Saturday, December 30, 2006

Blogger Redundantancy

Traveler & Turd

hey, hey! how is everyone? i know, long time no hear from. i've been gone so long i feel like a new blogger. i just hope i still have some readers. its amazing how fast your spikes fall when you don't post. damn that stat counter. i know better than to check it.
so, all gifts have been exchanged except ours for sonny & honey. they'll open our gifts on sunday when they come to get the kids. we all met at nippers house on friday for the kids & family gift thing. nipper lives about half way between sonny & i so it works out well for both of us. he was just getting out of the car when we arrived. perfect timing. honestly, i don't think i've ever timed anything in my life more perfectly. i'm the one that they claim will be late for my own funeral. i don't agree with them cos i'm not the one that will be driving me there. at least, i hope i won't have to drive myself to my own funeral. who knows, with the way things are going, what will be protocol by then?
being with my family was great. i don't get to see them enough. holidays are usually the only time we really get together anymore. at least thats the only time i get to see them. everybody else lives pretty close to each other. i'm the only one stupid enough to move to another state. well, me and traveler, my nephew, that has actually moved all the way to the other side of the earth in some cases. he chose missionary work as a means of supporting himself. he's the most caring, giving kid i've ever had the pleasure of being acquainted with. don't get me wrong, my niece & nephews are all amazing kids, just traveler is truly the most special of the bunch. i think of him as our families personal 'prayer warrior'. he just returned from a teaching gig in south korea & is leaving tomorrow to go back to california where he has been based out of for a few years now. i worry about him when he's so far from us but i know he has god to watch over him wherever he may be. he couldn't have a better travel buddy. ya know?
i tried hard to get my dad to join us. him & his new wife, even though mom was in the mix. after all they are all adults & its for the kids more than anything. he didn't answer his phone in the end. i knew he was home cos i saw his vehicles on our way in. he had not met the twins yet. they are going on 5 years old & he couldn't be bothered to come down to meet them even though we were only a few yards from his back door. for meanness, i stopped by on our way out. i just knocked on his door & invited him to the car to at least say 'hi'. i didn't even unstrap the kids...i just let him look in, told him who was who & we went on our merry ways. i know god will get me in the end but at least i put out the effort. i'd say the ball is in his court now.
big turd!
traveler & turd.

you've just met 2 more of my family members. stay tuned for more.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Beep Beep

he's done! rayyyy! he's rode his little red sleigh the whole world over & has returned to the north pole where he belongs. thank you, jesus! pretty soon we can all get back to assimilating a normal life. well, thats in my world.
but not so fast. i still have more christmas to do. not buy. just do. i haven't been to my sisters or my moms. the kids haven't opened their gifts here yet. its complicated. we didn't get the twins this past weekend & i want all the kids to be together when they open gifts plus christmas being on monday meant if i opened gifts on sunday they might wonder why they get gifts here first. although, i sign the tags from memaw & papaw, i just don't want to confuse them. especially as confused as i am right now. are you confused?
the weather has been beautiful for december. thats been a plus. i have enough pto time left at work that if it snows i don't have to take a chance on killing myself to get there. thats due to the better weather thus far. usually by this time of year most of my off time has been sucked up by snow so bad i couldn't get down my hill. thats what i get for living in the boonies.
so far, we've only gone to hubbys side of the family. i only made one boo-boo. i forgot one sister in law didn't have pierced ears. who doesn't have pierced ears these days? other than that i think everyone was pleasantly surprised. even the brother in law that is never happy with anything seemed to be happy with everyone this year.
well, shit, there goes the salt truck down the road. thats a bad sign. maybe i bragged too soon. tomorrow is my first day back to work. hopefully, we won't get too much snow tonight. i still don't feel safe driving the lebaron in the snow. i haven't had enough practise to know the car that well. thats ok, thats why i still have the corsica. its got a kick ass heater & it handles ok in the snow. except i haven't driven it much since the tire fell off. it did handle ok in the snow. hopefully, it will be safe enough.
i've gotten some amazing gifts. my mother in law bought me a new cell phone. a little bitty compact thing with internet connection. that was too cool. now, i have a phone & 'triple a' in the event i break down. in the snow. in the dark. in the boonies. i can go online & chat or send email while i wait for the tow truck that i called on my new little cell phone.
ok. gotta go for now.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Values Be Damn

we put the tree up last weekend while the kids were here. i use a fake tree & they helped us build it. they loved it. we've put up all the lights i'm using this year. the tree has about 600 lights & we have more around the windows, door, rail & alcove. i still want to wrap the door. (do you know what i'm talking about?) i've finished the shopping (not too soon) but i haven't begun to wrap any of the gifts. thats a huge job that i'm not looking forward to. i used to love it but that was when there were a group of us sitting around shooting the shit while we did it. now i'm stuck with it by myself, its a pain in the ass & it takes forever.
jammer is much better. he's so improved that when he got mad at me he stood at the door & screamed, i just want to leave you, now! i wish his mommy & daddy didn't fight so much cos i know he's heard his daddy say that. even when he's asleep he hears whats going on & it definitely sinks in. while he was so sick he would talk in his sleep. some of the things he said were things that he's 'supposedly' not heard them discussing. isn't that a kick in the nuts?
i hope you're all ready for Christmas. i know i'll be glad when its over. its not about the baby Jesus, the love, good feelings or sharing anymore or the wisemen & the star of bethlehem for that matter. its all about the name brands & the money spent. its lost its appeal for me. i don't even think the kids these days could tell you the story of Christmas. i think our kids are all too spoiled to appreciate it too. 2 seconds after they open the gifts they're all ready to fight over the toys. they don't want to get rid of any of the old stuff so theres no room for the new stuff & several of them wind up broken almost immediately anyway. watch this week drag for me cos i'm being so cynical. serves me right, huh?
well, you probably won't hear from me again until after its over. i hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. be safe & be healthy. i hope you all get what you want!
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Should We Shoot 'Em?

i called honey from work monday morning & jammer still had not eaten anything, still had a fever & was still sleeping. i begged her to take him to the doctor again. she agreed that if he wasn't better on tuesday they would. they called me tuesday morning to let me know that his temperature reached 103 again so they took him to the doctor. he still has the respiratory infection & its been joined by an ear infection. the doctor has him on 3 medicines & has his temperature back down to normal. i called before i left work today & talked him into eating a banana while we talked. he said he was feeling better & thanked me for worrying about him. isn't that sweet? i asked him to eat another banana & he said ok. then i blew it! i asked him if he thought he could eat supper tonight & he told me 'i don't know about that memaw'.
i emailed mojo to see how snarky was doing with her respiratory infection & she has developed the same ear infection that jammer has. honestly, i think those 2 should be the twins. they look alike, act alike & have the same afflictions.
snooky has a chest cold too. everybody is on medication. everybody is showing signs of improvement. everybody is still coughing & i am still going nuts.
did i tell you jammer, ixxie & i went shopping around a salvation army store about a month ago? mostly it was just to pass some time but i love to look at those old places. you never know what you'll find. you know the ole cliche 'one mans junk is another mans treasure'. jammer came across a hobby horse the minute we walked in the door & rode the thing all the way through as we looked. when i said it was time to go he wanted to bring the horse so i told him to ask the lady how much it was cos i couldn't find a price anywhere on it. he literally picked the thing up & carried it to the front of the store to ask. to watch the little guy carry that big ass horse just tickled me. turned out it was $12.00 but that particular day was half price day on toys & clothes so we bought it. as much as he loved it i couldn't refuse. on the way home i asked him what he was gonna name it & he answered, 'well, HORSE, of course'. i thought i'd pee my pants laughing at him. he held it in his lap in the car seat all the way home to pet it. he gave it water when we got home & had to let it outside to potty. he feed it then pretended to brush it before he rode it.
well, he just broke its leg. i told him we would have to shoot it cos thats what you do when a horse goes lame. he doesn't think i have to shoot it cos its not breathing. he's giving it cpr right now. with mouth to mouth & beating on the heart... the whole nine yards to try saving the horse. i have to think ingeniously now as to how to repair the horse. god knows, i can't let it die on him.
oh, never mind. the horse is breathing again. sssshhhheeewwww, that was a close one. i still have to figure a way to fix the leg though. cos i'm the memaw & i can do anything. you know?
gotta go.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Create Your Own Holiday

i think its time for a new holiday. i think we should all create a special holiday as a family tradition just for us. what do you think? i think i want to declare today my 'hategiving holiday'.
i'd start with being super hateful for my drunk husband that doesn't know when to stop drinking. i also am very hateful for the way he stands at the fridge with the door wide open while he sucks on that bottle of his.
some other things i'm extremely 'hateful for' these days:
..our heater that went out last night.
..the fever that jammer has had since last night that i can't kick.
..the kerosene heater that hubby drunkenly walked away from last night while he was filling that ran over, all over my floor. stinking up my entire house.
..the smartassed attitude that ixxie has developed. its her mommys fault so i can't really blame her but man does it burn my ass.
..the stinginess that all my grandkids show each other. again, its their raising & i can't control that but while they're here at my house that shit will not be accepted.
..of course, the fact that i have no money for christmas goes without saying. i'm just saying, though.
..the seizures that my poor ms. m has been suffering through more often & stronger than ever.
..the snow that hit the ground last thursday here that i had to endure driving through.
..that i can't afford new tires for my car that i've learned slides in the snow that hit the ground last thursday & i have the rest of the winter to deal with.
..the worldantispy program that took me months to get off my computer.
..the shoes that i've been wearing that doesn't have arches causing my feet to burn. i actually thought i was developing diabetes 2 which causes burning in your feet. you know what a self-diagnoser i am.
theres more. i just can't believe that you want to read all of them this year. besides, if i list them all here, what the hell will i have to be hateful for next year?
if you're a praying person though, please put in a word for jammer. i'm really worried about him. me, i can deal but the baby doesn't deserve to suffer because of his stupid mother that doesn't bring his medicine when she dumps them every weekend so she can have her time for herself. self centered bitch.
see theres another hategiving that i didn't even mention technically. so, i can use that one next year.
ok. gotta go.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Cashing Out

this past weekend santa called the kids. here in my area ma bell has set up a website that you can request a prerecorded voice message from santa. it was so cute. jammer listened intently, mouth hung open & eyes wide. afterward, he couldn't stop telling me what all santa said to him. 'and he knew my name, memaw!' i thought about that all week. it made me smile everytime it crossed my mind. wouldn't it be great if we could always keep that innocence? wouldn't it be greater if we could always have the few extra dollars for christmas? i can't remember this for myself & my mom, but i remember how happy i was when sonny gave me the present he spent his whole 2 dollars on? or the something he made for me? i know how i react when i get something the grandkids make or buy for me. i love the pleased smile & the excitement in their little faces as i oooohhh & ahhh over it. they always give me a big hug & tell me how much they love me. jammer couldn't stop telling me how beautiful i am this weekend. i said something about if i kept eating like i did for thanksgiving my butt was gonna get too wide to get through the door & papaw said, 'oh no honey, thats still the smallest thing about you.' jammer doubled up his fist & told him not to say mean things. which is when it dawned on hubby what he just said. guess he'll be getting NO nukey for christmas.
of course, this year is even tighter than usual with hubby not working. maybe he'll just have to settle for fat nukey with a little ass. won't that just serve him right?
oh my. what am i gonna do for christmas? its too close & so is the money. i know, everyone is in the same boat. as always, i leave it in god's hands. somehow he always makes it work. i think we'll put the tree & decorations up this weekend. since all the kids will be here. i want the twins to be in on it.
i've discovered a new toy i can play with. no you sex freaks its not that kind of toy. a function on our copy machine that i can scan pics into & send them to myself via email. be prepared for a lot more pics.
well, gotta go.
later, dudes & dudettes.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Helping Out The Children

if anyone visits this post between now & midnight tonight, please, check this out. its a great cause & it won't cost you a thing. i'm amazed at the generosity of this woman.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Butt This Bitch

we had to go to the hardware store today for, of all things, a piece of glass. the wind was blowing up to 60 mph here today & blew the damn glass right out of our window. it shattered into a zillion pieces. between the rain & the ice balls that fell we had to do something with the window. we put a piece of plastic up to keep things dry while we were gone to get the glass. while i was shopping around waiting for the glass to be cut i found exactly what i needed for the front door. hubby didn't like the idea that i wanted to spend more of his money but he caved, in the end.
did i ever tell you the story of us replacing the front door?
aaahhh, you have to hear it to appreciate my front door. i super appreciate it cos i had to endure the fight that it took to get the damn thing hung right. the door had originally been hung by my step dad & sonny years ago. they did it with very little money & made do with materials we had around the house. i don't even remember how long we had the falling apart front door that hung so precariously. jimdad had removed the threshold of the door when he hung it & had put it in to fit as tightly as he could. even filling in the top with 2 x 4's so that there was no space for air to leak through. he didn't take into consideration little things like the threshold needed to be put back in or the fact that the door needed to swing to open. he just put the damn thing in. closed, it looked great but trying to open it was a nightmare. it scraped across the floor & you had to lift up on it to even move it. over the years the lifting up on it part caused it to come apart, pull out of the jam & not catch right to lock. the only reason we finally got a new door was cause the door frame started to rot. after all, it was built with pressed board. we decided if we had to replace the door frame we might as well go for a new door. hubby & i proceeded to hang it over a weekend. yes, it took the whole weekend to get the job done cos we spent so much time arguing over the correct way to hang it to allow it to fit & swing, with a threshold, like a normal door. hubby wanted to just hang it exactly like the old door & didn't care that the same thing was gonna happen in a few years. he argued that we didn't have this & we didn't have that & everytime i came out with exactly what we needed he acted so surprised. i wanted to hang it right which meant the whole frame needed to be rebuilt. we did it his way first. then when it pulled out the very first day, we hung it my way. but the hell...oh, the hell of getting him to accept that the door needed to be hung right. i had to beg him to tear out the 2 x 4's so we could turn them to fill in only the 2 inches instead of 4, add the threshold & it took my being right there holding every little nail, marking every little screw hole to get him to do it right. i wound up holding the door in place, in the end, exactly where i thought it needed to be. holding it in place & supporting it with my foot while he put the screws in from the bottom up just cos he was mad at me for insisting that it swung. it allowed a space at the top & bottom that was open but a strategically placed smaller board at the top took care of most of that. today, 6 months later i finally got the door sweep & weather stripping to finish my beautiful front door. the door that swings freely when opened & the threshold that stops the rain from running inside my door. i am a happy woman today. tomorrow i will fit the sweep & put up the stripping that will keep the cold out. with my husbands help. enduring another fight as to how it should be done. cos nothing in this house is done right without a fight.
and thats my door hanging story.
now, i have to get some rest so i will be up for the head butting that tomorrow will bring.