Saturday, November 28, 2009


my new car is still sick. the battery light keeps coming on. hubby cleaned the cables & took the battery to have it tested. it wasn't either of those possibilties. its a 12 & 1/2 volt battery & it measures 12 volts. we took the chance & took it the 140 miles round trip to pick up the kids anyway. i miss them too much to miss another weekend. to keep the kids awake on the way home hubby started the game of naming countries beginning with a & ending with z. when we got to letter c he offered the hint 'whats above the united states'? jammer replied 'CLOUDS'. yeah, he's the smartest. don't ya just love him?

Sunday, November 22, 2009


how has it been 2 weeks since i last posted? how the hell have i missed so much of the last few months? i know. that evil damned facebook. i'm telling you once you start on that site its like a leach. theres no away from it. honestly its not the facebook itself. i only have like 90 friends so the wall isn't that busy. its the games associated with facebook. theres 'farmville' where you have a farm & have to plant seeds, wait for them to mature then harvest them. theres 11 different animals you have to do things to when they reach a certain maturity. everything does this anywhere from 4 hours to 4 days. you do have to check your wall to see if anyone has accomplished some ribbon or fertilized enough to offer a bonus. they share the wealth. then theres 'fishworld' that you have virtual tanks that you buy & sell fish. you decorate the tanks & visit your 'neighbors' to help maintain their tanks. you get bonus' for that too. not to mention 'mafia wars' where you fight other gang members & shake down rackets to earn money. 'yoville' where you live in an apartment that you dress to fit in & invite people to dance or box to make points. 'castle world', 'vampire wars', 'pirates', 'wizardry with harry potter', 'zoo' & jeez the list goes on & on. i didn't want to get involved with any of them but when some of my best friends begged me to join to at least gift to them. oh yeah, you can give gifts to all you neighbors. anyway, i couldn't say no to my friends. could i?
speaking of ocd...
my car has learned how to distract me too. that pretty dashboard. oh the lights. the pretty flashing lights. last night on my way home from work i stopped by the store. when i came out my car wouldn't start. after about an hour the jumper cables finally coaxed the car to a start & i jumped in & floored it towards home. about half way there, which is still 30 minutes from home, i flipped on my bright lights. see that pretty blue light that looks like a headlight? yeah, i know that light. its a calming blue but what is that yellowish orange light that says 'check engine'? i don't think thats good & theres a new bright red light i've never seen before. it kinda looks like a battery & i know that can't be good. about the time the yellowish orange light came on the teal colored mileage light came on that has only shown its retarded face about once a month since i got the car. i think its shy. now i'm beginning to think the car is possessed! maybe someone died in it & their spirit is still trying to hold onto its earthly existence. that could explain the shit going on with this car. but the facebook thing? its just a pain in the waazoo.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Butterflies & Doornails

did i tell you i bought a new car? its a cute litte plymouth breeze. it has 17 inch tires that look like they're about an inch thick. i mean when you hit a pot hole you have about an inch of tire between the road & the rim. as you can see by the spoiler someone has souped it up. i haven't made up my mind whether i like it or not. i thought about painting butterflies across the scoop. hubby painted it blue for me to match the writing on the car. i have put a wheel cover on the steering wheel that has butterflies on it & i want to either paint or buy seat covers with butterflies. i have big plans for her. her that i have christened 'dottie mae' after my mommy. i may even paint the name across the back. i still have cherry but she upchucked on the radiator & i'm seriously considering selling her as is. you have to reach some point where you stop dumping money in a dead doornail. (what the hell is a dead doornail?) i have to load a new photo program before i can get anymore pics in here. this stupid vista. i used the program that came with it for editing pics but now that free trial has expired & i haven't gotten around to loading photoshop. so for now this is the only reasonable sized pic i have. i guess i could have washed her before i started pasting pics of her all over the internet, huh?