Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rainy Days & Mondays

hey, that should be a song. oh, wait! i think it is. do you ever feel like bad luck follows you around like a black cloud? just sitting over your head so it can piss on you at any given moment? i don't know what i've done in my previous lives but whatever it is i think i'll pay for it as long as i exist. hubby has been laid off due to weather this winter has been brutal around here. snow started falling the first week of dec & it still hasn't quit. which means our income is cut to the barest minimum. i make ok money but its only one paycheck & i only get that 2 times a month. i hate the 2 week wait between paychecks & thats one of the great things about hubby working. not only is it extra money but he gets it every week. with sonny being in jail for christmas we went overboard to make sure the kids had a great christmas. in other words, we went broke. i can't think of another time that we completely depleted our bank account but this was special circumstances. well, hubby was called back to part time in feb. so things started looking up...till the car quit running. we have a second car, cherry the lebaron, but she wouldn't start either. all the water sitting on the roof & guess what that caused? yeah, a great big ole leak right in the middle of the kitchen ceiling. which i really don't understand cos hubby just coated the roof last summer except for that little black cloud that says if it can go wrong it will. pee, pee, poop!