Monday, September 03, 2012

An Old Post

where has the time gone? ummm, i know! to hell & back & so have we!!! remember the jock itch i supposedly had? turns out its not jock itch. the dr doesn't know just what it is but i still have it. i've been on a regime of lotions & anti itch creams. they kinda help but nothing seems to be getting rid of it. yeah, i know, its time to go to a dermatologist.

sonny finally got out of jail. he didn't stay out. in july his family was chosen to be guests at the speedways nascar event this summer. it was a major event. the first time a nascar race was being held at the new speedway in ky. they were allowed to camp the whole weekend & attend all the races. they got to sit in the viewing box. nascar shirts were given to all of them & they were to meet the drivers & get their autographs, spend time in the race pits, they were even scheduled to attend a dinner. well, he planned to camp out & take them up on all they had to offer. he chose to try & steal a few things he needed to camp out & low & behold, the things he chose to steal turned out to be his downfall. he took batteries & a propane tank. when he got caught they charged him with theft but after learning he had charges from back in dec. they added manufacturing meth to his charges. i really don't get how they can charge you for cooking something when you haven't even walked out of the store with your stuff yet but thats what they've done. and god only knows i don't think sonny is a saint but i think mr. justice is just making the rules up as he goes.
papaw wound up in the hospital for several weeks & honey decided to ignore the courts demand she be supervised with the kids. child services showed up at her door & she lied to them about the kids not being with her while ixxie stuck her head out the door to say hi to the child services worker. stupid, stupid, stupid. jammer was actually with me but because honey couldn't follow the rules the kids both were living in a foster home. the woman hated jammer & i actually have pictures of bruising on his arm where she yanked him around. hubby & i are were being investigated for custody. damn, i knew this was gonna be a mess & i was right. ixxie is 11 & wearing makeup. the whole situation is out of control & i'm about to lose my mind.