Monday, June 30, 2008

All In The Family

nippers birthday was sunday & we took some flowers out of our garden to be planted on her hill from hell. we did a little cookout while we were there. sonny & honey joined us so they could get jammer without coming all the way to our house. about half way for both of us. my sperm donor lives right up the hill from nipper & on our way out nipper looked at me with an all knowing look & said, 'you should stop in & see dad. lin, dad is 70...70. you should stop in'. yeah, you know i did. i was almost sorry i did. we talked health issues mostly. he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer so they injected 'seeds' to cure the cancer. they told him that he would die of old age way before the cancer ever killed him but he wanted to do what he could to extend that, just in case, & had the seed thingy done. well, the seeds caused another problem. which one of us saw that coming? is there ever a fix that doesn't cause other problems? in his case the seeds caused a tumor on his colon. not cancerous, thankfully, but another aggravation. now he's doing oxygen treatments to kill the tumor. he has to have 3 hours of oxygen administered daily & i think this has been about 30 treatments. its called hyperbaric oxygen therapy. while talking about all this i mentioned my newly discovered diabetes & he started telling me about his brother & sister who have also been diagnosed with diabetes & that they told him his blood count was a tad high & should be watched. this is kind of scaring me cos where i didn't have a family history of this shit now all of a sudden it looks like maybe there is a family history. they're all older than me & just being diagnosed but what does that mean to my son & grandchildren? its happening younger & younger in our family. my dad being the youngest in his siblings with me being the next in age.
i researched the list of drugs my doctor gave me for controlling diabetes & everyone of them has side effects that sound worse than the diabetes itself. i'm looking at my only choice being to lose the weight, exercise & eat right cos the idea of having a metformin causing heart disease or cancer isn't really all that appealing to me. one of the meds he listed, avandia, already has a law suit against it. like i'm gonna go with that one, huh? i'm thinking he doesn't know me very well cos he couldn't have believed i was actually gonna look this shit up & say, 'ok, i'll kill me with these two'. i think not!! i think instead i'm gonna do a lot of swimming & take hubby up on his offer to walk the neighborhood with me. i also have the nordic track. between all my exercise options & the chicken diet i should be good to go. i love my beef but i think thats one of the first things to go. also my diet soda has to go. the beer definitely. cigarettes are on the list too, but i know i can't lose all my bad habits at once so i'll take them one at a time.
i have 3 months before i go back to the dr. if you're willing to give me hell to keep me on track... go for it. i'm open to constructive criticism.
together we can all save my life.
thanks in advance.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Upgrades, Backups & Pacts? Oh My!

i finally got the printer working. i've done lots of research on the scanner & i'm pretty sure the problem was that i connected it straight to a usb from the computer. the help section explains that it has to be the last hardware added on the line. which means i need to usb that off the printer. my friend walker has suggested that i go ahead & upgrade to a new operating system which sounds like a good idea to me. now, i just need to invest the money & time to do it. i'm kind of a procrastinator like that. its usually easier to get things like that done during the week when i have no grandkids but i only have 4 hours a night after i get home from work & if something goes wrong i'm screwed. i do have a backup pc, just in case, but i'm almost as lazy about bringing that out. what i'd like to do instead of just investing in a new os is invest in a newer, faster computer altogether. i have the extra check coming from the irs but i've kinda earmarked it for a new tv. i got a little embarrassed when the kid across the street came in & said, 'man, you've got a little tv'. its not little...its a 2001 floor model but its a dinosaur in this age of huge flat screens.
speaking of tv & dinosaurs, have you heard the news about the high school teenagers that made a pact to get pregnant & raise their babies together? talk about the dinosaur ages. i thought we'd come a long way but all this time we've been trying to teach girls to wait to have babies & now they make pacts to start younger. who the hell is raising these kids? morons? one of them as young as 14. in the dinosaur ages that was fine. they didn't live to be more than what? 30? some of them using a 24/25 year old homeless guy to get them pregnant. some of them need to have their asses spanked. (which he may have done just before doing the deed) now they claim it wasn't a pact since the media picked up on it & broadcasted their ignorance across the nation. so many people out there wanting babies & not being able to have them i'm kind of leaning towards taking their newborns from their stupid asses & putting them into loving, responsible homes & the stupid girls in reformitories to get their heads straightened out. babies raising babies just doesn't make sense to me. wonder how far into this they'll realize what a mistake they've made? i saw one of the girls being interviewed on tv with her boyfriend & they actually commended her for her decision. encouraging these girls is the worst mistake to make. i have a few granddaughters out there that i don't want to see this as a cool way to start their lives off. how in the hell are we supposed to teach them the natural order of things if the media makes like these kids are heros or something? i mean, if they were jumping off buildings would we want our kids to jump off buildings too?
i know, i sound like my grandmother. but now that i'm a grandmother & think about it.. grandma really didn't sound all that stupid.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rock On

wow, we had a free admission day on friday & talk about score! our head count was 29,000 people with 35 missing kids, not much on memberships sold, only 2 disagreements with one fire. not too shabby for the middle of the city & a hot day. believe me, it could have been alot worse. our city is awesome when it comes to free shit. they really know how to have a good time. our weather might leave a lot to be desired but our community rocks for entertainment.
lucky is doing great. her friends rented a wheelchair & took her to a ballgame last weekend. all the tests came back negative for cancer & she feels like a new woman. she's also lost about 24 pounds by losing the tumors.
i'm posting in between thunder storms so i can't stay on long. i just wanted to jump on for a minute & thank you all (& jesus) for all the good thoughts & prayers for lucky. they worked.
we're supposed to just get jammer for the weekend. i'll be back soon to fill you in.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Checking In

this is beginning to suck great big old buckets. when i reloaded my os i decided not to go through all those pesky microshit updates & i'm having so many issues that i think i'm gonna have to go ahead & start that project. the updates are still in my folders they just aren't recognized in my add/remove programs. they were there before so i know they should be there. unfortunately, microsoft doesn't support 98se anymore so its not as easy as going to their homepage & having it done automatically. lots of fun to be had.
the main reason i stopped in was not to bitch but to update you on luckys' progress. she had to have a complete hysterectomy. turned out she had a tumor on her ovary the size of a tennis ball & one growing inside her uterus that was 10 centimeters wide. thats about the size of a babys head. she had 24 staples & they cut her from just under her boobs all the way down to the top of her hair...down there. she's out of the hospital & everything is looking good for right now. hopefully, she doesn't lose her mind in this change of life thing she's facing now.
i'll be back later. i'm messing with this stupid printer for right now. i can get pinks. nothing else out of the color cartridge...just pinks. any suggestions? i've cleaned them both with the self cleaning & i've used hot water. i can blow color out of the nozzle but it just won't print color. one color did come out really sludgy & i'm wondering if adding water to that well may help. if you have an idea feel free to shout out.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Nutcases In The Woodwork

wow, its early on fathers day. so, happy fathers day to all of you fantastic fathers out there. guess i should send a card to my sperm donor. he's never been much of a father so cards are kinda hard to choose. its easier to adapt an ecard fathers day card to meet my needs. on the other hand i tend to spoil sonny. i bought him the cutest helium balloon & a gift card to buy him a pair of boots. the only reason i bought a gift card was the dummy couldn't tell me what size he wore anymore. i figured he could just go & try on the boots & get the pair he wants. if theres extra money to get a few other things thats fine too. i just want to make him happy. poor kid doesn't get a lot of happiness in his life these days. at least not what he deserves. that psychobitch he lives with is just not deserving of him. he had a friend that gave him tickets to the speedway this weekend & goofy bitch called me tonight to tell me that sonny got pissed & left her there. too bad it wasn't forever but she did get a ride back home & sonny had just pulled in when i hung up with her. apparently it was a great night until they got ready to leave & then she got upset over something (i never got the details on what upset her) but it caused him to disappear, leaving her at the gate. i know that sounds bad on his part but if you only knew how crazy this bitch was you'd give him the benefit of the doubt. she probably went off on some girl looking at him & embarrassed the whole crowd within a 20 foot parameter. i know, i've been there when she went off on a jogger that ran across the street & he tried to look in every direction but the jogger & she had a slapping fit over him maybe seeing the jogger & her tight bod. she started smacking herself in the face & shaking her head until i was dizzy. i couldn't believe that she went off like she did & just wanted to crawl in a hole for sonny. the only good thing about this bitch is the grandson i got in the deal. other than that i would give my left arm to get sonny away from her. and believe me he'd give anything to get away from her, too. but they have a son together & he's afraid he can't take care of him by himself. i can only pray that when jammer is a little older sonny will decide to get out of this mess & take his son to raise away from the crazy bitch & her crazy daughter. oh yeah, we've found out this weekend about the crazy daughter that makes jammer take his clothes off in front of her. i can't believe this shit but this has been happening lately. i've threatened that if i hear of this shit going on anymore i'm calling the police & having her removed from the home. i'd hate to have to do that to my son but if his goofy wench can't get her crazy daughter under some kind of control i will take my grandson from both of them & raise him in a loving, protected home. they all have one more chance as far as i'm concerned. if sonny wants to live with that crazy fucking bunch he's a big boy & can handle himself but my grandson is not gonna be fucked up cos nobody has the time to protect him from smack myself silly bitch & fuck me crazy daughter. i'm sorry but i've lost all compassion for these nutcases my son has chosen to live with at this point, i want to put both of them in an insane assylum & be done with them. if ix lays one more hand on jammer i'm not taking her anymore. at least he can come here & be away from the abuse for a few days. honestly, if i hear one more thing about ixxie abusing jammer i will report her & have her removed from the home. jammer is my priority here. he deserves a normal life above & beyond anything else. you know, i've supported my son through a lot of things but i feel more compelled to protect my grandson in this situation. i hope it doesn't come to such a major move but i can't let this one slide. they all get one (1) more chance.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Lost & Found

have you missed me? have you even noticed i've been gone? this is gonna crack you up. i wasn't real pleased, at the time, but its funny now. i fucked my pc up so bad that i had to re-load my operating system & start from scratch. you know i was so tickled with me for getting that stupid scanner going. well, i signed on & wanted to scan jammers diploma's & awards & the stupid scanner couldn't be 'initialized'...whatever the hell that meant. it just pissed me off. so i started investigating. right into a blue screen of death, thank you very much microshit!!!! i opened the scanner software folder. i found a folder that contained dll's & shit like that so i opened it. the message said, 'the dll you are currently using is more current than this...are you sure you want to change'. or something to that effect. i answered 'no, to all'. i guess i should have gone through them one by one cos the next thing i saw was a blue screen that wouldn't do anything. i restarted my pc & got some message about my operating system not being able to load cos i was missing about 20 current dll's. WTF! i said no to all. i choose not to change them. i'm not real sure what happened but i tried opening in safe mode to revert back to a saved backup i had & it said nope, not gonna happen. i tried the scanreg/restore trick & again it said nope, not gonna happen. i couldn't believe that one. i've never had it tell me no, i couldn't use an older saved date. i messed with it for about 3 days & then just gave up & reloaded windows & all my software. one thing i hadn't counted on was microshit knowledge base not supporting my operating system anymore. so, all those patches are no longer available. i reloaded the system in the same folder so everything is actually there but when i run belarc it doesn't recognize them anymore. i don't know if that means i'm still protected or not. but i refuse to go through all those patches & search them out & reload them. i guess i'm just taking my chances on them still being applicable cos they are here. the good news is all my files & pics are still here & i had all the cd's to reload my programs. the bad news is i still refuse to give up on this scanner. I WILL GET IT RUNNING. even if i have to put a toggle switch on it so that it turns on everytime my pc opens. i'm not sure how i'm gonna do it but i will win!! i don't lose well.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Paybacks Are Hell

i don't know how diabetics do it. they poke themselves on the finger to draw blood for testing then poke themselves where ever for a shot. my fingers are so sore i can't hardly type. not to mention my arms are both sore from the shots i've been taking. just about the time one feels better its time for another shot. i have one more to take then its all up to the diet & exercise to undo this pre-diabetic dilemma i've funned myself into. yeah, i know, funned isn't a word but i'm a redneck from southern kentucky. we make up our words as we see fit.
which reminds me of a story my dad told one time. he was talking about his brother & growing up & he said, 'we got into this fit & i clumbed a tree to get away from him'. i always knew my dad wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed but that really made me realize just how dumb the 'fitting clumber' was. which reminds me of a joke my brother brought home from school one day & handed to my dad. on one side was written 'how to keep a pollock busy, turn over'. on the other side was, 'how to keep a pollock busy, turn over'. after about 8 times of turning it over & over he looked up & said, 'i don't get it'. i thought my mom was gonna bust her guts trying not to laugh at the man she adored. while my brother peed his pants laughing & i walked away as fast as i could to not get caught up in the hissy my dad was gonna throw when he realized the joke was on him. i've done some pretty stupid things in my lifetime but making fun of my dad to his face was not one of them.
damn, i need a drink. not drinking is making me remember things i wanted to forget.
like the same summer my brother pulled the pollock prank on dad we were all on this island in the middle of cumberland lake. we were swimming & diving off the cliff having a grand ole time when warden, my little brother, decided he wanted to ski. so off they went pulling him up real close to the island so we could all wave & cheer him on. they circled the island to bring him back around again & while he was showing off he didn't notice he was heading for the side of another boat that was anchored alittle ways out. we all started screaming & flapping our arms trying to get him to look where he was going but he was in his haven. & ran right into the side of the boat. mom dove, i took off running down the hill. my sister was already in the water & we were all heading for warden to see how bad he was hurt. on my way down, this friend of my parents was heading back up the hill. i said, 'lettie, warden just hit the boat. aren't you coming'? she yelled back 'i'm coming. i need my smelling salts'. i thought good idea, he'll probably need it. but when she got to the bank she sat down & started sniffing it. turned out it wasn't for warden. it was for her. she had a tendency to faint at the sight of blood.
when we got warden back to the bank dad sat down next to him. he said very quietly, 'if you ever wanna know how to keep a pollock busy again......just ask me'.