Sunday, July 31, 2005

Dreams Can Come True

i've got way too many clothes. and too much junk. i've been looking around the house. there is no place to stash one more thing. i've absolutely acquired too much stuff in the 20 some years i've lived here. not counting the crap i have stored for all the other people that have no place to store shit. i have two full rooms that you almost can't walk into. i own over 200 videos, i have enough clothes that i could wear a different outfit every day & never have to do laundry for at least a year. not to mention all the new clothes i am constantly buying. i am a clothesaholic. i never pay the full amount for anything. its always bargain sales but damn, what to do with all this stuff. i've been slowly going through things & deciding what i can live without but that ain't easy. i've given away about a dozen bags full of clothes but i can't see where they came from. my closets are still just full. i can't do anything with kids every weekend. unless i wait for them to get big enough to help me & put them to work. my other choices would be to do it a little everyday after i get home from work or do it on my vacation. doesn't sound like a fun vacation to me.
to make matters worse, i think i'm a pack rat too. i've got a thousand computers sitting here waiting for me to do something with. some need programs put in them others just need memory sticks. it's all mostly easy, quick fixes but it's a years worth of work that i don't even have the room to work on anymore. is that room getting smaller? one of these days i want a mansion. i want so many rooms you can get lost for a week. then i can spread all this shit out & have lots more room for my new acquisitions.
that sounds like a better idea to me. and for vacation, i want to go south. somewhere that i can don a beautiful bathing suit with a sarong & dance with big strong pretty men, while the wind blows my natural curly hair in a soft frame around my face. with the moonlight reflecting in my luminous green eyes. and my teeth...
what teeth?
psych! hahahaha
night all

Sunday, July 17, 2005

I'm Just Stupid

well, guess i don't know how to read either. i just can't get shit to work with the pictures. i'll keep trying though. i want you to see my big guy. he's just so cute. if i ever get it to work i want to show a pic of the whole gang. maybe eventually i'll get smart & figure it out. i keep getting an error. its too late to figure it out now. i'll work on it tomorrow. maybe, if i can get to the computer.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Where Did This Come From?

mr p has been molting & shedding for the last few weeks. it's kinda gross to find bird feathers everywhere. the little shit won't get in the shower with me anymore, only hubby. that is mr p with hubby not hubby with me. damn, too much information? damn again, that was the good ole days. i remember the days when the foreplay started long before the bedroom. including the shower. still with the too much information? you know, i know whats wrong. its that time & i'm in the mood. well, that & i told you my bird is horny so he's always jacking off on the fake bird we got for him. that kinda keeps making the sex thing pop into my brain. the funny thing is i think it's me that makes the bird so horny. everytime i walk into the room he starts screeching at me & flies to me. landing on my head or shoulder. then he gets close enough to my eyes to get my attention. (like i could ignore a bird clinging to my hair to hang over my head.) i pick him up on my finger & start kissing at him & kisses back then ducks his head for me to rub him. after a few minutes of loving on him & talking to him he starts biting at me & flies back to his cage to hump the fake bird again. this only happens about once an hour. smells fishy to me....hahahaha. does bird cum smell like fish? this has gotten out of hand.
oh yeah, one more thing i wanted to mention on the subject of sex. well, the size of sexual objects anyway. i saw a bumble bee today that had to be some kind of a mutant bee but what could have procreated this thing is beyond me. it looked just like a bumble bee except it was about 3 inches long & about that wide too. it flew really slow so i got a good look at it. i got to thinking about what made that thing & all kinds of strange thoughts started turning into some really hilarious images. like a humming bird & a bumble bee. both flying very fast. they collide & a few weeks later she comes visiting to drop off their little mistake. only the mistake grows up to be a great big fucking bee that eats everything in the house including daddy. then to go even farther into my weird mind i started wondering how big that bees dick had to be in his world. i wondered if he's popular or if he was just the big dork i saw. i'm horny but even i thought he was ugly & wondered 'does he even get any.' see i'm sick.
i'll go now....

Thank You, Friends

thanks to ML & Nasty for their input. i do think i'm gonna upgrade the windows program while i'm at it ML. Nasty i'm hoping to have the time to check out the site you suggested tomorrow. we've had the kids this weekend & i can't sit down at the pc without a helping hand so, no time to hit it yet. but back to work tomorrow & i can get somethings done then. i've got the data lifeguard tools installation disk with the new hard drive. i think after checking out my mother board i'll be on my way. i've made my necessary backups, if i fuck it up its ok except, like you said, i have to be careful about the size difference. cross your fingers for me.
ML, I also tried to comment to your blog but I'm not sure it took. I wanted to tell you I've been thinking of you & C. I'm glad you guys are doing alright and thankful your family members are unharmed, as well. Too bad 'people' have to lash out like that. You can only hope that what comes around goes around & somewhere they'll get theirs.
it's late now & i've got hit the sack.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Upgrades And How To's

ok, anyone really good with computers? i love taking them apart & upgrading them but i've just bought a 250 gig hard drive & i run windows 98me. the instructions tell me i may have to install a card that will allow my operating system to recognize the whole drive. this is new to me. i've never heard about the 98me not being capable of seeing a bigger drive. something about 137gig being the most 98 could handle. too bad i didn't know this before i bought the big ass drive. so, i'm doing some research & i'm gonna attempt this upgrade on my own. any input would be appreciated.