing. that pulling hair & kicking other kids is not acceptable. that rules will always apply & u must adhere to rules. but now i don't feel so bad cos i know my rules are 'wrapped in love'.

but it's wrapped in love & that's all i'm about. loving those little ankle biting, rugrats i love to refer to as my aliens.

Losing A Tradition

sonnys birthday was on tuesday. usually i call him at 2:34 am to wish him a happy birthday & remind him what mommy was going through at this time however many years ago. i remind him of the pain of child birth & how stupid i got with the drugs they gave me. i tell him how his head was all football shaped when he came out. how my dad asked if his head would stay like that. i tell him about the green tennis shoes that just went up the alley. about the brown n serve measles that i was worried about having & spreading. this year i didn't. he has too many kids to deal with should i wake them all up. especially just to remind him of these silly things. it's been a great tradition for us. we shared it with no one. but i think i'll just do it when his birthday falls on a weekend now. don't u hate letting a tradition die?
hubby & i rented the forgotten this weekend. have u seen it yet? great movie. i was engrossed the whole time, the 2nd time around. the first night we watched it i got so tickled i had to watch it again just to really see it. i laughed harder than i've laughed in a long time. have u seen this movie? it has a good story line & at one point it gets into a really drastic 'must stop them' kinda phase & without giving the movie away, one scene came as a total surprise & hubby threw himself so hard (jumping from the surprise) he left the couch. bouncing it off the wall. i truly laughed so hard i cried. i think he was embarrassed for being caught so off guard. after awhile though he saw the humor in it & got a good laugh at himself.
i'm so tired right now i could fall asleep right here so i'm gonna sign off before i do.
g'night all..