Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lindy, Thy Name Is SHIT

i've done it now. hubby is madder than a branded bull at me. i broke my computer. i had received a new video camera for xmas & after i loaded the drives for it one of the programs that came with it said it had to have directx 8 to run. big dumbie. i downloaded 8 & when it restarted my pc i had nothing but the a purple desktop. no icons, no start menu, nothing. then a box opened & said explorer caused an invalid page fault in explorer.exe. to the best of my knowledge there is about a dozen things you can do to fix this but the chance of any of those things actually fixing the error are about a ninety to one shot. well, i was in the ninety percentile. everything i tried told me it couldn't find my c drive to even fix it. i finally just formatted my hard drive & reinstalled the operating system. you'll notice the date on this is wwaaayyy back in feb. & here we are going into the 2nd week of march. i've had the pc running again but i had to start from scratch. i've been working on it for the last few weeks trying to get it back to where it was. i've finally given up on reloading all the shit i had on it & just leaving it bare bones for now. mostly so i could get back to this post & start writing again. if you want to call my occasional ranting anything akin to writing. anyway, my virus protection no longer supports us & the first thing i had to do was find a new one (& i wanted a free one that was worth a damn). i'm still experimenting with them cos i'm not happy with the one i have. it runs constantly in the background & slows the pc down way too much. while you're trying to open a page you have to go to tools & allow it as a safe site before the antivirus will allow it to even open. this is taking way too long. what i've decided to do is remount my backup hard drive & transfer everything back onto my new re-formatted hard drive. that will almost put me back where i was. in the mean time i've been saving as much of my pictures & documents as i could. for now, i'm just waiting to take a mini vacation. i can't get diddly done with the kids around. that kinda makes weekends worthless as far as the resuscitation of my internet life as i knew it. i've put in for thurs & friday off from work a few weeks from now to do the deed. so, i'm back for now but just barely.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Total Rewind

i spoke too soon on more issues than just one. for starters it snowed again yesterday. it started about 3:30 in the afternoon. its been snowing off & on every since. i don't know whether to hate mother nature or the groundhog at this point. i think both. it looks like we're in for a week of dustings & cold windy days. if you can believe the weather people.
on the other issue, honey got on the phone with sonnys' lawyer & he started making calls on thursday. i guess on an all day call to the prosecuting attorney he started throwing the words law suit & charges around & got the county worried. after doing some checking they discovered their so called 'dead beat dad' was actually overpaid in his child support. let me tell you they couldn't get him out of their jail fast enough. sonny said they called him to the office & begged him to call for a ride home. honey got there with about 800.00 bucks thinking she was gonna have to do a 10% bond but NO! they let him out on an O.R. meaning he just signed himself out with no money needed. isn't that amazing? wonder how they could have made such a mistake? with the mojo & her friend, who worked in the office of the child support bureau, conniving the way they did i wonder if his payments weren't doctored until they looked a little deeper. of course, sonny being the thorough receipt keeper that he is made for small work of whatever damage those two bitches cooked up. thank god he takes after his mommy & hangs onto things like that.
jammer turned out to have one of the best birthday presents he could have ever wished for. sonny said he jumped 4 feet to his arms when he saw him. jammer called me & was so excited i almost couldn't understand him. we extended his birthday to his birthweek. he got to have a party at school & we had a party here for him this weekend. i dressed up as a clown & served up cake & ice cream. i haven't uploaded the video or pics yet but as soon as i do i'll let you see. everyone laughed when i came out. i don't know if that was because i looked so stupid or it was a great idea. i just know i want jammer to always remember his birthday parties & how much his memaw loves him. i know i'm making impressions that will last the rest of his life. even when i'm gone he'll smile when they talk about his birthdays & maybe his heart will swell a little remembering how much memaw was a part of making those memories. we took him shopping on saturday & let him choose 3 gifts, no holds barred. he also got to choose his own cake & the theme this year. star wars. i remember his daddy choosing a star wars birthday. honestly, its a deja-vu life i have. would you have ever believed that would still be popular this many years later?
so, after all, it turned into a great week for everyone. and my big guy is now 6 years old. getting too big-too fast. i hope y'all had a great week too.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Doing Hard Time

it's time for good weather & i mean now. i need to get out of this house & walk. i need to get vitamin d from the sun & fresh air.
i need to start building my personal time off at work back up. i can't do that with all this nasty shit going on. course, it doesn't help that i don't want to make that hour trip every day either. i want to retire & start my own business. my dream is to buy property & build a huge workspace with work benches all along one wall so i can start a computer repair business. on the other side i want to build a greenhouse so hubby can start a nursery. flowers & computers are the next generation. everyone always wants flowers & there will always be people that are too afraid to open their computers. this is my dream so please don't shoot it down. i've taken into consideration that computers are just getting smarter & i may not be needed but its a dream!
thursday is my grandsons birthday. he'll be 6 years old. i'll be having a party for him this weekend. one that i'm sure we'll always remember as probably the worst birthday he's ever had.
you see, his daddy won't be attending. they have him in holding at the grant county detention facility for child support. they just took his income tax return in july of 08 in the grand total of 10,000.00. yep! you read that right: ten thousand dollars. but thats not enough. see when he found out about the twins they were already 2 1/2 years old. and although they had another mans last name & he had raised them as his own. supporting them while the mojo lived the life of luxury as a stay at home mother the child support bureau decided that sonny should be accountable for them from birth. making his arrearage payment something like 11,000.00 dollars. the guy doesn't have a chance of ever catching this crap up. now they have tacked another 9300.00 dollars onto him. honestly, i don't know how men are expected to make ends meet when they have other children to support. it would be different if this woman had let him know he had these 2 babies & he ignored his part but he was clueless until the warrant was issued to have him take a paternity test. sneaky frekkin woman was happy go lucky as long as someone was supporting her & the kids but as soon as that was cut out she went looking to see who else she could get to support her sorry ass. and thats what this is all about. its not the kids that he's supporting its her. you should see the difference in her from when i first met her till now. she was a mousy brunette with pimples, splotchy skin & floppy t-shirts. now she's flaunting highlited tips in her hair & makeup out the wazzoo wearing designer jeans & christian louboutin shoes! when i was still getting the twins they had torn clothes & no shoes have the time. i know you hear about the mothers being bitched about in every child support case but i feel sorry for these kids. they get dumped onto anyone that will babysit them while she runs around in the bars. hell, if she hadn't been whoring in a bar in the first place she wouldn't have gotten pregnant. raise your hand if you really believe a bar is the best place to find a new father for your children.
i'm thinking of forming a group to fight for the rights of fathers that aren't dead beat dads but still getting screwed by the system. there are differences in every situation & that should be taken into consideration instead of one law fits all. if you're gonna put the dads in jail then they should put them in a work program & make them pay all the money they make into child support. otherwise what are they accomplishing by putting them in jail? its not like they can pay support while they're locked up the way the system is now. its just redundant.
maybe a clown at the party will help. where do i find floppy shoes?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Dance

YEAH!!! i'm alive! i can see earth again. the snow is alll gone & we're getting back to normal around here. we did lose power for awhile. thankfully i'm not one of the unlucky ones that still doesn't have power. all together i think we wound up with 11 inches. i missed a whole week of work & then 5 hours the next week. theres still piles of snow everywhere. dirty, nasty, tall piles of ugly snow. trees, telephone poles & lines are down everywhere. its been the winter from hell and that stupid groundhog saw his shadow again. if you believe that shit.
who's idea was that? pulling a groundhog out of his hole to check if he see's his shadow? how crazy is that? i think the person who thought that up had issues with groundhogs. what the hell could one little groundhog have done to someone to make them go crazy enough to want to drag one out every year & blind him with lights? i'm leaning towards jealousy. plain ole jealousy. groundhogs get to sleep the whole winter away & someone said to themself, 'if i can't be lazy & sleep in to skip winter then that damn groundhog is gonna suffer at least one day with me'. too bad that groundhog didn't eat him up to stop that tradition.
y'all been doing ok? i'm getting ready to cruise my peeps & see whats been going on.
damn, its good to be back!!!!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Taking A Break From Reality

we finally dug ourselves out of one mess just to be hit again. it starts tomorrow & is supposed to continue through wednesday. looks like i won't be doing much driving tammi so you don't have to worry about me.
today is sonnys' birthday. i don't think i'll be calling him at 2:34am though. he has to work tomorrow. besides i've gotten out of the habit of retelling him the story of his birth. he didn't appreciate it like i did. he won't answer his phone anymore for me.
i don't want to stay on here. everyone is losing electric & i don't want to surge the pc. i'll be back when things are looking brighter.