Saturday, October 02, 2010

Look Ma! No Hands

all along my route home they are adding a path along the side of the road. a bicycle path. when finished its supposed to be about 16 miles of bicycle path through cincinnati. i'm all for a path! its something we've needed for a long, long time. its about time they did something about the dangers of riding through the area. i don't ride a bike anymore! i can't stand that bicycle seat stuck up my big ass these days! (not to mention it hurts my back too. old age, ya know? i'll get my exercise on my feet, thank you very much) but i have to point out that the bicyclists these days are not very driver friendly. i'm sure their response is drivers aren't very bike friendly. although, i've yet to hear of one of them being hit because of road rage around here. i'm surprised it hasn't happened. let me tell you i have a few stories about bicyclists. how many times have you sat at a red light & had them ride right up the middle of the road between the cars? i've seen it lots of times. they ride right up to the light & are first in line when the light changes. and thats only if they wait for the light to change. they slow down the drivers that have already passed them once & now they have to deal with them all over again. getting by them. worrying about not hitting them. maintaining your composure & not yelling at them again. get the fuck out of my way, idiot! you'd think they'd take into consideration the fact that you're weilding a ton of metal that can rip their asses right off that little bike not to mention their souls right out of their bodies should they not yield to the laws of the road. weren't there chapters in the driving manuals on bike riding with traffic. those rules are there to protect both the bycyclist & the driver. from each other! they wonder why drivers hate them on the road?
shit, i got off the topic didn't i? i was telling you about this great little bike path. a few months ago i was coming home & a bicyclist was riding along, in the road, even though this part of the bike path is finished. i passed him & of course, got to the light that had turned red. so he was catching back up to me. on this particular road theres 2 lanes until you came to the light where theres a turning lane as well. so this biker is on the far right of the first lane & i was in the second lane from where he is. i heard a bang from behind me. like a fire cracker. i thought someone was throwing fire crackers at the biker. i'm sitting at the light & wondering what creep would do that when i heard another one & look in my rear view mirror to see the biker is in my lane on my right coming up between the cars. while i'm watching i see him take a lighter & light a fire cracker & throw it in front of the car next to him & cut in front of him. no hands on the handlebars. just lighting fire crackers & pitching them in front of the cars. the cars slam on their brakes cos they aren't sure what just happened & the biker is jumping in front of them to cross the lanes of traffic. with firecrackers! i think they've wasted more of my hard earned tax dollars building a bike path. this guy has his car problems under control. until a driver gets a little road rage going & takes him out....and his little firecrackers too.