Saturday, October 24, 2009

Our Newest Projects

i've been painting on another mat. this one for my mother-in-law. its a group of her favorite flowers. i've finished the background & filled some spaces with leaves. oh shit, i'll just show ya what i've done so far. the next flower i'm gonna put on it is an iris in the bottom left corner. those few marks you see on the right are rose leaves & i'm planning on adding to them with a star gazer lily in the upper right corner. i'm thining maybe i'll fill the spots in with daisies. all the other flowers are her favs but the daisies are because i love them. oh, the top left you can't really tell what they are in the pic but those are oak leafed hydrangeas. you can see the 4 leaf flower spikes when you're actually looking at it. although, to make them more pronounced i'm gonna outline the edges in a really pale green. i've been putting it off cos i don't want to mess it up & i need to practise on the placement before i commit it to the mat. i'm thinking i need to extend the iris leaves a little too. run them up into the oak leaf. my sister, nipper, has been dropping little hints that she wants a mat too. i'm thinking of doing one of her home. it sits up on a hill & i think it'll look cool with her flowers painted behind it. its just something i'm kickin around, so far. i'm still painting on the tree on my bedroom wall. hubby says its gonna be a year before i get it finished. course, i've got the rest of my life to finish that one. oh, speaking of hubby, he's been talking about shaving his head for years now. is that just a guy thing or what? i've heard several men say they'd like to see themselves at least once bald. i guess to see if they have a weird head or what. so i'm sure you know what i'm gonna show you next.... yep, he did it for sure. we took the kids home & hubby talked sonny into shaving it for him. he's lucky cos its not an ugly head. its not all knicked up & for the most part its just smooth. where his hair was is all white so he needs some sun on it but other than that it looks pretty natural. after halloween he's gonna grow his hair back out so it'll only be for a few weeks. i think he's gonna let me paint brains spilling out for halloween. we were gonna dress with the kids as zombies but sonny decided to keep the kids for halloween & take them himself. i'm glad he's taking them. they need to spend more weekends with their kids. i know honey wants her time off but i'm gonna enjoy some time off myself. afterall, i'm the one that works all week.

last weekend we went to see my youngest b-i-l acting in sweeney todd. he played the judge & did an excellent job. my oldest b-i-l is also in a play this week. he's acting in one flew over the cuckoo's nest. i'd love to go see it but i think i'll love staying at home without the kids a lot better. so, i'm looking forward to this weekend. like i haven't looked forward to a weekend in a long time. i just hope the nice weather hangs in there.
well, gotta get ready for bed. another work day to prepare for.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Booking Up My Time

is anyone here on facebook? i've avoided it like the plague. until a few months ago when a school pal contacted me after a birthday party he had. he said if i created an account i could see all the photos they took at the party. there were lots of my old school pals that came to his party & i had to see who all came. i finally gave in & created an account to check out the pics. i'll be honest. i'm not sure if i'm happy or just stressed with this facebook deal. yeah, i've reconnected with a lot of school friends & its been great. but i was also invited into some games. well, for the most part i did avoid the games until one of my friends invited me to join farmville. its been pretty cool. you plant things & lots of people give you gifts. some of them animals some of them decorations for your farm. you make money by helping other people clear their farms of foxes, crows, gophers & weeds. you also get extra points when you buy things for your farm. is anyone familiar with this game? i've created a pretty cool farm but lots of times when its time to harvest my plants or tend the animals i was kinda busy with something else so i let jammer take over the farm on the weekends. man, i have a mansion & elephants & a hot air balloon!
but the little shit joined me in a lot of other games & now i'm so stressed with all the crap i'm supposed to be doing i'm kinda sorry i ever got on facebook at all. you get invites to all the events going on around town cos everyone i know is either in a play or part of a halloween happening. not to mention birthday parties & school events. i mean, cripes! its everything. so, i sign into facebook & for an entire day its nothing but answering invites & accepting gifts, replying to people i know or haven't seen for years, harvesting plants, milking cows, picking fruits, helping neighbors, building houses, planting crops, tilling grounds....i swear, it never ends. and the best part? the best part is the little shit i let help me with my farm & accepted invites to so many other games isn't here all week so i'm stuck doing it all by myself! as slow as my computer is i'm waiting for up to an hour to go from one screen to another. its a vicious circle! i'm telling you one big vicious circle! i'm ready to buy him his own computer so he can keep up with everything all week long. anyone wanna sell me another computer? its open season on what i'd do to get this shit off my back!
well, now that i've ranted, to almost my hearts content. i guess i could just ignore these things but i hate letting people down. i mean, after all, its just a game.

the one good thing that came out of it all is i got to see a bunch of cool pics! school friends that have gotten old just like me. graying & fatter than they were. its fun to see who will friend me next. so, if i'm not around here & you have a facebook account you can find me at come on over to the frantic side!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Quick Catch Up

a comment on one of my last posts clued me into the fact that my comments had been turned off. (thanks tamie) sorry about that. i'm not sure how it happened. i've been reading up on how to change my background so maybe i did it when i was messing around with that.
not much new happening here. we've been taking some time away from the kids. at least at home they're out in the boonies & can't co-mingle with boys in the woods. i'm almost afraid to bring ix around & let her go out to play. i'm pretty sure sonny would kick my ass if she turned up pregnant by someone around here. i don't mean in the near future, of course, i mean in the not to far off future.
i'm hoping to learn what i need to get this background changed soon though. i'm reading up on it & learning html looks pretty easy. i'm not the luckiest person with this friggin vista operating system i'm on now. seems like everytime i go fooling around with things i mess something up. bare with me though. i'll get it.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Put A Lock On Your Shit

remember we went to grandparents day for ix a few weeks ago? after we had lunch remember we took her through the book fair? she gathered several books & we made her pick the one she really wanted. we had just given her & jammer each $15 bucks a few weeks before that to go to the book fair. a few days after our visit she started aggravating mom & dad that she needed another $15 bucks. sonny told her she'd already had plenty of money for the book fair & refused to give her more money. weelll, she decided better! she decided to steal a journal from the bookstore & guess what? she got caught! only by the time she was caught she had already written in the book so she had to fess up. only not before the school called sonny & let him know what she had done. this weekend I finally saw the book & checked it out. while reading through what she wrote i came across a page of 'my biggest wish' listings. want to know what ixxie's biggest wish was? grab your ass & cover the kids eyes cos this is gonna throw you for a loop!
her biggest wish was 'to have sex'! oh yeah, the next few years will definitely be a stress on my nerves. now i know why every time she leaves the yard we find her in the woods with a boy. i really wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt & believe that she didn't have a clue why it was so bad for her to be playing by herself in the woods with a little boy. one page of a diary & my hopes for a clueless little girl is out the window. yeah, she knows what she's doing. yeah, she'll be pregnant before she's 15. anyone know where i can buy a chastity belt? its either that or sew her twat shut! at nine years old i thought boys were yucky. i didn't even think about a boy in that way until i was at least 15. and my parents thought i was boy crazy. shit, they had it easy. when we were talking about it with her, jammer walked in & heard the last of the conversation. you wanna know what his biggest wish was? his biggest wish is to get a real gun! lord, help us all! i'm scared! aren't you?