Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shaking Hands With The Devil

our guide was a ninja complete with black outfit & mesh facemask. we couldn't make out his face but he assured us he was our friend & was there to protect us. he explained as we walked down the gravel path that this was a facility for the people condemned to life in prison..for the mentally insane. their crazyiness was contained within the walls of the cages that we would be privvy to. (actually we were in the kennells of the animal hospital) he went on to inform us that they couldn't reach us so we were quite safe but they would beg us to help be prepared.... and it was haunted by his former director that died while being tortured by the inmates after they captured him one evening. jammer was completely taken in. ixxie was a little uncertain but both were being very brave in the beginning. our guide lead us through tunnel after tunnel of inmates screaming & kicking to be released. they were wild haired, wild eyed with blood everywhere. some were jasons, some were wild haired women with missing limbs, some were knife weilding maniacs, some were killer clowns, one was cutting off his own leg to escape. there was strob lights everywhere & really dark corners where monsters & killers hid really well. that damn ninja that was supposed to guide us kept disappearing on me & everytime he did another scary, bloody thing came out of the dark to get us! at the end of some of the tunnels were surgeons with blood & meat everywhere that came after us telling us this was one of the people from the last group that came through. it was fabulous!!! the minute we walked through the gate jammer started screaming he didn't want to go through. ixxie too. they wanted to turn back & get the hell out of, well, HELL!!!
we waited for the hayride while michael myers made his way through the crowd. jammer noticed him coming up & attached to my leg like he was stink & i was shit. the killer stopped at ixxie while she was busy yapping at pappaw & when she finally glanced around she found herself eye to eye with him which totally scared the shit out of her. she nearly jumped over pappaw getting away from him. after he left she said, 'that was totally uncalled for!' she dressed as a witch.
jason climbed onto the trailer during the hayride & freaked everyone out as he slashed his knife throught the air. jammer saw him coming & said to me 'that scary man is coming, memaw save me'??? he dressed as ZORO
he made me stop as we got off the hayride to thank the driver & make friends with him. the driver shook his hand & gave him a high five telling him how brave he had been. i don't think he was really watching when jason came up to us. he missed jammer clawing my arm off.
as we walked back to the car jammer saw jason again & pulled away from me to stop & make friends with him. he said, 'dude, if you promise you won't kill anyone else tonight i'll be your friend'. everyone got a big kick out of that. jason told jammer he was safe & he really wanted to be his friend so he wouldn't make anymore corpses tonight.
wasn't that sweet of the psycho?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Deadly Cocktails Anyone?

i don't think i mentioned that the lisinopril i'm taking is a derivitive of snake venom? cos i'm sure if i had you would be freaking out just like me. i didn't know that until after i'd taken it for a week. i haven't had any of the symptoms of the snake venom except the fatigue & the racing heart thingy a few times. most people have reactions almost immediately so i think i'm fairly safe to take it for awhile. like i said though, i don't plan on taking it indefinitely & i don't care what a thousand doctors say. speaking of what doctors say, wouldn't you think they'd give you some indication of what the fuck is in the drugs they prescribe for you? i mean, i'm fairly certain i'm allergic to snake bites. i've never been bitten by a snake & i don't plan on ever being but he could have, at least, asked if i'd ever been bite by a snake & did i have an allergic reaction? that might have been important!
i'm almost afraid to look up simcor. god only knows what its made from. recluse spider venom? nothing surprises me anymore. i've had half a century to adapt.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Waaahhh, Crybaby At Large

sorry for the awol!! i'm still here just been really busy. i've had a few more dr's appointments. honestly, i'm gonna quit going to him. everytime i walk in his office he finds something else wrong with me & wants to add another med to the list. i think he's paying me back for beating him at the diabetes game. i've lost almost 30 pounds & my blood sugar is reading fine now. he's decided i have high cholesterol & hypertension. he's put me on lisinopril for the hypertension & wants me to start taking simcor for the cholesterol. funny how i can take the lisinopril when its not supposed to be taken by diabetics. you'd think if i was prediabetic before i'd still be considered prediabetic even if i have the sugar count down? i'm gonna fight him on these things too. i have started taking the lisinopril & i'll take it till my blood pressure goes down & i'll probably do the same with the simcor. after i get all that down though, i'm gonna go off the meds & try to control everything with a healthy lifestyle. i'd fight him on it from the get go but i don't want to have a heart attack cos i was too stubborn to work with him. if it takes at least 6 weeks to get cholesterol down i'm afraid that might be pushing my luck. i think he gets a kickback from the drug companies if he makes me take their drugs. who are we to question them? what the heck do i know about doctoring? hell, the only thing i know about birthing babies is how to push!!
i have been reading you all. i've just skipped posting with my wahwahs. anyway, i'm still here & i'll be back sooner the next time. until then, miss me!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Point In Life

it would be so nice to have the simpleness of a child. jammer was telling me about the school losing him. he had no fear but was having a great time in the new classroom. they were doing things his class wasn't allowed to do so he jumped right in clueless to the havoc his disappearance was creating. wouldn't it be nice to not have a care in the world? isn't it a shame that the first thing we think of is someone stealing our kids & taking them to do whatever ungodly thing that could be done to them? he lives in such a protected world where theres nothing more to worry about than getting to play with the new puppies or beating his sister to the playstation. i was so relieved that he was safe & thankful that he wasn't a victim of some horrendous crime that all i wanted to do was cry. and hug the stuffings out of him. this weekend i get to shower him with all the relief & huggins all by himself. i'm eating this time up! i love it when ixxie goes somewhere else for the weekend. her absence always makes such a big difference in the time we can spend with jammer. she's a very demanding little girl & way too high maintainance for her age. everything is a fight when she's around. she has to be first at everything & always the best!!! if you don't brag on her she goes off to cry or pout for hours. god forbid jammer gets a drink that she didn't get or an apple that she wasn't offered first. i don't understand why, her being the big sister, she isn't more thoughtful of him but she doesn't get why he's the one more babied. i can't get it through her head that he IS the baby. mommy & daddy will never have any more & he's my last chance at babying anyone. i'm sorry that she's not my baby. i'm sorry that she didn't know the love that jammer has known since birth but thats not my fault. she wasn't a part of our family when she was a baby. i don't point these things out to her because i don't want to hurt her but i can't change life. i can't change her life. i can change who she is by sharing my love with her now but i'm tired of taking away from him cos she didn't get to experience this from the get-go. i feel sorrier for jammer cos he's had to take a back seat to her for most of his life just because she was so screwed up when we first met her. now she's alittle older i'm trying to get her out of that demanding attention 24/7 & accepting that there are other people that need things too. and its jammers turn to be the main attraction. my main attraction! my last baby! my only grandson! and he is the apple of my eye. i'm not gonna apologize for that. to anyone.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Stupidity 101

schools have hundreds of kids to look after. i'm totally aware of this. i sympathize with them for this. it has to be hard to keep up with an unruly bunch of kids yelling, laughing & chasing after each other. but when they do a bus evacuation drill i would expect the bus drivers, teachers & older students to be especially aware of where the kids are & where they end up. not to lose kids seems to be a reasonable thing to expect out of them. if i put my kids on a bus & trust you to take them to a designated place you better bet your sweet ass that i expect you to get them there without misplacing them. wonder why i'm ranting about this? guess! oh yeah, you know it!! the assholes lost my baby boy. for 3 hours!!! then called home to find out why he wasn't at school. they finally found him in another classroom where the teacher hadn't even noticed she had an extra kid. i've got to ask how stupid are these people? he's 5 & nobody knew where he was. thank god he turned up safe & sound but believe me it doesn't give me much faith in his school.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Its The Big One

it just amazes me how fast time can fly. it seems like i just posted yet when i look at the date its been 7 days. well, when it comes to blogging the time flies. my work day seems to drag & the time between is never there. this week has felt like a month. its because i'm kind of excited to get to the weekend. i've got lots to do with rearranging, cleaning, winter clothes to swap out, honey do's that honey don't & junk like that. not having the kids this weekend was a sweet unexpected break that gives me some time to get that stuff done. the icing on the cake is hubbys parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, which i should attend cos 50 is a big one, but i can actually skip. i figure they have the rest of the family & especially the new grandbaby so i probably won't be missed. do i feel guilty? well, yeah, but i have so much to do that with hubby out of the house i can get down to & not have anyone under my feet while i do it. what do you think? if you could see my house it would help you make up your mind but its so filthy right now i'm embarrassed to show you. ok, to give you an idea i'll show you one corner of the living room. where all the junk has been piling this week while i do other things around the house. this: i will show you. its enough to make me cringe. that corner is full of so much junk it took 10 minutes to just upload the pic. usually i use the kitchen table as a catchall but of the things in this pic one is a new table for the microwave that wound up getting piled on & another is a new plant stand for the window that hubby went ahead & put together. which also wound up as a catchall for the time being. the kitchen table was spared but now i have 2 things to empty instead of my standard one, bar style, table. don't ever tell me i don't air my dirty laundry!!! my mother is holding her heart at this mess.