Sunday, August 31, 2008

My 'Eye' On Experience!

my last post was about a pitiful story of a dog that suffered a horrible trauma due to a dog toy. my own ms. m was one of the most pitiful stories i've ever heard. which is how i wound up owning her. i don't know if you remember but her owner had thrown rocks at her to make her stay behind while they drove off with their last load of furniture. leaving her to fend for herself. she was 6 months old & the vet couldn't believe she was still alive when i took her in. she had infections in both her vaginal & intestinal tracts. she was malnutrioned & suffered from terrible abuse. she had not been fed anything but what she scavanged from the trash & the fish head & scales that had been left in the yard after the neighbors had been fishing. she had been caught sneaking into a home to find food & kicked out of the door. down a flight of concrete steps then they followed her outside where she had not regained her footing yet & kicked down another 30 concrete steps to the street below. those were just some of the horror stories i had heard but the concrete steps was the last straw. i had been to the house a number of times trying to find out about her when i finally took a round up party with me. we managed to catch her & i talked to the neighbors to make sure all this was true & she was living the hell that i had been hearing. they all agreed that they had basically tried to kill her. you've seen her. she's about 10 pounds & stands about a foot tall. she's no menace!!! she's one of the sweetest most pitiful little dogs you'll ever meet. since i've had her i've tried to make her life as good as possible. as far as i'm concerned, loving an animal is a really easy task. now the only thing that still haunts her is the seizures she has due to head trauma from the fucking 30 steps.
i came home from work on tuesday & my precious dog was there at the door to greet me as usual. when i looked at her i noticed her pupil of her right eye was white. talk about freaking the fuck out. i thought, 'oh my god, is she going blind'? i grabbed her up to love her & the closer i looked the more i freaked! she had something stuck on her eye. i tried to move it but it wasn't going anywhere. i held her head really still & stared at her eye trying to decide just what it was. it looked like a bullseye! it turned out to be a sticker on the pupil of her eye & it was stuck good! i don't know how in the hell she got it stuck there but i sat her on the kitchen counter to figure out what to do next. she was so good & sat there so still. usually if i sit her on the counter for anything she has a fit & refuses to sit still but this time i think she knew she needed to be really still. maybe she was freaking out too because you have to know a sticker in the middle of your eye has to fuck with your vision. maybe she was praying as hard as i was that it was something minor that we could fix really quick. i pulled a paper towel off & tried to swipe it off her eye but that had no effect. hubby was down the hallway & i screamed for him to come help me. i decided to use my finger & try to pick it off. well, that really didn't work the way i thought cos, oh yeah, it moved but right into the corner of her eye. almost into the socket. what happens if something rolls around behind your eye? i wasn't sure but i didn't want to find out. so, i caught the corner of it with my fingernail & (as gently as i could) pulled it back out towards the center of her eye. then i just layed my fingers on her eye & pinched! i got it out & i can't tell you how hard my heart was pounding. i was never so glad to get something in my fingers. i'm beginning to think this poor dog just has a dark cloud. kind of like that character in the flintstones: Badluck Shleprock.
she's fine & loving all the attention she's getting but i don't think my heart will ever be the same. do you know what happens if something like that slips behind your eye? i don't & i'm glad i didn't have to find out.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

'Speak' Isn't Just A Doggy Trick

if you click on my title it will take you to a blog where there is a pitiful story. not due to mistreatment but due to love for the family dog. all the things you have to protect your animal from, now you have to research every toy you buy for them, as well. this story broke my heart & i'll be sending a letter to boycott this product. i hope you'll join me & make our voices heard.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Everyone Loves Me

i told you i'd show you pics of the twins. i got to see them on a weekend that i didn't have jammer & ix though. they were all sorry they couldn't spend time together but we all have to do what we can for now. at least i got to spend some time with them & let them know that we've missed them & how much we love them. keeping that door open is the most important thing for now. they are growing up way too quick

& i don't want to miss any more of their growing up than i have to. i wish we all lived closer but thats not gonna happen either. so for now i'll settle with whatever i can get. i'm telling you they couldn't hug me enough & if i heard 'i love you, memaw' once i heard it zillion times that weekend. they just can't love me enough. aren't they beautiful? i took hundreds of pics over the weekend & started cutting them down as soon as i got a chance so i could post them. of the last 3 weeks i've put together my computer, honey had messed up their computer so i worked on it for sonny & i have a friend at work that received games for for christmas but had no pc to play them on so i put one together for her too. i'm taking it to her tomorrow & i'm pretty excited to surprise her.

its not much. its an old workstation computer, it has a pentium processor & 64mb of memory. so, its enough for what she needs it for. the tower was empty except for a motherboard & power system & i scabbed the rest together out of parts i had hanging around. i've done this several times & i have no more towers to work with so she'll be the last one i can give a pc to but the ones i've given away has always been for a needy cause. mostly kids in the neighborhood that would've never had one. i got most of the towers from our it department at work. old workstations that were outdated. they stripped them & was throwing them out so i asked if i could take them off their hands. they were glad to get rid of them & i've used every one of them to make some kid happy. except this last one & i think my friends surprise will be the topping on my cake. my motto: nothing goes to waste.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gotta Love America

i'm not really happy with the new easyshare i downloaded with my camera. it saves the pics in a kodak album & they aren't easily accessed to add here. i'm still working on things though so please bear with me. i got my camera back from nipper this weekend & downloaded all the pics but i let the program do its thing. its always something.
we went to my brothers retirement party this weekend. he was a game warden. now his sneaking in the woods days are over. i'm kinda glad for him. it makes him less of a target. i always kinda worried about him out there in the woods with poachers & people trespassing. you just never know what people are capable of these days. i'm also very jealous. in case you need me to say that. i'm 3 years older than him & i have to work till 2021 to retire. shit lets face it: i may never get to retire. social security probably won't even be there when i'm ready for it. no i said that wrong. i'm ready for it today but it won't be there when i can take advantage of it.
and i wanted to point out that my title doesn't have anything to do with retirement. it was a statement jammer made this weekend. at the party everyone was picking on him over his hair. you've seen pics of his daddy & his long hair. jammer wants to start letting his hair grow. which i think he's too young for but i'm not his parent. anyway, i called his daddy & asked him if we talked him into it could we cut his hair. daddy said sure no problem. well, everyone made some kind of offer to get him in the mood but nipper hit the bullseye when she offered him money!!! he asked how much they were talking about & she said 20 bucks. he was in. it turned out that all the adults kicked in a dollar each for him & ix. they came up with $34.00 to split between them. i've got some video of the process & him flagging his money. he's got a death grip on it too. i'm gonna upload these pics & they may be big. don't shoot me, i'm new at this.

uncle warden checking for fleas. look at that look on jammers face. he found nothing funny about this. the thought of him having bugs did not tickle him at all. he didn't care how cute uncle warden thought he was being.

and then aunt pj got busy. once he got into the whole haircut thing he decided he didn't just want it trimmed. which is what i wanted him to go for. he wanted it shaved short. he said he wanted it like his cousin the jock that i call coach.

i mean when you're 18 & a senior jock on the baseball team & the football team plus you play for several other teams you can justify this haircut. besides its popular with the kids these days. but when daddy has long hair & you want to be like daddy this is not what you're going for. i told him it was really short & he assured me it was just hair & it would grow back. besides, as cute as he is he can pull off anything. not to mention he can fan himself with $17.00 he didn't have before the haircut.
he's a happy camper. he's telling uncle mailman all the things he can buy with his money. believe me, he has big plans for that little handful of money he has. i asked him what he thought after the haircut & he waved his money at me & said, 'you gotta love america'.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Weekend Woes & Highs

i'm not getting my boy this weekend. his daddy is taking him hunting for crying out loud. i'm not really happy about this but theres not much i can do about it. sonny has been talking about this day since jammer was born. i wanted him to wait till he was 8 but sonny insisted he'd be old enough to start teaching when he was 5. i'm hoping jammer is too wiggly & talkative for this to continue. just my luck he'll turn out to be an excellent hunting buddy. both jammer & sonny are really excited about this weekend. its squirrel opening & sonny has been ready for it for about a week. he loves to hunt & helps to compensate their food supply for the year. they do eat everything he kills. for the most part they love the stuff. the kids love deer meat & sonny loves to experiment with recipes to make it taste better. i've never been much for the gamey taste. once when sonny's daddy was alive i went hunting with him. i made too much noise & found myself staring down the barrel of a gun. he told me if i didn't try to be more quiet he was gonna blow my head off. i thought he was really gonna do it when i shooed a deer off after we tracked him for about an hour. slick, sonny's daddy, was all ready to shoot that big ass buck when i yelled for him to run, shoo, run deer run!!!! i just love animals & didn't have the heart to stand & watch it get shot. slick took me home at a run & never asked me to go hunting with him again. think of all the deers i could have saved. he did wind up finding that deer later & took him down. he had the head mounted & it hangs in sonny's house to this day. it was a small buck, only 8 points but it was the biggest one he had taken at that point. he was so proud of that head & told the story over & over about how i scared him away but he still got him in the end. stupid buck.
so how do you all like the new blogger face? i've got so much to get used to with the new xp that blogger doesn't make much difference to me. i'm still finding the different add-ins to download so i haven't had much time to get into the xp. i've got plenty of time though so i'm not worried.
i haven't forgotten i promised pics of our graduation party. nipper still hasn't sent them to me. as soon as i get them i'll share them with you. i have some funny stories to tell about the night too so stay tuned. hopefully she'll get around to it this weekend.
oh, i almost forgot to tell you. i get the twins this weekend. i know you haven't heard much about them but thats because mojo hasn't allowed me to have them since christmas. i finally insulted her to the point that she responded & thats all i needed for an in. i'll be taking pics of them too. i can't wait to see how they've grown. you'll be seeing that too.
i'm gonna go watch wrestling now. pray for hubby. you know how i get.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And Away We Go

alrighty then. i'm bbaaaacccckkkkkk! i got it all back together. fixed the dynamic link library i was missing. it was a bitch too! XP is now up & running like a charm. i'm almost afraid to brag on it though. you know how that goes?
i want to go visit my friends soon so i'm not gonna post a big ole long entry right now. besides i want to tell you about the graduation party for my nephew. except i let my sissy take my camera home so she could go ahead & download the pics cos her pc already had xp on it. i bought this really new cool camera but realized that it wasn't supported by my os. which is why i bought xp in the first place.
so, i'm gonna go cruise the net for now. i'll be back soon.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

XP & The Twilight Zone

for starters, i just realized something. son of a bitch!! the first thing to always remember is REMOVE ANY DISK INSERTED before you start freaking out about the way your computer is acting. stupid, stupid, stupid. now i just need to remember if i put something on this disk or was i gonna put something on this disk & forgot to?
i think i left off with something like 'the next few days everything ran perfectly on this new xp install'. one thing i'd like to point out to you: i never had time to get on the pc for the next few days. hubby signed on & carried on where i left off. (do you see the mistake here?) which was the point of creating user names & passwords. things like administrator names & computer names. important things. almost as important as the fucking operating system itself. he wrote down what he thought was important but when i sat down to sign in, nothing worked. imagine that?? (read sarcasm there, please) i cussed the computer, i cussed the operating system, i cussed the computer gods, i cussed the logins then i fucking cussed him. i never have figured out the sign in names but no worries!!!. yeah, don't you love it? before i got that error message resolved i got more error messages. i was missing a library file named 'hal.dll' that was actually a system root file. (which is what i think i saved on the disk, i hope..) but even better than that? the last error messages was a group (group, people, group!!) of 3 error messages consisting of 1. computer disk hardware configuration problem 2. could not read from the selected boot disk & 3. please check hardware configuration & reference manuals. HELLO? CAN I HAVE ONE PROBLEM AT A TIME? no, obviously, not my luck!!!! back to my old friend google & away i go. i've figured out the 3 group error thingy. i edited the boot.ini file to fix that & now i'm back to the hal.dll file but i still haven't figured out that fix yet. i decided to clue you in on my progress first. its not like i've had all day to work on this though. like i said last night i had a graduation party to attend. which was a lot more fun than working on this computer. after i finish with this thing i'll post about the party cos it was really a lot of fun. and i got lots of pics that you'll love.
now, i'm looking at 2 am again & i absolutely need to go to bed. i have a few things i have to take care of first tomorrow & then i'll get back to this bitch of an error situation. hopefully the next time you hear from me i'll have all this sorted.
cross your fingers, legs, arms & heart that it goes well but don't cross your eyes cos momma always warned that they may stick like that!!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Welcome to XP Professional

i did it. i researched everything i could find on the internet before i started. google was my best friend for a week before i even attempted this. i first checked the upgrade advisor & it gave me no problems to be found. i cleaned out all my temp files, cache & history. deleted all programs i didn't want & lost all my saved emails that i no longer had any use for. the last thing i ran was scandisk then defrag. i backed up everything to my 2nd hard drive. that was all good. i popped the xp cd in & booted to begin the process of my task. introduce a new operating into my calm world of old friendly windows. i expected it to ask me what drive i wanted to save it to but it didn't. then the stupid that i am freaked when it asked me what i wanted to do so i made the mistake of upgrading instead of clean install. no matter, i could always undo it & revert back to my old faithful. windows 98se. my precious. it automatically started downloading & i really had no idea where it was going. course, i didn't realize what i'd done until it was all installed. afterwards i was able to start my computer & the screen asked me what system i wanted to open. so i choose xp to check it out. i didn't have any programs on it yet but it was cool to know it was there. strange to me cos i would have thought doing an upgrade would just add xp to my original c drive with all my programs & stuff right there where i left them. when i opened 'my computer' there were new files everywhere & my programs were there. cool, nothing was lost. then i thought 'oh, i have to use the transfer files & documents first'. thats why my programs aren't there. it was about 2 am so i quit for the night. my brain was tired & i went to bed. it all ran fine for the first few days but i was working on another computer for a friend & i had honey calling several times a day wanting to know how she did things on her new found internet so i was trying to answer her too. which is part of why i screwed up my install in the first place. damn me, why didn't i wait till i had taught her everything she needed to know before i attempted this? she was on the phone at the same time trying to get answers about her keyboard that was fucking up on her while i was instructing the cd rom to send this alien program into my nice comfortable world of home away from home. i finally pissed her off cos i told her i couldn't concentrate & i really wanted to get me up & running first. multitasking i can do. i mean what woman can't carry a kid on one hip, talk on the phone, eat lunch while she cooks dinner for the evening all at the same time but this was getting ridiculous. and multitasking while installing xp is one of the dumbest things you can ever attempt. its like trying to do major surgery while you rearrange your house during a hurricane. everything & anything can happen so fast you feel like your spinning out of control. not to mention my menapause was kicking in, big time, i had the hot sweats going on like you wouldn't believe. to be honest i couldn't believe it all worked out so flawlessly. notice how i throw flawlessly in there so casual like. i was on a special high, folks. i've fucked with 98se so much that i know it inside & out. theres nothing i can't figure out on my windows but now we're into a whole new enemy. xp professional. they don't call it professional for nothing. this bitch can outsmart the GRAND MASTER POOBAH & NOTRADAMUS all at the same time.
i'm sorry to cut this short but time, again, has become an enemy & its 2 am. i have a graduation party to go to tomorrow & i have to get some sleep.
dum, dum, dum!!!! to be continued.