Thursday, December 29, 2005

Xmas Go Bye-Bye

& real soon, lindy go too. xmas is over. breath... it was a very good time had by all & jammer loved his gifts. i can't begin to tell you all the toys he got. i don't even remember one outfit he got. just gobs & gobs of toys. we went from our house to my sisters house & had the same mess all over. i know hubby & i went through about a dozen rolls of wrapping paper & that ain't counting the bags we had. at one point we actually lost the tape for a few days. lost it. not misplaced it. lost it in the mess. i knew it was right there but finding it took 2 days.
we had the twins last weekend for their xmas. so it had to all be done over. i knew i'd had enough when i slept till 3 monday afternoon.
jammer helped us put the tree up. he added the ornaments & garland. hubby put up every strand of lights we had so there were blinking, chasing, twinkling, & solid lights everywhere. we'll leave the lights up stretching out through new year... it adds to the festive look. besides with my birthday right around the corner i like the lights to help me remember i'm young.... who loves the lights better than any! cos i'm young, dammit! putting them up did not pull a thousand & one muscles in my back & i could stand up & dance around immediately. no, really. ok, go ahead & laugh. you'll be alright as soon as you get that sight out of your head.
and now that its all over....i'm so tired..tired...
my body feels like jello with a brain like hamburger. ran through a meat grinder...hamburger.
tired...i don't want to think. i don't want to dress. i don't want to do anything except sleep. i need a winter vacation. too bad hubby just got laid off. thats not gonna help me financially. not to mention how much more drained my hamburger brain will be with him home all day. today, he watched cable. hour after hour of nothing but cable tv. do you know all the things he recites to me when he watches too much news & shit? yes, in my book its mostly shit. but he regurgitates it all back at me in the 4 hours i have before i go to bed. he follows me around the house to tell me stats on ballplayers i've never heard of. or speed times on car races i have no idea about. like i care? make it stop already.
the worst part??? this is only day one of his layoff. and the 3 day of the new year.
god help me.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Rudolf Broke His Neck

merry christmas, all!!!!
but thats another story...
merry christmas to all & to all a good night...

Monday, December 19, 2005

What To Do?

this past weekend we had 2 aliens. mojo has pissed sonny off & is taking him to court. here it is christmas & the bitch wants more money. guess the 297.00 a week wasn't making her new beau happy enough. she's asking to increase his support to 412.00 a week. how is a guy supposed to live & pay his child support at that rate with a new family & house payment? poor jammer may never have anything if this woman keeps this up. they have sonny owing $11,000 from birth to date. she passed these girls off as her husbands kids for 2 1/2 years so he would support her & them. now if another man paid for their keep for that time how can they go back to birth on sonny? i just don't understand how she can do this. i mean if he owes back child support shouldn't it be to the man that was taken by this woman & not paid to her. she's coming out way on top here. i feel sorry for both these men & god help anyone else she takes for a ride. guys be warned....keep your pants on. don't forget sonny used a rubber & still produced twins. her rubber that is. a little hint....if you do bed her at least bring your own rubbers. hers don't work so well.
on to new things. we took the 2 aliens to the light show at the zoo on sunday. we had a great time. we took them to have pics taken with santa too. at the zoo the train conductor let them blow the horn & make the choo choo noise. i think they would have gone home with him if he's promised they could always do that. they thought that was the shit. jammer walked around shaking everyones hand & introducing himself. 'hi, i'm jammer. who are you?' forward little alien just planning his takeover in another few years. he ain't fooling me. damn, if he doesn't have the personality to do it too. everybody just thinks he's so cute. if they only knew.
not much going on here. i've still got shopping to do & i don't have a clue what to get some of the people on my list. my step mom is one of the hardest to buy for. not that she's not easy to please but she has everything. last year i bought her & her hubby a charger for their cell phone that worked in the car. since they've gotten the place in florida i thought this would be a good idea beings they may get stuck in a hurricane or something & be without electricity for awhile. i doubt if she even has it in her car. it's probably still in the box sitting in a closet. i think i'll buy gas cards for everyone. who can't use a gas card right?
no....that sucks.
gotta go think about this some more.
have a good night.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Aliens AWAY!!

2 times!!! 2 weeks in a row! this will never happen again. all except one alien went visiting abnormal earthlings!! and this is the first time we've had just jammer for 2 weekends in a row. we've had a blast. we had snow ball fights, made snow angels, (yes, i hate snow but i love my grandson) tried to build a snowman, which flopped, ate clementines, had hot chocolate heavy on the marshmellows, put up xmas lights, tree & ornaments! we've played star wars & batman, & memaws little baby (my favorite game cos he climbs up in my lap & wahh, wahh's like a little baby so i can rock him & calm him like the little upset baby he plays.) we've colored & said abc's, drew pictures & made ornaments. its so fun having just him. i love the twins but seriously, having 3 kids coming at you all at once is a little overwhelming. let alone the 4th over demanding child that is the ixxie. all that at once makes you just want to pull out your hair. i can't make them understand that they'll get more attention if they come at you one at a time. they can't seem to grasp that concept. its like if they don't all talk at once maybe you'll keep your sanity & that is just not allowed.
did you notice i've figured out my links thingy? thats how cool its been to have just jammer. i've had time for my brain to be calm enough for a given stretch of time that it could focus on one thing & accomplish each thing it focused on.
except saving the world & getting hubby on a reasonably sober path. what cha gonna do? i can't do everything in a few weeks. unlike god it takes me alot longer than 7 days to create any kind of scenario. and then like god i think my time does not measure to his time.
night all.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Strokes In The Snow

yesterday marked the first day of hell season this year for me. we got our first big snow storm. have i ever mentioned how i hate to drive in the snow? i love to stay inside & look out at it. its beautiful to look at. i can even handle playing in it for awhile but driving in snow just freaks me the fuck out. when jammer was born sonny called me the day before & said they were going to induce labor first thing in the morning so i needed to get there asap (did i ever tell you that jammer had to be taken c-section, butt first?) it had been snowing for days then & we had a foot of frozen, icy snow everywhere. sonny lived in an old place down a country road that winded & twisted every which way. the road ran the entire crest of a hill with all the homes downhill off the road. i think i had my first stroke that night. trying to drive to his place on that foot of ice at the top of that hill was the scariest thing i've ever done. he had only moved in a week before & i hadn't been to his new place yet. he met us at the intersection to lead us to his place. on the way up the first little crest i immediately started spinning in place. the road was covered in snow & ice being so far out in the country there had been no treatment for snow removal either. at one point he had to hook up to my car with a come along to pull me up the hill. in other places he & hubby walked along the car pushing it in the right direction to just keep me on the road. the hill on either side was humongous!!! the next day i woke up feeling like i'd been kicked in the chest & my left arm hurt. i probably should have gone to a doctor for a checkup but i had a birth to attend. i'd never felt that before so thats how i concluded i'd had my stroke. of course, this could be all in my head. i'm the kind of person that self diagnosis' myself.
anyway, back to the present day snowstorm. we left work yesterday at 3:30 & still didn't make it home untill 7:45. big fat snowflakes started at about 2 & quickly became between 6-8 inches & traffic was at a standstill in most places. we sat like sardines long enough that my car overheated & we had to pull out of traffic to let it cool down. in that time the traffic did clear out a little but while waiting we decided to try a different route home. we had been heading for the expressway cos the dj on the radio said it was at least moving but where we overheated was close enough to see that expressway & it wasn't moving any faster than anything else. i don't know where he was getting his info from but it wasn't right. witnessing the thinning traffic we changed our minds to go through the city & hit a rural route instead. turns out nothing was moving anywhere & it was slick everywhere. i just recently replaced my tires so i know they were as good as could be expected. still no traction. we slipped & slid right along with everyone else. and prayed. so 4 hours & 15 minutes later i called the girls i work with to let them know i had finally made it home & probably wouldn't make it in the morning. i had told them i would call when i got home to let them know how bad the roads were. turned out they stayed till 5 & still beat me home. of course it took them at least an hour to get home & they live within 10 miles. one lives just a few blocks away & it took her almost an hour to drive what you could walk in 15 minutes. we had been planning on working this weekend but the storm has kinda blown that idea. means we have to bust ass monday but we're professionals we can get it done. now everyone help me will the snow away for the rest of the winter season. i don't even care about a white christmas. i can skip it if it means scary driving. how many of us get to stay home for christmas? i have to make a family trip...i don't have a choice on this matter. so the snow can go away now. i've had enough. already. for the rest of my life.
ok. gotta hit the sack now. the big guy is here & he won't sleep too long in the morning. he'll be running into our room yelling 'memaw i need you' first thing.
see ya later.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Stir Crazy

ok...ok....yes, about the night i went to jail. scratch that!!! about the night i was hand-cuffed & drug to jail.
it was the month of december many moons ago in my younger & crazier days. sextex & i were really good friends & spent alot of time together. both running in the bars & just hanging out at each others house. we both had a kid the same age. hers a girl, mine a boy & they were old enough to babysit themselves which made going out alot easier. it snowed a bunch that weekend & we had 4 feet of snow everywhere. the way it had worked out, the sun would shine through the day melting some of the snow & at night when it snowed again it left a sheet of ice under all the new snow. to say the least it was slick.
she lived in a stone house built in the 1800 with a 'slave wall' built around it. just what it says a slave wall was a wall made of stone built by the slaves back in those days. the house was at the top of a big winding hill & the slave wall circled the perimeter of the land & ran the whole length of the driveway on both sides.
we were bored. hell, we were stir crazy & talked on the phone several times cos it was too bad out to be on the road. unless you had a really good reason. over the course of our weekend we were getting very restless. we were coming up with really good reasons to be out on that bad, bad road. like the kids needed company to work off their bottled energy. i needed milk & had to go to the store. she needed cigarettes & was for sure going out. we both needed a drink. so, it was decided since my car started & hers didn't i would make the run for us both & come on down to visit. by sunday the roads had been salted & plowed so it wasn't soooo bad that i couldn't chance it.
well, me & young sonny piled into the car with some blankets (just in case) & headed out to the store. the roads really weren't all that bad but the suburb i live in was slick as snot & so was all the driveways, walkways & parking lots. oh yeah, and her hill. we got half way up the damn thing & couldn't go any farther. sonny chalked the car & we walked the other half of the driveway. after a few hours of talking, visiting & kicking around the idea of doing something, sextex & i decided to go out. we got all dolled up & headed to the bar for a few hours of adult company. little did i know that the 5 hours we hung out had given my car ample time to slide all the way down the hill ending up on the slave wall at the bend in the driveway. and man was it stuck!!! the wall of the driveway had snow piled up high against it so the car had kind of a ramp lifting it up onto the wall. the bumper was literally caught on the wall. being the analytical kind of women we were & desperately wanting to go out we decided to walk to the nearest bar & engage some fellows to lift the car off the wall. come on, we couldn't destroy the artwork that was her slave wall. that & the bar was only 4 blocks away. so off we went. pissing & moaning about everything but giggling the whole way. cos we were out! we had escaped! i even remember saying 'i'm ready to go get wild & crazy'. wild & crazy it did get. to this day i'm not allowed to use that phrase in sextexs' company. the first bar we got to was almost empty. it consisted of the barmaid & an old lady sitting at the bar ragging on men, a young hot guy that we didn't know & some old geezer we did know. the young hottie & the geezer did know each other though & we talked them into going to the next bar for more excitement. naturally they offered us a lift after learning of our car tragedy.
the next bar was definitely more promising. there was a live band & lots of available men to use our womanly wiles on. within an hour we had 8 guys lined up ready to help save the wall & releave my car of its shackles. as we exited the bar i noticed a beer can sitting on top of the car that we were being ushered into. i didn't give it a thought. i didn't notice the traffic or the cop cruising by. i reached up & grabbed the can, crunching it & dropped it in the floorboard of the back seat.
ssscccrrreeeaaaccchhhhhh!!!!!! tires screamed & red & blue flashing lights flashed & a cop was yelling 'step away from the car'. 'where's the beer?' all hands went into the air. nobody had a beer so we were kind of at a loss as to what he wanted. he repeated 'where's the beer'? we just looked at each other & back at him not really saying anything. he yelled 'there was just a beer can sitting on top of this car. where did it go to?' thats when it dawned on me that he was talking about the can i crunched. so i answered, 'none of us had a beer but there was one on top of the car. i crunched it & its in the back on the floor.' he came over with his flashlight & acting all superior pulled the smashed can out. 'you wanna step over to the car, ma'am? can i see your drivers license?' 'officer i'm not driving & the can wasn't mine'. 'i said, can i see your drivers license, ma'am'. 'sure.' so i gave him my license & he went to sit in the car asking me to stand right there. as he did he pulled the door a little so i couldn't hear what he was saying & reached for his mike. i heard my name & open container. the longer i stood there the madder i was getting. finally, i reached over & pulled the door open. i said 'excuse me, i told you that wasn't my beer & i wasn't driving. what could you possibly need my license for?' he jumped out of that car & spun me around so fast i didn't know what hit me. i stomped my foot in protest & asked again, 'what are you doing' as he slapped handcuffs on my wrist. 'taking you to jail for open container.' 'but it wasn't my can. its even empty i just crunched it to throw it away.' he didn't want to hear anything i had to say. he was even more stir crazy than we were & wanted some excitement.
off to jail we went. he processed me, patted me down & put me in an 7 x 10 jail cell. the cell had a bed, a sink & a toilet. i sat on the bed then flushed the toilet. then i turned on the sink. there was just a little trickle coming out so i turned it off & flushed the toilet again. turned out flushing the toilet was the most fun thing i found to do. everytime it filled i flushed it again. finally a different cop came in & asked why i kept flushing the toilet & i told him that being in jail was kinda making me sick. they left me alone until morning & i flushed the toilet, everytime it filled, until morning. they gave me a court day the next morning & drove me to my car. which the guys had lifted off the wall & was waiting for me to hop in & take off.
needless to say the charges were dismissed & the judge even thanked me for not littering the streets after seeing the condition of the can. i never saw that over zealous cop in the city again. but that was my night in jail.
now i have to go to bed. my eyes are getting heavy.
later gaters.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sextex & The Dog

not to bore you but i still have stories about my thanksgiving weekend. this one is about my friend sextex. sextex is a hottie from texas. she's tall & thin with dark hair & big pretty brown eyes. her texan accent has always gotten the male attention whenever we went out together. have you ever had a friend that just oozed poise & pinache? well, sextex is that friend. she's smart & pretty with a great sense of humor...every thing about her 'appearance' is perfect. but this woman has the freakiest things happen to her & when you're with her this freakiness tends to rub off on you. one of the few nights i've ever spent in jail was a result of being out with her (& the men that we attracted...all 8 of them that followed us everywhere we went).
But that is another story....back to thanksgiving....
sextex & her brother stopped by to visit this weekend. she had a dog that needed a home. sextexs' brother was the best man in our wedding. a sweeet man that has never worked a job as far as i know. he's also kind of a pitiful man. he has absolutely no confidence in himself. small frame, long hair, big glasses & missing fingers. maybe working is not a necessity. nor has he ever married for that matter.
the dog was actually his dog. a little black chihuahua that was just so cute & cuddly (sp?). i love chihuahua's. my mom bred them & when she passed away i inherited her 3 babies. so yeah, i know how annoying they can be but they are so little & cute. have you drawn the conclusion yet that every one brings their dogs to me when they want to get rid of them? for some reason the whole world thinks i'm a doggy adoption agency. got a dog you don't want? sure, bring it to me & i'll put it up in my home until i either love it or find it a damn good home.
this little guy was fat as a butterball & really layed back for such a wiry dog. i had him for 3 nights & 2 days & only heard him bark 2 times. i called a few people to help find him a home cos with ms. m having seizures over new animals or too much company i didn't want to throw her into a tizzy. i wanted to keep him but my best bet was to find someone to love him. i needed to find him a home fast. which i did & i can visit him anytime to boot.
sonny took him home & papaw loves him too. that means he gets 2 homes for the price of one. turns out he's a lucky dog.
well....that's about it for now. i'm still getting over the cough but i'm feeling like i want to live again.
in my best arnold imitation 'i'll be bach'.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

On Being Thankful

i've got one for you. yes, you all know i've been sick. not just any sick but deathly sick. i've shared this info with anyone that would listen. including sonny, honey & all the kids which is where the sick came from. i've said about a dozen times how loved i am when i get whatever cold they have. thanking them soooo much for sharing all the love & the germs. i mean they knew i'd missed a whole week of work & not on any kind of fun loving vacation. sick in bed with fever & shits & shakes & no, definitely no, fun. what did sonny & honey decide would be just the thing to shake me out of my sick bed? make me cook a thanksgiving meal. not just cook it though. nothing that simple. i had to shop for it first. so, first thing thanksgiving day i'm on my way to the grocery store to buy the food that i had not intended to cook. first disappointment is i'm out of my sick bed & second disappointment is the store is out of turkeys, well, ham would have to do. third disappointment is sonny, honey & snarkie are the only ones that ate. everybody else was still too sick to even think about food.
to make matters even worse...hubby is 2 sheets into the wind with his beloved vodka by the time everyone gets here. this always makes for a memorable day. i feel so ashamed for the way he treats us when he gets that drunk. sonny & honey didn't stay long considering all the love & welcome that was oozing from his body language but they left all four kids regardless. shithead honey wouldn't dream of giving up her weekend free of kids to be stuck up sonnys' ass.
friday morning i am greeted by a somber group all sitting on a separate seat. apparently, his hang over didn't allow any noise & for one reason or another everyone was being punished. great start to the morning. remind me to do a 'why i hate my husband' post sometime.
to sum things up.... what am i thankful for? that its over!!!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving all!!!
i'm still sick but i did make it to work this week. i'll try to post more later.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Alien Slime

this weekend has been the most frustrating ever. everyone is sick...sneezing, puking, cough, aching everywhere, fever, chills, shits, shakes, you name it we have it. all the kids, me, hubby, sonny, honey, ms. m, mr. peepers, hell, even the mouse living in my closet has the shits. last weekend when they dropped the kids off ixxie started puking almost immediately. when sonny got home on sunday with the kids he was on the phone wanting to know what i fed the kids. well, duh, nothing different. nothing bad. why? on the way home snooks puked. as honey was getting snarkie out of her carseat she puked. drenching & all, you all have seen her hair. it's down to her ass & thick. naaasstttyyy. sonny said she was screaming like a banshee. i don't know if anyone out there has the drama queen, allll about me kinda girl honey is in their life but believe me she is the shit in her own eyes. i wouldn't wish this kinda girl on my worst enemy. listening to her scream like a banshee would be the last thing on my list of things to do. especially over her damn hair that can be washed pretty easy.
this weekend has been no different except mojo has the twins & we only have 2 aliens to handle. plus us. waaaaahhh. i don't want to be the one taking care of all of us. i gave the bird some ibupropen. don't worry, i just gave him a little tiny drop in a big cup of water. he got maybe 1/1,000,000 of a dose. poor little ms. m has been shivering non-stop all week. we've kept an extra comforter on the couch for her to rest under & stay warm.
i can't lie down without coughing & jeez could my head hurt any worse? i've coughed so hard my ribs are sore & my back....ohhh my back. i think i've got cold settled in my back. thats gotta be bad.
the kids have pretty much lounged around all weekend. nobody feels like eating. for the most part all we do is take medicine & ache.
slime? both ends. cough so hard you shit your pants. take a shower & cough & shit again.
at 4:30am on saturday jammer & i got into a cold shower to try & break his fever. we were both about 102 & i was ready to take him to the hospital. the shower was the last hope before the trip to childrens. when i climbed in holding him he said 'fuck!!! noooo, its cold memaw.' but within minutes his fever was breaking so i thanked god & we went to bed only to wake up right back where we started. so, again on sunday we climbed in the cold shower. after another dose of medicine we at last broke the fever. now if we can just keep some food down maybe we can get better.
i have to go to work sometime.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Still Floating

i know i kinda left that last post hanging but i really don't know what i want. i just feel like i'm missing something. i hate the feelings i'm having. i'd like to run away. just disappear.
of course, being sick hasn't helped. crap, maybe thats it. maybe the fever has fried my brain. it's a great diet though, i don't feel like eating anything, so i've dropped 12 lbs. i might not feel good but damn i'm looking great from the neck down. if i could just get up enough energy to dress i'd take my sweet little ass out for a ride or go to work.
i haven't been to work in a week. it's a down time so i'm not missing anything. we have a temp that needs training & theres not enough work to keep everyone going so if i was gonna miss time now is the best time to get sick. not that theres ever a good time to get sick but you know what i mean.
looking on the brighter side of things:
its too bright & my eyes need to adjust.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Where Am I?

where to start? i've been thinking alot about where i am, in the scheme of things, with my life, my love & my future. you're gonna have to bear with me here. i'm not sure how i want to say this & not lose your interest. seriously i'm not sure what i want to say. for those of you expecting me to be my normal witty self, maybe you want to stop reading now. that's a joke... like i'm ever that witty!
i work, pay my bills, cook, clean, do laundry. i fix things broken, kiss booboo's & give hugs. i take care of my family, i believe in god & love all animals. elvis presley should have lived forever. i'd like to believe that princess diane is really alive & well somewhere out there living a calm, happy, loving life. i'm a pretty good person. but when you do all these things & you give all of yourself you expect something in return. you expect what? i'm not sure but i am not getting what i need in return.
i don't feel like i matter to anyone. if i disappeared job could love me or lose me...we are all expendable. hubby...don't get me started. he'd have to crawl his way out of the bottle to even realize i wasn't around. my son would miss me for a minute. my step mom would probably mention me every now & then & my sisters.. they might pick the phone up once or twice in a year to call me then remember. the kids are too young to count.
i'm a floater.
i guess its better than moms analagy of a dung beetle. her life.
i have to think some more on this.
i guess i have to float.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Gotta Love My Aliens

things i've heard:
'aawww it's a baby wecord'. how do they know about records? and why don't they know the difference in a cd & a record?
'you go poop. then i gotta tell you something'. please, don't make me explain.
'i need your help.' 'about what?'
'will you wipe my apple? i can't use my sheet'.
just overhearing the things said sometimes crack me up. course, the last thing i wanted to hear this weekend was ixxie asking snarky if her mom 'had sex'. then saying 'yeah, she will though. just give it time'. WTF? where does this shit come from?
i missed out on halloween this year though. because it fell on monday & the kids were home. i bought costumes & planned on taking them out cos our community usually does something over the weekend when halloween falls on a weekday. this year we have new community leaders that decided against that. they just didn't care about one old memaw that wouldn't get to share if they broke tradition. i don't feel like i'm ever gonna get the twins for a halloween. and that's one of my favorite holidays.
other than that. nothing much new on the home front.
oh, except, finally hubby got busted at work for being drunk. he who swears he's not drinking in the morning when he staggers through the house. what is it about a drunk that they think they are so inconspicuos & smart that they can lie to you like that? fucking losers. i hate a liar, a thief & my next biggest bitch is a drunk that thinks he's the smartest man in the world.
enough about hubby.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Curiosity Kills More Than The Cat

man is it me or does blogspot have a lot of problems? i just lost another post & yeah, they have a recover button but if you haven't saved your post at least once it won't bring anything up. for those of us that just sit down & start typing that does me no good.
so i'll start over. damn it.
i was telling you all how i love reading blogs
i love to just randomly click on blogs to read. i like to go to my favorites & check out their links. something i found that amazes me though, is how i can find a blog randomly (by using the next site at the top) & read their links to find something i read all the time. if there are thousands of blogs out there how do we all find the same ones to read. is it just me or is that pretty bizaare?
better than that how do i find a specific blog? one i know about..just none of the specifics of the blog. i'll tell you why i ask. i have a boss at work that blogs. he's told me he updates it fairly regular (but not about work). he doesn't use his name..but who of us do?..and that i'd never find it. well, it makes me curious that he would say this to me. it felt like a challenge. like he dared me to find it. i said it couldn't be that hard cos i figure if he post regularly & he works the same hours i do then his chance to blog would be the same time i would be blogging (not about work). then he said i'd never know it was him. but he posts pictures (not about work) of a dog i gave him & a wife i know. i think he's wrong. i think i can find him. my best clue is he's a tarheel fan, i know where he hails from, where he works (even if he doesn't blog about work) where he lives & how many apartments he's had. hell, i even know what his favorite foods are & what he's allergic to.
so my new project is to find his blog. i don't need ammo against him, for once, i actually like this guy. he's a hell of a boss & always seems to care about his crew. yeah, he forgets to clue us in sometimes but he's a busy guy. they actually have him doing the job of 2 full time employees just like the rest of us & always looking for more work they can add to his job description. i kinda feel sorry for him. i said kinda cos he makes alot more money at his job than i do. but i really want to find him. any suggestions will be appreciated.
something else i want to ask. will i ever get over being tickled by these kids? i have to go right now cos the twins are telling me how their mommy is upset. something about crying & kevin & taking her heart away. this i have to find out about. nosey? nooo, i'm a concerned grandparent. yeah, right.. my curiosity gets the best of me. you know i lost a job over this once but thats another story.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

I Wish I Wish

this weekend we only had 3 grandkids. ixxie spent the weekend somewhere else. the 3 little ones get along so well when she isn't in the mix. we all went to the park & played for a couple hours yesterday. nobody got in trouble. nobody pushed anyone down. nobody had to be the first one in line, every time. nobody had to have a time out. they all just played & laughed. at one point a heavy set little girl climbing through the tubes yelled she was stuck. jammer went to her & pulled her till she fell free. she kept calling him her big man after that. he was so proud of himself. he kept asking her if she was all right. now that i think about it i can't remember anyone falling down. maybe their gracelessness has something to do with ixxie's absence.
ixxie is a holy (or unholy) terror. she's big for her age so she towers over the others & outweighs them by about 25 pounds so she kinda pushes everyone else around. she's bossy too. which really makes me mad cos she isn't the one to be disciplining anyone.
can you tell i don't mind when she doesn't come to visit? i'm trying hard not to treat her differently than the others but its hard to do when she's always so mean to everyone.
have i mentioned that she's hit her teacher twice? she tells everyone 'no' & wants to know 'why she has to do what she's told'. oh, yeah, she flipped her teacher off 2 times. she doesn't learn this stuff at home people. she learns it at school. then she comes home & shares it with the babies.
i wish sonny would find a good woman with no kids of her own. i'm ready for our world to be much happier. you know what they say? be careful what you wish for. honestly, i'm not sure it could get any worse. with honey being the psycopath she is & her daughter the meanass she is. where's the downside? at least my grandson will keep the rest of his teeth until they're ready to fall out. and no more twins will get bit by a snake being man handled by a crazy little girl & her mother.
aahh, yes, i wish.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


mojo & the twins met us at the zoo today. i haven't seen them in almost 3 weeks. i've missed them so i called mojo & arranged to get together today. we had fun. mojo showed up with so much makeup on that it was running off her face after the first hill. why do women think they have to put on all that war paint to walk the zoo? and funnier than that is the women that wear 6 inch spike heels to try & walk around. it's hilarious the way some people show up for visiting a bunch of animals in cages. (or maybe its the animals not in the cages they dress for) but the place is beautiful & there's lots to see & do. even people watching is part of the experience.
with the weather changes the colors of the trees are looking beautiful. all the wild animals are busy gathering for winter so the squirrels & chipmonks were everywhere & that tickles the kids almost as much as seeing the tigers & bears. easily amused aren't i?
i get such a kick out of the kids. they're so good together. if one falls the other runs over to brush her off. believe me, gracefull they are not. so, someone is always falling. they tell everyone they see 'hi' & sometimes 'i love it'. but they never meet a stranger.
well, thats about all i've got for this week.
see ya later

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Who's Going Down?

how does spammers get blog sites in their program? aren't they automated? to me thats just crazy. i hate to have to use the word thingy in my comments but the spamming isn't what i want. how long before they figure out a way around it, anyway? thats the thing with computers there's always gonna be someone out there that can write a new program to get around everything. i wish i was that good with computers. I can get them up & running from a 'bsod' but programming is lost on me.
something else, that bitch 'madame smerinoff' has got to die. does anyone know where i can find her? cos if this mother fucker hits my grandkids one more time...i'm taking a cast iron skillet to his head & i ain't going alone. she's going down with us.
no, he isn't hurting them but there's better ways to teach a kid something then always smacking on them. whatever happened to just plain talking to kids. sonny & i talked about everything. even when he was in trouble...we still talked about it & sometimes, i asked him to tell me what he thought his punishment should be.
they all have a great grip on vocabulary. they are well spoken kids. yeah, they sometimes have a tendency to go deaf. at will. but smack me to get my attention & all you're gonna get is one mad bitch that isn't gonna listen to you, for sure, now. i'm gonna be planning evil little things to be getting back at you for smacking my hand or butt.
you lose.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


and thats all it took. it's winter. well, it feels like winter. this time last week the sun was shining, i was swimming, running around in shorts & sandals, playing ball & wishing i was back in high school. damn, time flies. today i wake up & i feel like i've died, holding up a few hundred pounds of dirt & pushing up a bunch of the middle of winter. when did i get old? when did the sun die? what year is it? is this what old feels like? seriously. i'm forgetting things, aching everywhere & i can't see to drive anymore, at night, anyway.
driving at night in the rain is like taking my life in my hands. i might as well shut my eyes when other cars come at me with their lights on. i'd be seeing about the same. i'm sure driving the same. and thats not good.
i'm developing either carpol tunnel or arthritis in my hand. my fore finger, ring finger & middle finger of my right hand has gone numb. especially when i try to pick something up. of course, thats the same fingers i use to play with myself so maybe thats just overworked. but between my back & my brain i'm not sure which hurts more. migraines have got to go. my doctor says its menapausal migraines. easy for him to say... he doesn't have to live with these owwies.
i need to invent some kind of stretching machine that bends my back backwards. another that throws my legs over my hip to crack everything. o yeah, i guess they do have them in the gyms. huh. but i don't want to have to work more to feel better. how can that help?
people, i'm old.
don't get me wrong. i don't feel like this all the time but today hit me hard when i woke up & it was so cold. cold on top of all these aches is not a good thing. and a beauty queen i ain't.. today.
hey, did i mention that snarkie knows her abc's? ixxie (5) finally learned hers 2 months after the 3 year old. snookie skips 'g' & 't' but she almost knows them. jammer mouthes them with you but he won't say them out loud by himself. i think he's afraid of the girls making fun of him.
he sure has it hard living with those 3 girls. snook & him are great friends but when she gets with the other girls, she is a typical girl. they gang up on him & won't let him play with the 'girl toys'. they giggle at little jokes between them about him. ixxie will say 'he still wears diapers' & snarkie will say '& he smells'. snookie will look kinda sad for a second before she starts giggling but she goes right along with them in the end. the cutest thing is before they go to bed, no matter what has transpired through the day, snooks will always hug jammer & tell him she loves him.
a few weeks back we had that big event at work. my younger sister, nipper, kept the kids on friday for me. i went to pick them up on saturday & snooks was so glad to see me she started crying. i picked her up & she said 'i thought mommy honey gave us away to her'. she's a tender little thing. i want to protect her forever. i want to protect them all forever.
therefore, i can't get old. i have to stay the same girlie, young, energetic, beautiful me that i have always been. (no conceit here, haha) besides, this past weekend i realized how much i like the guys flirting with me. i like being appreciated. i like strutting my stuff.
i like life.
and to top it off.... i like daisies....what do they think they're doing? adding to my miseries.
ummpff..i'll show them. i just won't plant them this year.
well, gotta go.
later hipsters

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Wrapping Up

why was i so worried? man, i felt great at that reunion. my hair turned out perfect, without coloring it, my makeup went on like i was an expert, my outfit looked great & i dressed just like i had planned the whole thing. i recognized people easily. i was so shocked at how big some of the pretty little girls had gotten & how pretty the geeking little girls had gotten. the guys were pretty much the same. those that flirted then still flirted. others that didn't flirt so well then had learned. it was fun. we danced & talked & partied just like we had all been together just yesterday. the only thing missing was the next years graduates cos alot of them had married them & divorced. i barely survived that process.
which brings me to the next part of the night that was so cool. remembering & being reminded of things we had done. i laughed so hard at things i had forgotten. the first time petey had kissed me in the 3rd grade & how red we got when everybody looked. me accidentely hitting ray in the nose, playing ball just when he was getting ready to ask me to go steady. meeting joey when we were like 2 & then later in our lives becoming neighbors again. the time joey got the hard on when i kissed him. which freaked us all out. cos everybody saw that too. jimmy talked about us depantsing tommy & tommy talked about getting even by sleeping with his wife. hubby acted like my best friend was his greatest love & when she didn't know who he was he acted rejected until he fessed up & told her he was my husband. she said 'i knew i wouldn't have forgotten someone like you. stinker.' her hubby & mine became best of friends & proceeded to get drunk together. making it their job to take the rest of us with them. someone insisted on doing the electric slide & the whole room got up & joined in.
the topper to the evening was when we all got ready to leave. hubby & mike had crashed a few parties when they got bored with ours & us wives weren't looking. they came back time & time telling us about this guitar player that rocked. so on the way out, we stopped by to listen to the last song. standing in the middle of that stage, playing that ass kicking guitar was my ex. belting out 'free ride' to the crowd going crazy. he waved when he saw me. i waved back & said to my hubby 'lets go'. what a small, small world after all.
later gaters.

Saturday, September 24, 2005


ok. the tummy tuck is a dream. but makeup is something i hate to bother with alot. i mean a little mascara & some lipstick is one thing. i don't have a problem with that but when you get into the eye shadow, blush & eyeliner shit i lose interest. not to mention i never really have enough time for all that. coloring my hair is something i kick around all the time. i didn't do anything to my hair, except wash, cut & shake it sometimes, until i turned 43. i've colored it twice since then but my hair isn't really that bad. it's naturally curly & i'm graying slowly. kinda looks like i've streaked it with gray. i'm ok with that. i don't look like i'm pushing 50 but the people i'll be seeing is in the same boat as me. we graduated together, started our lives, our families & are now aging (that sp. doesn't look right) together. i haven't seen some of them in 30 years. i've kept in touch with some & email a few everyday but to see them...i'm nervous.
hubby checked out the menu for the evening & wants to ask someone how many ambulances will be prepped & ready for us. seems its full of fried foods. i'm not worried cos he won't be eating anyway. it's a free wine & beer or cash bar deal. i know he's gonna be hitting the free beer hard & cash bar enough for shots of vodka. he thinks i'm stupid.
the kids are covered for the weekend. i talked sonny into keeping them for a change. i don't care what honey says. she needs to get over herself.
we've rented a motel room so we don't have to worry about designating me as driver as always.
i've got everything packed & i think my butterflies are settled enough that i'm ready to start the weekend.
so i guess theres nothing left except to the reunion.

Friday, September 23, 2005

One, Two

buckle my shoe
#one. honey is staying with her brother & wife. so we're getting a little reprieve from her highness.
#two. we've had to do the people shuffle to exchange honey & the kids & maintain the law. keeping them away from each other while she goes home for the weekend & the kids come here hasn't been easy. of course, she's no help. she always has an excuse why she can't leave the house yet. either she still has to pack or she needs to take a bath. always something. she's getting on my last nerve. i even went off on her finally. telling her this wasn't about her anymore. this was about the kids & the law & to top it off her disrespecting me & all that i'm trying to do to help. i'm on the verge of calling her all the names that are going through my head. give me strength.
#three. my 30th high school reunion is this weekend. i haven't dyed my hair or gotten that tummy tuck. hell, i have to practise on my makeup even. what am i gonna wear & my shoes!! where are my good shoes?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

As My World Turns

the great event is past, done, finite, over...countdown now begins for the next huge event that begins in november.
the last few weeks have just been one thing after another. it seems like i haven't had the time to think straight. every now & then you just have to stop & breathe, take it all in, & hit it all over again. my brain is so full that shit is leaking out. hubby tells me something & it takes 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 for it to sink in. honestly he counts it off, timing me to see how slow on the uptake i've become. then if i don't think about it for a minute & make some kind of immediate plan watch out cos i could lose it. see, leaking out the other side. i think old age has a factor but really, how much knowledge & commands can the human brain take, at once, till it shuts down? as i've gotten older that amount has become noticeably less. of course, these days i have a set of twins, a 2 year old, a cockatiel, a minature shelty & hubby all coming at me at the same time & have to fit all the other, commitments, volunteering, paying bills, running a household.... into my failing mind. getting old sucks.
to top things off, we've been honored with the mouthy queen 'honey' as a housemate. i've told her she doesn't know when to shut her mouth. i told you it was gonna be a lot of trouble down the road. and that agoraphobia shit isn't gonna save her ass forever. with what i've read about agoraphobia you can learn to control your fucking, out of control, over-pschyed brain. and mouth! but she thinks she can act how ever she wants & people are just gonna bow down to her & beg her forgiveness when she cries 'i'm agoraphobic'. well, the high & mighty doth fall. at least in the real world.
and god, what do you do with a story telling little girl that can start sooo much trouble by twisting an innocent accident into a horrendous event?
quick details anyone? if your ready. hold onto your seats cos this all takes place in a matter of about 20 minutes.
just before school lets out for the day, ixxie's teacher discovers a bruise on the side of her face. when asked what happened ixxie tells her 'mommy told me to stay out of the way & i moved from where she told me to stay.' teacher askes, 'what did she do?' ixxie replies, 'she hit me.' teacher, 'what did she hit you with?' ixxie says, 'a board.'
teacher calls child services & they show up at sonny's home.
c.s.. 'we'd like to talk to you.'
honey.. 'i'm agoraphobic & you people need to get out of my yard. no, i won't talk to you.'
c.s.. 'if you don't talk to us we can get the police. you will talk to them.'
honey.. 'well, they better have a warrant to come on my property.'
cops show up within 10 minutes of this conversation & don't even ask to talk to her. they produced a warrant & turned her around, slapped cuffs on her & carted her ass off to jail.
she was given a bond & a court date. charged with assault & child endangerment. for her agoraphobia.. she was kept in lock down, without free use of the phone & no amenities, especially nothing that she could use as a weapon. she had constant supervision & barely any contact with the outside world till her first court date. untill further investigation she has been put on a temporary protection order to stay away from the kids.
all because she couldn't just say she didn't know where the bruise came from. she didn't get up with it that morning & it wasn't there when she left for school. as it turns out the bruise came from a fall at school on the playground. by now, child services has talked with all the parties involved & gotten the real story. in the mean time, the judicial system has to be followed so, the end is not here yet. she still has to go to court & go through the motions that requires.
i keep asking her 'what do you do?' she tells me 'keep my mouth shut'. it only took 3 1/2 years to learn that lesson.
as always i'm afraid to ask 'what next?'

Thursday, September 15, 2005


guess who? just thought i'd share a pic with you all. if you'll notice in all the pictures he takes he leans to one side or the other.. it's usually towards me. god help me when i'm the one taking the pic...he keeps getting closer & closer.
actually, this is the only pic of him i have on my pc.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


wow, thats all i can think to say. that & damn dude what does it take to make some people get the hell out of a disaster area? i have such mixed emotions about the whole 'new orleans' ordeal. but we've done what we could. we've collected monies, food, clothing & have whole staffs on stand-by. i do love that the whole world has given from the bottom of their hearts. i do hate that some people couldn't have left if they wanted to. i know i'm tired & if anyone asks me to volunteer for one more thing i'm gonna drop. well, of course, after tomorrow. thats the last day i have promised out. but honestly!!! after tomorrow i'm done for awhile.
i don't even get to see the kids tomorrow. its gonna be saturday before i get home from tomorrow. are you following me?
see how things just start snowballing?
thanks to my friends that have been checking on me. i am far enough away from the path of the hurricane that all we got was a good soaking. we also got stuck on one end of town but that was due to a chemical leak in the area that had nothing to do with the hurricane. inconvenient but not devastating by any means. it's nice to know that some people stop by or email me just to ask if i'm ok. i know i wouldn't rot in my home before someone came checking on me in the event of a disaster. thats a good feeling.
my brain has gone into shut down mode for now. i swear i can't think of another thing to say..... except i will never forget todays date. so many people lost their lives in the terrorist attacks in 2001. september is fast becoming a month racked with historic events. god bless their survivors.
well, & maybe zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Doing Our Part

just a quick note to those of you that have worried about where i am. everything is ok. friends, neighbors, co-workers, family are all chipping in to do what we can. thanks for the concern but i'm far enough away that it hasn't changed my life. just my gas prices. also, thanks for the support. i'm told supplies are coming in from all corners of the globe. just keeping busy so i won't cry. hang in there & pray for those lives devastated by katrina.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Waiting To Exhale to speak. sonny called this morning to let me know that he and honey drank together last night. you don't know this but thats bad news... always means a fight.
ixxie stayed home this weekend due to doing poorly in school. (she's had 7 days of school & has brought home 2 letters already. she's given 6 stars a day & for everything she fucks up she loses a star. she's managed to lose 24 of her 30 stars for the past week.) i'm sorry she has to see her mommy & whoever she's gonna live with fight. its a sad fact though. i don't see honey & sonny making it as a couple. she's gonna wind up with some other man. who knows, but i know he won't bow down to her & the stupid things she wants to fight about. every man needs a woman that isn't gonna try to be his mother. he asked me this weekend how old he was when i stopped covering his eyes for the naked scenes in tv. hell, i gave up when he turned 15. by then, i knew he had hidden books & besides if you have a good looking son you gotta know some woman, somewhere out there, is gonna throw herself at him. i had to actually drag some of the little teenage girls out of his room when it was time to go to bed. he was allowed to have company sleep on the couch but not in his room. my rule was i would not give him a place to procreate. he had to supply that on his own. but i can think of at least 3 girls i had to literally ask to remove herself from his bedroom. one i threw clear out of the house & one i told if i caught her off the couch again, she was out the door. honey has made the mistake of thinking she can control him. make him do things the way she wants them. she wants to change him. how many women have tried & failed? i'm not saying he won't compromise but he's 30 years old now & is kinda set in his ways. unless you can give him a reasonable argument for making a change he's not gonna concede. her demands are just way out there. i mean, what 30 year old isn't allowed to watch a naked woman on tv? isn't that a little too much to ask? you can't hardly watch a movie without a little t & a. at his age, he's seen & done pretty much what he wants to do as far as women are concerned & i can't believe she thinks she can limit him to looking at only her. he's tried to keep the peace by making a visible effort to look away when something shows up on tv. but this weekend they sat down to watch a movie that they rented & when it turned out to have naked women in it she ttthhhrrreeww her fit. i think the movie was 'house of a thousand corpses' for gods sake. they were dead women & she had a fit. how sick is she? that sonny looking at dead bodies might excite him to the point of checking out another woman with lust in his mind. i mean, a dead woman? does anyone else think thats just a little too insecure?
as often as he tells me he doesn't love honey i have to believe someday he'll find someone he does love & will have a happy home life for my grandkids & himself. i hate to know the kids get to witness the fighting. i can see sonny taking his son from her & moving on. (it's not fair to make that judgement, i know, so please don't chew on my ass over that statement.) sonny has worked hard for everything he has. he loves his son & all the girls. he'd take ixxie if he thought he could. he's always given 100+% in his relationships & deserves to get the same in return. he just wants to live a nice, decent, calm life, with a happy, normal woman & raise healthy, happy kids. i don't think that unreasonable.
i pray that god sees it that way too.
gotta go,

Monday, August 15, 2005

Doing My Homework

haha... i finally figured it out. not too stupid after all. it only takes reading a little bit & making sure the pic isn't too big. i think all along that was my problem. the pics were just too big. anyway, on the left we have 'honey, sonny & jammer' down low introducing 'princess ixxie'.
later for now & more to come.

A Dime A Dozen

men that think they're smart. stupid drunk, not thinking, idiot. take a guess who i'm talking about.
sitting on the floor wrestling with jammer (a 2 year old). jammer runs at him like he's done a thousand times. like the thousands of times he's done with his dad & any other man that wants to play rough with him..sitting with his back to the television set. jammer runs at him again, fists clenched, grinning from ear to ear. he's sure he's gonna get him this time. jammer even warns him that 'i'm gonna git you' with his eyes twinkling. what does the idiot do? he leans over just before jammer gets to him leaving jammer flying into the television set behind him. slamming full force. hitting every piece of his body hard against the damn thing.
yeah, this is a smart man. try to explain to me how someone with an above average...almost genius i.q. thought that one up. and please tell me again how he was always put in the gifted classes & how he aced college. yeah, whatever. theres a fine line between a genius & an idiot. my hubby is that fine line.
i hate boys play fighting. but nobody will listen till someone loses an eye.
at least thats what momma always said.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


did you know there is a new disease? a disease just for bloggers. something about blog exhaustion. not only can we get fired for our blogs, now we can even get depression over blogs. i wonder, does my hmo cover this? this is getting to be way too stressful worrying about what blogging can get you. heck, i thought i was doing it to relieve my stress. do people really take this thing that serious?
i've read blogs that one day, just went dead. if you read the comments afterwards, sometimes they actually fight, like the 'whatever happened to baby jane' kinda thing. they argue back & forth about they were dead or arrested, lost their jobs or fell into some pussy hole.
i totally think sometimes bloggers just leave you hanging to see how long or how often you'll check back on them & how many comments they may get for some post. for the most part i think some of them just get tired of whatever lie they've been building on & get tired of being the writer they thought they were. tired of coming up with new 'chapters'. sometimes i think they just start up another blog on a new subject . i see alot of writing that resembles each other in style & phrasing. the funniest thing is they all link to each other. now, you have to admit there are lots of bloggers out there. it's kinda strange when you happen to check out a few bloggers that just happened to find all of the same blogs & link them to their sites. especially when all of a sudden they all stop blogging right around the same time or even weirder when they all start blogging again at the same time.
its just strange the way the web works. well, the people on the web is what i mean. you could do some research & probably find out almost anything you want to know. but to be a blogger & to read certain blogs, you just have to relie on a persons integrity...around here we call it the honor system. whether what they tell you is the truth or not, all lies on them. i really miss the ones i read when they quit posting completely. and until i hear from the ones that take breaks i worry. either way i wanted to tell you i may get lazy about blogging. sometimes hubby beats me to the pc so often that i feel like a stranger when i sit down to the keyboard. sometimes i've just been so busy at work that when i get home the last thing i want is to look at another monitor. whatever, there will be times that i won't get to post for whatever reason. but i promise if i ever get tired of blogging or i find that happy place for me where i don't need to blog or i can't tell you where i am. check me out cos something is wrong (dementia?). i'm gonna give someone the password & a link to this site just in case something happens to me. that any friends who read me will know exactly what happened to me.
heaven forbid cos i want to blog for alot of years.
cheers to missing friends.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Dreams Can Come True

i've got way too many clothes. and too much junk. i've been looking around the house. there is no place to stash one more thing. i've absolutely acquired too much stuff in the 20 some years i've lived here. not counting the crap i have stored for all the other people that have no place to store shit. i have two full rooms that you almost can't walk into. i own over 200 videos, i have enough clothes that i could wear a different outfit every day & never have to do laundry for at least a year. not to mention all the new clothes i am constantly buying. i am a clothesaholic. i never pay the full amount for anything. its always bargain sales but damn, what to do with all this stuff. i've been slowly going through things & deciding what i can live without but that ain't easy. i've given away about a dozen bags full of clothes but i can't see where they came from. my closets are still just full. i can't do anything with kids every weekend. unless i wait for them to get big enough to help me & put them to work. my other choices would be to do it a little everyday after i get home from work or do it on my vacation. doesn't sound like a fun vacation to me.
to make matters worse, i think i'm a pack rat too. i've got a thousand computers sitting here waiting for me to do something with. some need programs put in them others just need memory sticks. it's all mostly easy, quick fixes but it's a years worth of work that i don't even have the room to work on anymore. is that room getting smaller? one of these days i want a mansion. i want so many rooms you can get lost for a week. then i can spread all this shit out & have lots more room for my new acquisitions.
that sounds like a better idea to me. and for vacation, i want to go south. somewhere that i can don a beautiful bathing suit with a sarong & dance with big strong pretty men, while the wind blows my natural curly hair in a soft frame around my face. with the moonlight reflecting in my luminous green eyes. and my teeth...
what teeth?
psych! hahahaha
night all

Sunday, July 17, 2005

I'm Just Stupid

well, guess i don't know how to read either. i just can't get shit to work with the pictures. i'll keep trying though. i want you to see my big guy. he's just so cute. if i ever get it to work i want to show a pic of the whole gang. maybe eventually i'll get smart & figure it out. i keep getting an error. its too late to figure it out now. i'll work on it tomorrow. maybe, if i can get to the computer.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Where Did This Come From?

mr p has been molting & shedding for the last few weeks. it's kinda gross to find bird feathers everywhere. the little shit won't get in the shower with me anymore, only hubby. that is mr p with hubby not hubby with me. damn, too much information? damn again, that was the good ole days. i remember the days when the foreplay started long before the bedroom. including the shower. still with the too much information? you know, i know whats wrong. its that time & i'm in the mood. well, that & i told you my bird is horny so he's always jacking off on the fake bird we got for him. that kinda keeps making the sex thing pop into my brain. the funny thing is i think it's me that makes the bird so horny. everytime i walk into the room he starts screeching at me & flies to me. landing on my head or shoulder. then he gets close enough to my eyes to get my attention. (like i could ignore a bird clinging to my hair to hang over my head.) i pick him up on my finger & start kissing at him & kisses back then ducks his head for me to rub him. after a few minutes of loving on him & talking to him he starts biting at me & flies back to his cage to hump the fake bird again. this only happens about once an hour. smells fishy to me....hahahaha. does bird cum smell like fish? this has gotten out of hand.
oh yeah, one more thing i wanted to mention on the subject of sex. well, the size of sexual objects anyway. i saw a bumble bee today that had to be some kind of a mutant bee but what could have procreated this thing is beyond me. it looked just like a bumble bee except it was about 3 inches long & about that wide too. it flew really slow so i got a good look at it. i got to thinking about what made that thing & all kinds of strange thoughts started turning into some really hilarious images. like a humming bird & a bumble bee. both flying very fast. they collide & a few weeks later she comes visiting to drop off their little mistake. only the mistake grows up to be a great big fucking bee that eats everything in the house including daddy. then to go even farther into my weird mind i started wondering how big that bees dick had to be in his world. i wondered if he's popular or if he was just the big dork i saw. i'm horny but even i thought he was ugly & wondered 'does he even get any.' see i'm sick.
i'll go now....

Thank You, Friends

thanks to ML & Nasty for their input. i do think i'm gonna upgrade the windows program while i'm at it ML. Nasty i'm hoping to have the time to check out the site you suggested tomorrow. we've had the kids this weekend & i can't sit down at the pc without a helping hand so, no time to hit it yet. but back to work tomorrow & i can get somethings done then. i've got the data lifeguard tools installation disk with the new hard drive. i think after checking out my mother board i'll be on my way. i've made my necessary backups, if i fuck it up its ok except, like you said, i have to be careful about the size difference. cross your fingers for me.
ML, I also tried to comment to your blog but I'm not sure it took. I wanted to tell you I've been thinking of you & C. I'm glad you guys are doing alright and thankful your family members are unharmed, as well. Too bad 'people' have to lash out like that. You can only hope that what comes around goes around & somewhere they'll get theirs.
it's late now & i've got hit the sack.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Upgrades And How To's

ok, anyone really good with computers? i love taking them apart & upgrading them but i've just bought a 250 gig hard drive & i run windows 98me. the instructions tell me i may have to install a card that will allow my operating system to recognize the whole drive. this is new to me. i've never heard about the 98me not being capable of seeing a bigger drive. something about 137gig being the most 98 could handle. too bad i didn't know this before i bought the big ass drive. so, i'm doing some research & i'm gonna attempt this upgrade on my own. any input would be appreciated.

Saturday, June 25, 2005


being summer time it's too hot to stay inside. we've been spending alot of time outside. swimming, walking, riding, swinging, talking, running, laughing & name it, we're doing it. Especially swimming. We have a built in pool thats 3 feet deep on one end & 10 feet in the middle of the deep end. Makes us very popular with the neighbors for miles around here. The twins love the pool & aren't afraid of anything. They want to learn to swim so bad. Ixxie will float in the inner tube & wings but she doesn't much like getting her head wet. Yet! And Jammer, well, Jammer won't let me go. He wants to ride on my back more than anything. Cos he knows thats the safest place. He doesn't like to be splashed or dunked. He doesn't like being where his feet won't touch & he's not quite 3 feet tall yet so he doesn't touch anywhere in the pool. he's fine as long as he has hold of my neck or arms or riding on my back but other than that he won't get in with anyone. He does like to run around the pool pushing everyone in & then growling at them in his best hulk hogan stance. typical little boy.
did i tell you about going off on honey? oh no, how did i forget that? we were all sitting in the living room with the tv on but we were going through a bunch of pictures i just had developed. pappaw was reading to the kids & everyone was just having a good time talking & laughing over the pics. well, at some point honey looked up & just happened to see a small flash of a boobie & immediately started screaming how she didn't want to see that shit on tv. what the hell was her kids watching? of course until she started bitching & yelling nobody was watching tv so we didn't know what she saw. but how many times have you walked into someones home & tried to tell them what they could or could not watch? on top of that the problem is not what her kids may see. the problem is that my son may see a pretty woman with little or no clothes on & that makes her see red. why? cos she's crazy. so, i screamed back that if there was a problem with what i allowed her kids to see on tv she didn't have to bring them to me & therefore i wouldn't expose them to something they shouldn't see. sonny pointed out that until she started screaming & acting stupid nobody saw what was on tv anyway. pappaw pointed out that the kids still weren't looking at what was on tv so what was the problem anyway. and she still pissed me off so i continued to yell at her that she was the only stupid person i have ever known that was jealous of the women on the fucking tv. i mean for
1. what are the chances of him ever seeing any of those women in person? for 2. how many of them would go for a man that works for a living making $24.00 a hour when she can have all those actors making millions? she has always embarrassed sonny over woman that may come into his line of sight. she's the most jealous person i've ever met & has always shown her ass over even a woman speaking to him. it didn't matter if they were friends of his from childhood or someone that just being nice walking by should happen to catch his eye & say excuse me or something, anything she'd throw a fit. my car broke down one time & i called sonny to take me to get the part we needed. on the way to the autoparts store a woman jogged across the street in front of us at a stop sign. sonny looked down at the floor cos he already knew what was coming. i had never seen her show her ass before but then i had never been anywhere in public with her. she immediately started screaming & crying that she saw him look at that woman & she (honey) would never be enough woman for him. she's almost pitiful over this crap.
another time, we all went to the zoo together. (once cos i'll never go anywhere with her again) as soon as she got out of the car & we headed for the entrance some women across the parking lot looked around. not particularly at anything just looked around & she started screaming at them that they could just look somewhere else & what the hell was they looking at anyway. sonny turned around & got right back in the car. this woman is wacko & i had taken the last of the shit i was gonna take from her. i told her if she was coming into my home she would not dictate to us what we watched on tv & if sonny happened to see a tit, oh well. deal with it & grow up. she acts like a 16 year spoiled rotten, jealous kid. not in my house. in my house i'm the only one allowed to show my ass. and i'm way too cool for that. she didn't like it but she hasn't tried to control our tv viewing since so maybe i did some good. maybe not. but i don't expect sonny to stay with her after his son is old enough to be in school. i really think when he leaves her he'll probably take her daughter from her too. i'm sure he can prove her to be crazy & incompetent. no judge would punish a child by making them stay in her custody. besides talk about fucking up a perfectly balanced kid... this woman is the fuck up queen. her oldest son from another relationship has already been put in the looney bin for trying to hurt himself & other kids. and then she tells me how she used to do the self mutalation thing. cutting herself & sticking herself with needles cos she didn't feel any pain. crazy? yeah, i think so.
well, gotta get some sleep.
gotta be awake to swim with jammer.

Monday, June 13, 2005


mia is becoming a bitch. seems like hubby beats me to the pc every day & i'm tired of fighting over computer time. so, i let him go & everynow&then i throw it in his face. no, i'm not accomplishing anything except driving myself crazy. oh for those of you wondering. i am a redneck. my car lock stuck on the drivers side last summer & we took the inside panel off the door. in the process of removing it i split it about an inch. the interior of my car is silver, the tape is silver, it was perfect. i guess though, yes, i am a redneck. doesn't make any difference i still love duct tape. i'm thinking about having my coffin wrapped in the shit to preserve my body a tad longer.
sorry this is short. it's late & i'm tired.
night friends

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Missing In Action

i'm sorry i've been mia.. work is busy & i have a virus i don't want to share with anybody. damn internet fuckers...have nothing better to do with their time than fuck up my computer.
please bear with me. i'll be back.
& don't do what i did. i used to search a song & it must have been filthy cos before i knew it there was a virus, a thousand windows & shortcuts popping up on my desktop.
grumble, grumble...i even have a new toolbar that drains more memory & freezes my pc.
be back soon.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Could I Be A Redneck?

another weekend behind me. with 4 aliens & i made it through again. damn, i'm good. but man, am i tired. then i worked monday, btw, how was everyones memorial day? spud & honey didn't leave with the kids until almost midnight & thats late for this ole gal!!! lil sis, ranie showed up monday night with a girlfriend & they didn't leave until almost 1 am. (can you tell i started this post & then didn't get back to it for awhile?) i'm not really complaining about getting to see ranie i don't get to see her enough & it was fun but wow, i've got circles under my eyes. and they're puffy. and red. i'm sssooo ready to hit the sack.
i need some input. hubby has finally put my outside bench together. the boards are all cut & layed neatly in place but he wants me to find something 'quaint' to hold the pieces together. my answer was 'duct tape'. you know the silver tape that red greens swears by. i think it would add a touch of 'redneck' ummm class. yeah, class. and what man doesn't grunt at using duct tape? my hubby gave me that look. you know the one that you get when someone is trying to tell you with their eyes that you might be a redneck only in a nice way. he looked at me like he kinda felt sorry for me.
i had to laugh. i love duct tape. i use it frequently. granted not where it can be seen but i use it. its held drawers together for years. and my pillows or clothes until i get around to sewing them. i've closed my vents with it in the summertime & i mean, come on, its versatile! and strong!! what's up with that look?

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Long Beautiful Hair! Hair! Hair!

last week, friday to be exact, honey called me at work & said jammer wanted to talk to me. he got on the phone.
'memaw i need to see you.'
'well, memaws' at work right now but you're coming to see me tonight & i'll meet you at my house. ok?'
'ok. memaw i gotta talk to you.'
when they walked in the house jammer pointed at his head & said, 'look memaw, what mommy did. she made me soo mad'.
i didn't know whether to laugh, cry or scream. he was so cute but omg, his beautiful long blond curls were gone. he looked like a little man with his grownup boy haircut.
we've been talking about it wouldn't be long till it would need to be cut but until i saw it gone i didn't realize how much i loved his long gorgeous curls.
and his reaction really tickled me. mommy said he wouldn't sit still for her. well, i guess not as bad as he didn't want it to be cut. it turned out just a bit too short. she had to shave around the edges to even it up. cos he fought her so hard. poor baby.
we just keep telling each other that it's hair & it'll grow back.
on sunday when they came to pick the kids up she handed me a little plastic packet. you guessed it. one half of the curls were in the bag.
i hope when he gets alittle older he lets it grow out just to see if it stays curly. his daddys hair is about to his waist. he keeps it pulled back & has several bands down it to hold it in place. but he has really pretty hair too & curly.
well, i've gotta get ready for bed.
did anyone watch the american idol outcome tonight? carrie underwood won. thats who i was pulling for. i give them all credit for being brave enough to try but hurray for carrie.

Monday, May 23, 2005


i reached 500 visitors today. whoa hoa. thank you to all of you that have helped to get me here. i love the friends i've made. two in particular come to mind, mental laundry & mad becka. you can read them here (btw. thanks for linking me. i'm so honored.) & here . and she has to stop giving away my secrets (especially to family, they can't know how crazy i am) i read them faithfully everyday. check them out sometimes, i think you'll like them.
it's been kinda slow around here lately.
the garden contest deadline is getting closer & you should see my garden. my heart shaped bushes are heart shaped again. the colors are bursting everywhere. now if i could get him to clean the patio off i think he could have a shot at winning. they promised him the contest wasn't about what the patio or house looked like, that the garden was the only thing taken into consideration, but you can't tell me that if the front of the house looked nice it wouldn't have some pull. this is really just my way of getting him to build me another deck. the last one literally rotted right out from under us. i still hated to see it go though, i was the one that built it. a girlfriend had some leftover lumber & we pitched together & built it while the guys were at work. they took over when they got home & finished up the floor of it & tried to claim it as there own but we all knew who really put the damn thing together. i loved sitting on the deck & looking out over the garden. plus i could hang my bird feeders really high off the deck & the cats couldn't get to the birds as they ate. i have a family of martins that live in my pine trees out back & cardinals & humming birds that come back every year. one of the humming birds is actually brave enough to come into the front door & hover there to say 'hi'.
oh, today is our wedding anniversary. the 13th anniversary to be exact. i bought him a slab of ribs that was shipped from north carolina. supposedly the best ribs in the world. he bought me a new 35 mm camera with a built in flash. i wanted to buy him a divorce but i couldn't afford it. at least not right now. he's just gotten back to work so i'm gonna need some time to save for that one. aww, lets face it, i hate to start over. don't you? theres so many diseases out there & it takes up to 10 years for some of them to surface. thats the last thing i need so, maybe i'll just put up with him. who knows maybe he'll fall off another tree & break something other than his collar bone.
well, gotta go. gotta read some blogs......

Saturday, May 21, 2005


i invited some of my family to visit my blog. hi aunt margie!!! i emailed the site addy to her so i know she'll come by. and to anyone else that comes by 'hey', hope to hear from y'all soon...
we visited the zoo today. jammer gets so excited when he go's to the zoo. i think theres just too much to see in one day. well, he also gets too worn out.
company just showed up so i'm gonna visit with him for awhile.
see ya later..

Friday, May 20, 2005

Living Without Life Savers

sorry that most of my latest posts have been downers. i've been in a very blue mood lately. not only has there been 2 more deaths in my family but with the dog having seizures & work piling up i've been frazzled to the bone. not having any time off, between work & the kids, i think i'm losing my mind. (course would i miss it?)
my favorite uncle past away last monday. uncle sherrill. i lost a cousin on tuesday. there are the 3 deaths & has anyone ever heard the old wives tale about a bird flying in the house? well, honey had a bird fly in the house on the day before mothers day. the saying goes if a bird flies into the house someone will die. (then there's the whole deaths come in threes thing.)
i've attended a layout on thursday for the last 2 weeks & theres been a funeral on friday another layout on friday & funeral on saturday.
i'm done.
of my moms 11 siblings we are down to 1 brother & 4 sisters.
we have to stop meeting like this. its actually a running joke that the only family reunion we ever have is a funeral. i've seen more of my aunts & uncles in the last 2 weeks than i've seen in the last 5 years & i thank god that i at least did see uncle sherrill one more time while he was alive. i want to make a promise right now to the rest of my aunts & uncle. i solemnly make this promise, to each one of you, i will never let another year go by without calling you. hopefully we can make plans to see each other soon each time i make this call. if not see each other we'll make plans to contact each other soon with a time that we can visit. i know we all have hectic lives & its hard to find time to do the things we want to do as opposed to the things we have to do. but i want to cherish the family i have left. they are all a part of my mother that i've neglected. i'm ashamed of myself having to admit that.
my sisters & i talked among ourselves & reunited with cousins we haven't seen in up to 30 years. we all talked about some of the different things we remember about each of the aunts & uncles. then some of the aunts & uncles shared memories with us that they had. its amazing the memories we have when we all get together. aunt franny even reminded me of my not being able to say franny when i was a baby so i called her 'aunt b'. before we lose anyone else i want to be able to say that we've heard all the tales from the aunts & uncles that there were ever to tell.
uncle bill had a pink cadillac.
grandma was the sweetest woman you could ever meet & she always rocked each of us to sleep by bouncing her foot over the side of the bed.
aunt betty died from eating dirt.
ranie put life savers in uncle sherrills pocket cos you never caught him without them.
goodbye uncle sherrill.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Here Comes Doggy Valium

little ms m has been having seizures again lately. damn, i was hoping we were done with that. it had been almost 7 months since her last one & that was brought on by a very stressful day of events for her. including several doggy visitors that weren't invited.
the very first time she ever had one was when our last chihuahua died in the bed with us. ms m was new to the family at the time. all of us in the bed & about 3 am gingy kind of shook & kicked her leg out waking all of us & then took her last breath. both hubby & i had a hand on her at the time just loving her in our half sleep state. thinking she just wasn't comfortable but immediately realized she stopped breathing. so did ms m cos she flung herself off the bed within 5 minutes & bounced down the hall way. i thought 'did she see a mouse or what?' but when i caught her & tried to pick her up she was stiff & her eyes were glazed over. i recognized it cos gins' mommy had seizures when she was a puppy but out grew them as she got older.
i took her to the vet but she was only having one about every few months & the vet said he would have to examine her during one of her seizures or do a lot of expensive tests on her & wanted to keep her in the office for a week. if you knew how 'up our butts' she is you'd know why we couldn't leave her in that office for a week without us. she cries & howls all day when we go to work. (our neighbors have told us this) when we get home in the evenings she jumps clear over us with excitement. she's so excited that she screams & cries then too. if you were standing outside listening you would think we were beating her to death. but really, it's not like that.
i explained ms m's living condition to the vet as to how i came to have her. my sister ranie lived in what is known as 'over the rhine' & told me that the girl that owned ms m moved off throwing rocks at her as she pulled off with her last load of furniture. leaving ms m to fend for herself. she slept outside with no protection. nobody fed her. she fought with every dog on the block for anything she got and that was mostly fish heads & scales from the guys that fished & threw the shit in the yard as they cleaned the catch of the day.
over the next month or so ranie kept telling me stories about the mistreatment this dog endured. finally the story that broke the camels back. she had snuck into an apartment to get something to eat & when they found her they picked her up & threw her out the front door which was 6 steps up from the ground. after they threw her that far they came out & kicked her down the 20 or more steps to the street. ranie said she cried watching what they did to this dog but the guy was a drunk that she was afraid of. the dog kinda crawled/pulled herself out under a parked car cos she couldn't go any farther. later ranie went to try & find her but she was gone. when i pulled up to pick ranie up for work that day we asked about the dog & the people told us they hadn't seen her since last night but if they did they would kill her. she was there when we got home & it took us about 20 minutes to coax this dog to us using whatever means we could find. she wouldn't even come for food. she was moving slow & limping. she had a snarl on her face & blood around her mouth. she was a grey dog with a few blacker markings on her head & back. her hair was short & all matted. i was afraid she might have mange cos there were some bald spots. she was the nastiest smelling thing i had ever been near & i've smelled some pretty nasty things so i bathed her as soon as we walked in the door. she turned out to be white with a black head & black saddle with long silky hair. she was very timid & shook for the first 3 days i had her but from the time i took her out of the tub she layed next to me & wouldn't leave my side. every step i took she was right beside me. she still is to this day. she still has issues out the wazzoo, too. she won't stop barking at anyone that comes into my house with a ballcap on unless they turn it around. she gets freaked out in thunder storms & if you scare her too bad she has a seizure for sure. (sometimes if she gets too excited she has them too.) or if someone acts like they're gonna hurt one of us she goes into attack mode which then turns into a seizure.
the latest was at 6 am this morning. i'm not sure what brought this one on. it could be she heard something outside while we slept. it could be that she was dreaming & something scared her in her dream. it could have something to do with the fact that the bird has taken to landing on her back or head. she's so jealous over hubby & i that the bird gets ignored alot just so not to upset her. you'd think the bird would stay away from her the way she drools when she looks at him. she kinda looks like she'd give her front leg to eat him. she's started chasing him if he lands on the floor, too.
she always greets us at the door barking hysterically when we get home from work. today she wasn't at the door & she wasn't barking. we knew something was wrong the minute we got out of the car. we came inside calling her & looking for her. finally she turned up back in the back bedroom on the bed under the covers.
she was having another seizure. but she was trying to wag her tail at the same time. i love my poor abandoned doggy. i've heard they have more advanced ways to help animals with seizures so back to the vet we're gonna go.
wish us luck.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Creepy Thought

how of my last post i called superstition & it never occurred to me at the time that friday the 13th was coming up. think that was a prewarning?
but today i see a set of letters at the bottom of blogger & it is making me enter them before i can post. whats that all about? is that their way of getting back at me for bitching about them? they did blackball me in a way, heh? tell me that everyone else out there has to read & enter goofy letters to post a blog.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Superstition On Its Way

our little community watch is having a best garden contest. they are always on people in the community about 'pride & partnership'. we should keep our yards clear of toys, grass trimmed, house freshly painted, yata, yata, yata. they are offering a one hundred dollar bill to the best garden. give you 2 guesses as to who is investing lots of money & time in this stupid project. hubby is a sucker for a little attention, especially when it comes to his garden. its his pride & joy. (next to me of course, gag) so i guess i'm gonna get propositioned pretty soon to help in the yard work. he's mentioned that he could get the kids involved but only after he talked to a few neighbors that mentioned they were entering the contest & had lots of helping hands to volunteer their time. i think it kind of made him mad that they weren't doing it on their own. one guy has 4 of his best buds coming in on the weekends to help him turn over & plant new things. almost renewing his entire garden. hubby has been looking at me with puppy dog eyes when he talks about the garden & the contest. its his only peace & quiet. i know i'll help him when the time comes. i'm a softie like that.
my old boss stopped by the office to see us monday. she's visiting from fl. with her in-laws for their 50th wedding anniversary.
forgot to mention yesterday. i talked to aunt peach from fl. she was visiting for the weekend, as well, calling as many as she could get hold of to say hi & vistiting some to talk old times.
she managed to get to see her 2 oldest & sickest brothers. i'm glad she did & i know she's glad she did too.
aunt margie called to let me know that uncle bill passed away on sunday. i haven't seen uncle bill in a few years & i'm sorry i'll never get to talk to him again. when i was little uncle bill & uncle sherrill would toss me back & forth thru an opening above a huge door my grandma had.
they had nipper convinced they were bringing her a bucket of nuts & bolts cos she needed iron in her blood & eating them was the only way she could get it. uncle sherrill played a mean guitar in his hay day. they say things come in threes especially death. everyone expects uncle sherrill to go next.
so, i had 3 visits from people i least expected. i'm afraid to ask who the third death may be.

Monday, May 09, 2005

And Thats How That Went

to begin with let me tell you my plans never seem to happen the way i want. i was running late as always. dropped hubby off at his mom's & went to see mom arriving an hour later than planned. we had a great day. nobody cooked we all just chipped in & brought something. the menu was simple but plentiful & lots to choose from. we had fried chicken picked up from kfc, grilled taters with herbs & butter, baked beans, pasta salad, chips of all kinds, cole slaw, fruit dishes, cakes & cookies of all sorts. i know i'm not remembering everything but there was table after table of goodies. jammer was the star of the day & man, did he ham it up. he was always smiling at someone that either had a video camera or a digital camera. at one point he was given a hose & sprayed everyone. they played with water balloons & a slingshot that stretched to be about 4 foot long they lobbed balloons with all the way down to the next farm. we all played corn hole, (hahaha i said corn hole. that just cracks me up) tossed hard ball, hit golf balls, ate again & just had an absolute great day.
when i left moms nipper made me promise i would stop by her house to pick up forgotten christmas gifts. on my way there i passed dads house & there was a crowd of people in the yard. i haven't seen dad since jammer was 6 months old & he's now 2 years old. i couldn't resist so i stopped by to visit my dad. he took the kids for rides on the horses. he tried to talk me into riding a new horse he just picked up. last time he did that the damn horse was a really mean horse & decided to take me to the barn. no matter how hard i pulled on his reigns he wouldn't stop. i tried 3 times to turn him around & head for the hills & 3 times he turned back around. dad gave the kids candy, money & generally just spoiled them rotten. i think he was really glad to see us. and he told me to call him & come see him more often. maybe he's getting soft in his old age.
i fought with hubby all morning for being drunk & no help. except another kid to get together. that's what made us run late. i had to do laundry for him to have exactly what he wanted to wear cos he didn't mention the night before that the outfit he wanted was dirty. i fixed french toast for the kids while that was going. still hoping that i would be reasonably close to my time schedule.
on the way home i blew a spark plug right out of my motor. i drove the car home anyway but it was embarrassing. it was really loud.
sonny bought me flowers & a sappy card that made me cry.
so all in all a lot of good with a little bad.
happy day to me!!!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mothers Day

hope everyone has a great one!!
my plans are to drop hubby off early & head on out to moms. i need to be home early enough to let hubby work on the car & my kid to catch up with me.
i'll write about all of it tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Lieing Queen.

ok back when i had a small hissy fit about blogspot losing my blog it was like overnight that they came up with a fix. now seriously i have no inclination to believe that had anything to do with my bitching but a few people did comment jokingly that they must have heard me. so, i have an idea that lots of people must have bitched about the same thing. i thought it was cool to tease hubby with though. i have him questioning the possibility that i am the blogger queen & that they read my post & knew i was so upset. therefore creating a fix that took them pulling an all nighter just to make me happy. he will look at me like maybe i'm crazy & maybe i'm not. i love to fuck with him.
theres lots of people i love to aggravate like that. the aliens are all too gullible. they'll believe anything i say so i try not to tease them too much. YET. my family all know me well enough to know if they want to know if i'm teasing all they have to do is look at me. i can't keep a straight face with them. i don't know why but they make me crack when i'm trying to really pulll a good one. my son goes along with me. he's as bad as i am.
well, this weekend i thought he was kidding when he told honey she wasn't his mother & he wasn't buying her anything. at first i listened & got in the mood. just about the time i started to start aggravating i realized she was getting pretty upset over the whole thing. needless to say i kept my mouth shut & was pretty glad i did. man, she turned into the bitch we all know & (cough) love? she started screaming about all she did was sit at home & take care of 4 kids & no one was going to tell her happy mothers day or get her a present. yeah, they argued hot & heavy for the rest of the time they were here. he was serious too. i don't think he appreciates her as much as he does me. course i quit trying to boss him around when he bought his own home & didn't live in my home anymore. just about the time she thinks she became his boss.
guess thats one more gift i'll be buying.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

It's My Party

and i'll whine if i want to. the birthday party is over & again, nothing went the way i wanted it to. honey is just a very bossy person & how she can manipulate my home is beyond me. one minute i was taking a shower the next i was setting up for the birthday party that i didn't want to have for another 2 hours. my plan was to get the kids up from nap time. feed them dinner & let them play outside until we had the party all set up. but no honey & sonny showed up just after they woke up & i went to get a shower. when i came back out sonny was hanging party decor & the kids were outside waiting (unbeknownst to them) for their party. well, i let things go her way to a point. i am not going to feed kids cake & ice cream before they have dinner. so yes, i put them all in their princess dresses & we did the cake thing. i took them outside & took pretty pictures of everyone then we changed into play clothes & ate the sloppy spagetti & meatballs that the twins wanted for dinner. i guess we both won. but this is my house. shouldn't my plans be plan a? hers can certainly be plan b but thats only if my plans aren't working. and i'm tuff!!! my plans always work.

My Little Piece Of Heaven

i am absolutely in my heaven. right now, my babies are here with me, i'm watching tracy chapman live, sitting at my pc, dinner is over & bathes have been given. all the girls are sleeping & jammer is on my lap telling me how much he loves me. yes, i am biased. i love all my grandkids but jammer has a special spot in my heart. come on. you have to understand, not only does he look exactly like his dad (my only baby) but i watched him come into this world, heard his first sound & was one of the first 2 people to hold him minus the nurse & doctor that delivered him. i'll never have this again. honey had everything tied this time & with 3 kids already i can't see sonny wanting anymore with another woman.
its time for night night. jammer just took my face in his little hands & told me 'you sing, memaw.' i asked him what he wanted me to sing. 'bye, bumpkins, daddy , hunting.' so i guess i'm singing 'bye baby bumpkins' to the present day love of my life.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Homemade Specialties

my baby sisters specialty is taco salad. she makes lots of sweets but her main meat dish is the taco salad. i compare it to the taco casa's taco salad. its that good. my sister, nipper, is the best goullash maker in the world. spagetti & hamburger with a tomato base that is just simply to die for. hubby has his specialties that consist of one ass kicking sausage gravy, chicken & dumplings, pancakes that are so lite & fluffy & every now & then he surprises me
give me anything & challenge me to make a meal & i will rock your palatable world. i am an inventive cook. i will always survive. hahahha... i have taught honey to make a few things. bbq sauce is simple but she complained that sonny was out & i suggested she make her own. i gave her a few suggestions & now she won't buy it cos she can make better. just challenge me. i am great.
there are people out there that can outdo me. one i witnessed just recently. we were out eating burrito's when i hear someone sucking snot from the very pit of their stomach. num num, homemade guacomole is what went through my brain. gag!!! i glanced back to discover it was none other than my own husband that was mixing his own special sauce right there in front of god & everyone.
remind me not to show my face at a taco bell in my neighborhood for awhile.