Monday, September 24, 2007

North To Mr. P

i received an email sunday morning telling me that someone thought they found mr p. i had 2 kids so i called sonny to find out when he was coming to pick them up. if at all possible i wanted to get up there right away & maybe bring my baby home. he had too many things on his plate to come early though so i had to wait to check it out.

i made the trip on monday. leaving from work & going an hour north with a few directions & a map from google. no matter how i routed it i was doing at least a 3 hour roundtrip. traffic was horrendous but i made it in one piece. only to be very disappointed.

although it was a beautiful cockatiel it wasn't my baby. the people were very nice & let me approach the bird alone in case we freaked him out. i knew as soon as i laid eyes on him that he wasn't mr p. this bird was much bigger & more brightly colored than my bird. he was a pretty bird & it was fun to play with a tiel again. every bird has its own personality. this little guy was no different. he had cute little things he did including parts of the andy griffith song but just different parts than peepers.

my heart is broken. i want my baby back so bad i can almost hear his whistles as i nod off to sleep at night. when i hear the martins outside in the morning i immediately think of peepers. they mock him. only he's not here to mock anymore.

i've tried not to get my hopes up but i just can't help but pray in the back of my mind 'please, let this be him'. i don't know if i can keep this up. everytime i get a little excited cos someone thinks they may have mr p i get disappointed. i keep thinking my tear ducts will eventually quit producing but thats not happening either.

everytime i sit down to this computer & scroll through the pics of lost or found birds it starts all over again. my heart breaks for all those birds out there that will never be returned to its rightful owner due to selfish people that just decide to keep them or people that don't have access to a computer or even know where to begin to find their lost bird. if i ever get rich i think i'll make it my personal feat to make a rolling aviary. collect all the birds that have been found & travel from place to place & let people see the birds in the hopes that i can bring their baby home to them.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

This Old House

this sketch was made by a very talented artist. you know, its dawned on me that i don't know the artists name. the picture wasn't signed. its the house i lived in from the time i was 9 years old till i turned 17 & moved in with my mother. i have so many memories of this old house. good memories. i loved my first dog here. she was pj's dog. her name was misty & she was a black poodle with ear problems. i remember sitting on the floor once a month after her trim to pull out the hair growing in her ears. i don't know why they had to be pulled out except it was a problem for poodles to let the hair grow. according to the grownups. i hated hurting her & she knew it cos i'd cry into her little tuft of hair & she would lick my tears to let me know she still loved me even though i had to hurt her to make her better.
i've pointed out the specifics of the house. like the front door that had beveled double doors & stained glass. also the top of all the windows were stained glass. we used to have a deck on the 2nd floor that we would lay on to sunbathe.
34 years ago & that sketch can still bring back some wonderful memories. we used to play house in the basement with the guy nipper married.
my bedroom was on the top floor in the back of the house & i would sit up all night watching the street lights from across the river come on in the evening to going off in the morning. i knew those streets like the back of my hand. i had a little niche with a window in it that i sewed a cushion for. i'd sit at that window & dream of my future for hours imagining all the different things i would do with my life.
the house had 10 foot ceilings & hand carved wood throughout. you know those doors that slide open from the middle & drop back into the wall? they call them pocket doors. they were between the rooms & every room had hardwood floors. beautiful.
i never truly appreciated how beautiful that house was while we lived there. that could have had something to do with the fact that I was the housemaid. i don't think i got a chance to sit back & drink in the beauty. i was always worried about doing the best job i could cleaning it so i could get to go to a football game or outside to play. it wasn't an easy house to clean. it was a big job. with 5 of us, a dog & a cat (that shed all the time) living there i had chores to do everyday to keep up.
anyway, the house is on the market again. nipper called the lady that owns it & talked to her about the old house. she was very nice & was interested in hearing the stories about when we lived there. she invited us to visit since she was showing it anyway.
we just got back from a 2 hour tour through every room & every floor. including the basement, which was an evil entity in itself. we told the lady why the basement floor was painted red & black (she hated the colors). GO WILDCATS. and about the safe that was in the wall over the fireplace in her office. someone had put drywall over the wall & covered it up. we described the woodwork that had been pulled out & replaced with plain old boards. i'm sure that was to make some money on that beautiful handiwork. she learned so much about the house she had lived in for 16 years that she would have never dreamed. i think she might have changed her mind about selling it if she hadn't married & planning to relocate to live with her new hubby. i think she had as good a time as we did. i know she's considering knocking down that driwall to check out the safe.
and on the top floor where mine & pj's bedrooms were there was also a piece of our furniture still living in that old house. an old wardrobe that pj used to keep her toys in. the lady said they tried to get it out but it wouldn't go down the steps. she offered it back to pj. i thought that was a sweet gesture. i don't know if pj wants it but if it was mine...i'd take it for my grandbaby as a piece of my history from that old house.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wanna Itch With Us?

i've been meaning to show you hubbys newest affliction. its the same 'pityriasis rosea' that jammer had only it came out on hubby in a much more extreme manner. jammer had a mild case i guess cos his was nowhere near what hubby ended up with. they don't have a clue what causes this. they think stress may bring it out. they also don't know exactly what it is. they think its a viral infection. it can strike at any age & takes up to 3 months to go away. well, let me show you:

it started as just a little patch on his stomach right along his pants line. he said it itched really bad so we bought some anti-itch cream. the cream only kept him from itching for a little while & it would be driving him nuts again in no time.
we also bought some triple antibiotic ointment to help it clear up. which did nothing.
the spots kept coming. it reached all the way across his stomach & started climbing up his sides. as you see to the left here. hubby hates to go to the doctor so for the most of this we had no idea what he actually had. needless to say i was very leary of him touching me. in case it was contagious.
i hopped on my trusty computer & started researching sites for itchy, red, spreading, raised, sore spots. every adjective i could think of for what he was dealing with. i never really dreamed at first that it could be the same thing jammer had cos it looked so different. jammers looked like he was breaking out with the measles. this doesn't look at all like measles. then it spread to his right side. and across his back. it drove him crazy cos it just wouldn't stop itching. (can i show titty or is that not pc?)
i suggested maybe we use a new approach. how about going to the doctor? no, not yet. he hadn't quite itched enough.
we tried betadine. its the stuff doctors wash with before surgery. it gets foamy sorta like a soap when you use it. i think it was all i could do to not bust a gut when i stood him in the tub & poured it on him. he didn't shake it off like jammer did but the dance he did! god you needed to see his naked ass dancing in the tub. he said, 'oh, oh, OH MY GOD! CAN I SCREAM NOW?' then he couldn't take it anymore. it burned too bad so we washed it off as i snickered behind my hand.
we tried selsun blue which is an antibacterial shampoo. thats the blue tint you see. back when i went to california i got a really bad sunburn & swam in the ocean which caused me to get some kind of
fungal thingy that made patches that turned bright red in the winter & white in the summer. they itched a little too. i used the selsun blue for that. i had to put it on at night before i went to bed & let it dry. wearing it over night. it worked for me & since he wouldn't go to good ole 'doc holliday' any treatment was worth a shot at this point. some spots would clear up as you can see here. but then new ones would break out.
finally, it started going down south. that was
the ticket to getting him to the doctor. he wasn't about to let big slammer suffer. when he finally made an appointment doc holliday was off on holiday, go figure? i guess with hubbys seizures though when doc found out he had some kind of extreme rash that wouldn't heal he decided to come back in cos a few days later we got a call from the office saying that doc holliday was coming in to see him. only when we got him to the office for his appointment a young intern came into the room to look at it first. 'umm, i'm not sure. maybe ringworm?' by this time i had pinpointed exactly what it was. i found pictures of several people with the same spots & itching that hubby had. oddly enough i found it through links of the same thing that supposedly michael jackson has that causes his whiteness.
how funny is that? anyway, the intern said that doc holliday was much better with this kind of thing so he made another appointment for hubby with the all knowing doctor. finally, when he got to see the main man he agreed with my diagnosis of pityriasis. like i said though, they don't know anything about it. especially how to treat it. just use whatever keeps you from itching & it'll work itself out was the treatment. we've found 'ting', a spray for jock itch & ringworm seems to do a pretty good job. its been close to 2 months & he's finally clearing up but he still has spots that itch like crazy if he starts on them.
speaking of itching. just talking about this makes me itch.
i have to go jump in the tub. maybe i'll take the ting with me.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Our Own Keystones

cops that is. get this. its 110 degrees in the shade & nothing is moving, not even the birds let alone anything even remotely resembling a breeze. i'm standing at the gate close to the street so i can get a little 'whosh' as the cars whiz by while i smoked a cigarette. a metro bus comes whizzing down the street, oh yeah, theres a breeze cos these babies are hitting about 60 as they floor from one corner to the next. this is a side street & the only traffic on it usually is coming to us other than the buses that pass. i'm standing just before the entrance so for the most part they aren't moving fast enough to create any kind of disturbance in the air. they're slowing down to turn in. except the buses.
i hear a motorcyle. loud, it sounds like its moving fast & i'm praying its coming around the corner & down our street. looking up the street i see the bike cruising towards me. he's booking & all of a sudden i'm literally spun on my heels by the greasy haired biker looking guy in full leather attire tearing down the street like he's on his way out of hell. wow, talk about a breeze. my skirt & hair are whisked back like i'm standing in a full on wind coming at me. that was great. too bad he's not with a shitload of bikers. don't they ususally travel in packs? damn.
but it was better.
the biker hit the corner just past me & made a quick right. about the same time i heard sirens & looked back up the street to see a police cruiser coming at me. he passed the street that the biker turned on & made a right at the next corner. oops, sorry dude, you missed your turn but you made a really great breeze on your way by. think you can do that again?
well, maybe not him but another cruiser came down the street with sirens blaring & turned onto the same street as the biker. ruh roo, the biker might be in trouble. sure enough, here comes another cruiser all the way down the street, great breeze cos he's making an air wave to die for, big time. i'm loving this, big breezes & excitement.
woooo, i can hear the biker cos he's just making turns & trying to lose the cops. he winds up back on the same street i'm standing on with 2 more cruisers coming at him. which he passed zooming in the opposite directions but they knew it was him somehow, so they did u-turns in the middle of the street & went back for him. shit, you ain't doing me any good if they turn around before they get to me. he obliged me & made a quick left going full circle to come back out at the street just passed me. again he zooms by me & immediately 3 cruisers come from nowhere to streak up the street after him.
the biker passed me about 5 times in all & i know i saw the same 5 cruisers at least 10 times trying to catch him.
the last time the biker passed me he waved at me as if to say 'been nice breezing you' & went to the end corner to make a right. as i stood there all 5 cruisers came shooting down the street & split so some followed the biker while others went up the middle streets. finally, i heard the screech of tires & breaking glass which meant they not only caught up with him but made him wreak his bike. this was about 4 in the afternoon & on my way home from work i saw them loading the bike onto a flatbed.
it was entertaining to say the least.
it was breezy to say the most.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Some Of The Greats

before i get too far behind i wanted to point out that one of my abductees received a book deal. he's a great writer & has lots of material to play with. you'll see him listed over on the sidebar as clublife . he's a bouncer from new york that works at least 2 major clubs & tells about the nightlife in his world. when you get a chance visit his site & read some of his archives for now. he's wrapped up with book signings right now so he's not posting on the site but he promises he'll be back. you'll enjoy his archives until he gets back.
another one i'd like to point out is our online self proclaimed sexaholic steveo . he's writing an online novel & would like feedback. i've never really figured out if he's pulling our leg completely or if he's telling the truth & just wants to confuse us. maybe it was part truth & part imagination to keep us coming back. regardless, his own true story or imaginary life, whichever it was, i always liked to read his latest sex exploits. check him out & tell him what your missing in his novel. every little bit of input helps & who knows maybe he'll dedicate his book to you. if you lose interest in his novel check out his archives too. some pretty juicy stuff there.
while i'm at it i want to mention mad becca as well. she's always been a great story teller & i love her. although the wench went on vacation or something (harry potter my ass) & fell off the face of the earth. she hasn't posted anything new in awhile but i'm holding out for a great comeback. (hint...hint).
and i can't forget walker that has an excellent storyline going on right now. he mixes it up with whats going on in his life to take a break from the story but man, 'the red clay' has been great. you have to give it a read. he was planning on ending it at 10 posts but due to some great feedback has decided to extend the story. i'm loving it & hate to see it end.
so there you go. 3 excellent artists with great potential & my approval. (for whatever thats worth). great people that entertain us.

Friday, September 07, 2007

And Introducing!

hey, exciting news today. this morning at 3:50am my new sister in law & my baby bro in law went to the hospital cos HER WATER BROKE! Apparently this only happens in about 10% of births now a days. After around 9 hours of labor that didn't sound too intense it was all over. Please say hello to my newest niece.
she is kewtie & she entered this world at 1:16pm. weighing in at a whopping 7 pounds. A whole new person to enlighten.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Keeping Up With Something

how could i say this with a straight face? theres just not enough hours in a day. HA. i hit the floor, slap water on my face to wake up, carry on with my morning rituals (i'll spare you the details)...i'm off. an hours drive to get to work. work, work, work, lunch, work, work, hour back home. have dinner, spend a little time on the pc looking for mr. p, answer emails, take down more phone numbers...make calls, take a shower...hubby says a show i like is on... watch a little tv. off to bed. just to do it all over again tomorrow. what i'm not getting done goes on a list. a very long list that just seems to get longer & never seems to get done.

have you ever noticed, no matter how many times you scrub the bathroom sink, tub or toilet that they always need scrubbing again? and where do all those dirty dishes come from? so theres always the never ending jobs to be done. but i'm talking a list of extras. just to mention a few.
for example: i want to build a new deck. we have the lumber but its laying in the back yard. waiting. we have the nails but they're just parked on the ledge, waiting. waiting for a new blade to the saw or the screw gun so hubby doesn't have to do anything close to manual labor. the last time i decided i wanted a deck built i finally gave up on waiting for him. my neighbor friend & i put it all together while the men were away one day. we flipped it over & layed the top across it to start nailing down when the men showed up & took over. (guess who got the credit for building the deck? yep, you got it, the men.) i'm looking at doing it all over again cos hubby has forgotten what a hammer is. he insists he needs the drill or the screw gun or what ever before he can start this job. well, some day soon he's gonna come home & i'll have the deck half finished cos i'm getting tired of waiting on him to do just one job on his list. only this time he won't be getting the credit for building something that it takes me to put my foot up his ass & a hammer to even get him started on. the only thing i think is gonna be tricky is i don't have my neighbor friend living close anymore. i guess thats why they made cinder blocks. i need something to hold the lumber in place.
besides that list IS definitely gonna start going down soon. i kinda give up on the diligent search for my bird. i just don't see him coming home after this long. and men just don't get it. my dads says 'why not just buy another bird'? NOT! i can't even begin to go into why that isn't gonna happen not to mention that i loved my bird. not just any bird but MY bird. i won't quit looking completely but i guess i do need to get some of this shit done around here before winter hits. its right around the corner again.
i want to airtight the house before winter hits.
i did get the shed cleaned out last weekend & hubby did finally pull my foot out of his ass to help with that one. we made alot of room for the crap in the yard to be stored for winter. including all the new bikes. the big difference is now the shed is organized & even with all the new shit being put into it you can still walk in & look around. amazing what a 10 x 10 storage shed can hold if its put in with some kind of intelligence! hubby's idea of stacking the shed is open the door, take 10 steps back & throw as hard as you can! after we pounded out the dents & then rearranged we had 5 more feet of storage space! i DO have a brilliant mind. even if i do say so myself.
all the windows need to be cleaned. we need to think about putting plastic up to airtight the windows & its hard enough to see out plastic. dirt doesn't help that at all.
i still want to get a bed put into the play room so we can get ixxie out of the living room.
i have a hole under my dresser in the bedroom that needs to be fixed where the water heater leaked. yes, we've got the wood for that too. i've got a wall in the kitchen that needs to be replaced from the water leaking in around the air conditioner. yes, we have the wood for that too. yes, my foot is buried pretty deep in that ass but i have to have one foot to walk with.
oh, i can cross one thing off that list. remember when i asked if anyone knew anything about fixing the light switch in the bathroom? the one with a switch & plug in the same fixture? it finally did get fixed this week. unfortunately the only credit i can give hubby is he was here to let the electrician in to fix it & he paid the electrician.
thats just a partial list & my brain is shutting down so i'll quit there but you get the picture?
btw, jammer has been preparing for oral surgery for about a month now. they've done blood work & taken xrays, made plates & planned on what exactly to do. he spent today at the hospital, finally ready to take the plunge. the plan was they were capping at least one tooth & filling or crowning whatever needed to be while they were at it. the plate was for the tooth ixxie ripped out of his head when he was about 2. turned out they only had to crown a few of his back molars & no caps were done. the teeth his dentist thought were too far gone turned out not to be as bad as he thought. i was shocked cos i thought that was what xrays were for. but glad too. less pain for my big guy & besides these are still his baby teeth. they're all gonna fall out, no matter what work is done on them, within a few years. he was a good patient & all the work was done in under an hour. it scared me mostly cos they put him completely out to do this. so much can go wrong when you knock a kid out with drugs. of course, thats why they did this all at the hospital instead of a dentist office. that still didn't make me worry less. honestly, if anything happened to my baby boy i think it would kill me.
after he started coming around he looked up at the dentist with his big beautiful baby blues & said, 'dr. thank you for fixing my teeth.' his dentist told mom & dad that they had a remarkable young man there. he was an excellent patient & that in all of his 37 years as a dentist our jammer did a first. thanking him was something no other child had ever done let alone big guy held his arms up to him to give him a hug. he said he made his day & what could he do but hug the best patient he EVER had.

i think we'll keep him. what do you think?

Monday, September 03, 2007

Ten Dollah

theres been an advertisement on tv for a sale on comforters. $10.00 is a pretty good sale price for all sizes of big, thick, wrap yourself up in, warm, comforters. the sale was for sunday & monday only & they screamed how all the other sale items were SO worth your time. in my infinite wisdom i decided to go shopping at this place today. i forgot that the fireworks that our local radio station (WEBN) & toyota put together were also going on today. what a mistake. it took us 2 1/2 hours to get to the store. which would have been fine, EXCEPT, because of the fireworks the stupid store closed early! they could have prewarned us at least. but that would have made too much sense. we wound up taking a 4 hour trip for nothing! thankfully it only took us an hour & a half to make it home. traffic wasn't as bad going out of the city as it was going in. i think they should give me a stupid comforter for my inconvenience. if i'd been 20 years younger i could have at least stayed & watched the fireworks. which are always awesome. but now a days i can't stay up that late & make it to work the next day. not to mention how theres way too many people to deal with these days. man, i keep reminding myself in so many ways how old i'm getting.
i really needed that comforter! for my hubbys old cold body!