Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Someone Do The Math

i wanted to share this
with you before i get to far & forget. i'm not sure that they would accept my hair. it says something about a 5% gray hair factor. do you think if i color my hair before i cut it the gray would come back? i mean, if i cut it its not living hair anymore. right? so, you tell me, will it fly or not? guess i should ask if it'll gray or not? of course, i'm not sure how to determine the percentage factor anyway. what is 5% of my head of hair. man, its almost more than my brain can compute. i think i just gained another percent of gray just thinking about it.
the appraisor finally showed up to check out my car. he met me at work & took pics. it was raining that day so dammmnnn, did the car look really good. with the fresh wash & wax job hubby & i did it almost looked like a brand new car in the rain. not to mention the slight paint job i did with the kids paint. (thats another post altogether cos me & paint just don't work well together) maybe he'll see fit to give me the money to fix it. actually, if he gave me the money that the car shop asked for to do the job i could do alot more than fix the wrecked front end. that is if i could get sonny to do the work for me. we could do it so much cheaper than the shop with used parts. the only thing would be trying to match the paint job & come on, lets be honest, i could paint the whole thing for about $400.00 anyways. i want to change the rag top too. eventually. its got a few weak spots & i know all rag tops leak alittle but when i get to work & my whole left side is wet its time to start thinking about a new top. really thats mostly due to the fact that i leave my window down a little while i drive & i think the windshield wipers are too big & throw the rain into the window. but any excuse to put a new top on is good enough for me.
oh, have i mentioned that 'traveler' (my nephew) has written a book? i got to read the uncut, unedited version. its pretty good. i say that cos once i started reading it i couldn't put it down till i finished it. thats how i judge my books. its a futuristic sci-fi about the end of life as we know it. right now he's in the process of getting an agent interested in it. if you read his blog he explains all the steps about breaking into the biz.
well, we all have thanksgiving under our belts (so to speak). now all i have to do is get through xmas & my birthday to get back to normal. i don't do the holiday season well. i don't know if its the weather or what but this time of year i just want to stay in bed & let it all pass me by. it could be just that i get another year older in the end. yeah, that sounds more like it. i used to say i quit having birthdays at 29 but that made people wonder when they found out my son was in his 30's. that got pretty hard to explain. if i quit claiming sonny maybe i could still pull it off. what do you think? oh, and keep coloring my hair.

Friday, November 23, 2007

BS List

since i've talked to you last, i've had 3 estimates on fixing my car. all of them being a whopping $1000.00 or more. i really thought under $500.00 but i've learned the new business to make a quick billion dollar. get into car repair for insurance companies. man, those guys are ruthless & they really know how to rip a poor person off.
i got the shit scared out of me when i fish tailed on my way to work. i wasn't even going fast. just around a curve & all four tires lost traction. i'm figuring i must have hit some mud or wet leaves. the scary part was there were cars coming at me as well as going by me.
and i had a 10 point buck stroll across the road not 5 feet in front of my car. sonny has wished he could trade places with me about a dozen times over that one.
with hubbys help i've washed & waxed the car plus cleaned the inside out really good, armoralling everything. other than the mess the fender is in she looks great.
i've been to 2 thanksgiving dinners & cooked my own.
i've toured the oscar meyer weiner bus.
we've cleaned out the shed to make room for the chair.
now we can put up the christmas tree. if we can get it out of the closet that we stuck ALL the christmas stuff in last year.
we've put plastic up at our windows.
we've rebuilt the front door frame & rehung it so it now swings! my door swings people. i haven't had a swinging door in 10 years. its drug across the floor until it came into pieces. oh yeah, we rebuilt the falling apart door that is only a year old too. and we put up the insulation around it so no snow can blow in through the cracks.
we've put the twin bed in the front room for ixxie. the problem there was making the room for it to fit in.
we've changed door knobs on the back door. the screws had stripped out but it had worked so loose you had to slam it to get it to catch. actually, that one was a bitch cos we had to cut the old door knob off.
see all the stuff that happens when i don't take the time to get the grandkids?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cherry Lost Her Cherry

oh you are not gonna believe this one. i am so pissed i want to bite some mother fuckers head off & shove it up his ass just for good measure.
i'm parked in a parking lot at the corner grocery store. its a busy little store & the parking lot isn't very big but it is well lit. cars are everywhere. a whole line of us parked in front of the store. another group at the gas pumps & a whole other group on either side of the store.
parked next to me is a big ole dodge ram 4 x 4 with these big fucking tires that reached the hood of my sweet little cherry lebaron. my headlights are on..the car is still running. hubby & i are discussing what we need from inside the store.
before i knew what was happening this big fucking truck decides he wants to make a u-turn right over top of my front end. and that is exactly what he proceeded to do. needless to say my cherry is cherry no more! she's been broken. man, i hate when that happens, don't you?
was he drunk, you ask? no. NO. the fucker is just stupid. he jumps out of the truck screaming how sorry he was but he just didn't see us sitting there. HELLO, how do not see a car parked next to you with headlights on in a well lit parking lot? its not like i was doing dougnuts & slipped up on him. or put my invisibility cloak on to sneak in on him. i was happily parked thinking i was safe from all the idiots cos there was no motion, no reason for me to be in anyones way. but damn if he didn't decide i was too comfortable in my pretty little red convertible car sitting there bothering no one. no one, mind you, except i guess the hair he had up his ass for innocent little cars that he could drive right over top of. is there any wonder why i hate big ass trucks?
nobody is hurt but still my baby is a mess. this has been my dream car for so long i can't even remember. well, after the 67 mustang that i got tired of & sold. this was the next car i had dreamed of owning. i've had it for about a year.
i called the cops to report it & then my insurance company when i got home. they said i needed to wait for his insurance to contact me & if i had any trouble out of them they'd take care of it for me. so, i'm waiting....patiently for someone to get back in touch with me.
the cop, hubby & a few other guys pulled the metal away from the tire enough that its drivable & didn't rub against the tire. my headlight is broken & the turn signal on that side. not to mention the bumper across the front that is just fiberglass. fiberglass that cracked everywhere from the pressure on the right fender. can you see the damage?

and the topper!!! you know what that asshole said when the cop said 'lets get these cars apart'? he said 'oh, let me pull away first or she's gonna blow my tire'. like i'd care about blowing his tire. damn him! he blew my headlight & turn signal. isn't 'turn about' fair play? i think it was only fair that i got to blow something! and i'm not talking about any kind of good blow! i'm talking about revenge, tear him a new asshole, blow.