Saturday, January 31, 2009

Is Anybody Out There?

well, mutha nature was a mutha fucka & done it again. she decided to not only puke all over us but shit & gloat as an afterthought. this time with an added bonus she added sleeting rain that locked down, not only the city but, the whole midwest. do you see how long that icicle is? it all started over night monday, i told you the weather people were calling for some pretty nasty weather. by tuesday morning we already had 5 inches of snow. then it turned to the mix of sleeting rain & snow. which turned everything into a solid chunk of ice. several inches of solid ice folks! these are the bushes that live down the side of the house. normally, they stand about 15 feet tall & create a heartshaped arch that you can walk through. afterwards, it snowed continuously for the next 12 hours. they locked the city down by wednesday, calling for a level 3 emergency, which meant you better have a damn good reason for being on the roads. businesses, schools, churches & our assholes were all closed for the season. i finally made it to work on thursday but they were calling for more snow by afternoon so i left early. last time it was like this it took me 7 1/2 hours to get home. i wasn't about to go through that again. i actually had to have my car towed home that time cos i couldn't get up the hill & was stuck in a driveway about 3 miles from home. the snow came & made things even worse for today so i couldn't go anywhere again. its a good thing we're in our slow time right now. if this had happened before xmas we'd be in big trouble about now. (people have no compassion when it comes to their xmas gifts if we can't come through with processing before they need their gifts.) back to the storm, when the ice started falling our electric started flickering. by 11 am the news was saying how the electric was off in at least 30,000 homes & my hometown made up about half of them. no sooner was that said then our electric bit the big one & everything went black. except the roads & the trees & the houses, which were all white! which was beautiful, btw. we were lucky & it came back on after a mere 13 hours. some people still have no electric today.
needless to say, we won't be having the kids this weekend. hell, we may not have them next weekend as they're already calling for more snow come monday & tuesday! if you don't hear from me:


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dirty Innocence

hey, i just got my first dirty comment. it never occured to me that i'd get a dirty comment over anything i said. thats cos my mind isn't in the gutter but apparently some people wallow in it. hmmm. maybe i should post about breasticles & pussy more often. even pussy used innocently gets millions of hits in google. i know lots of searches of the word sex has shown up in my site meter from visitors. that was just cos i named one of my friends sex tex cos she's from texas. see? innocent.
to make it even clearer how innocent i am i'm ratting out my hubby. i think he's the dirty commentor.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Frozen Pussy

tomorrow the weather people are calling for snow before i even get out of bed & by the time i get to work its supposed to be a mixture of snow & sleet. since i live on top of the hill 6 miles from the river my chances of getting down the mountain are slim to none without winding up in a ditch or worse, in the river. i received this email today & felt it was very appropriate.

by Abigail Elizabeth McIntyre

Shit, it's Cold!"

i went straight to the bosses office this morning & relayed to her the sad news 'a winter storm warning in effect for tuesday'. i explained that the weather men told me that i shouldn't be on the roads unless it was a dire emergency. she agreed with the weather people that i shouldn't try to make it in. which means i get to sleep in tomorrow.
this is a good thing cos i didn't get any sleep this weekend. those darn kids were so noisy & demanding. it was all i could do to get down the hallway before they were yelling 'good morning, memaw' at me. apparently they're taking lessons from hubby about the yelling crap. bitch? me? i'm just kidding. i love it that the first thing they do is scream at me that they love me & are glad i'm up for them to begin the torture of their sibling rivalry. see how many kisses & hugs they can get in over each other. as far as i'm concerned they can knock themselves out with that one. although, i do hate it when ix hisses at jammer like she's a spawn of satans & i've put my foot down with both of them over the tattling. i keep trying to make ixxie realize that she has this one brother for life & he's gonna remember the things she does to him now so he can get even with her when he's bigger. and bigger he will get. and even is a state of mind with him. thats when i get the look of death from her. the love stops & she wishes reigns of locusts, rings of fire, a short life of leprosy & other horrible unmentionable things on me. i swear you can see it in her eyes. i have to get a pic of her when she's giving me that look of hatred. i laugh at her cos that pisses her off even more. she's alot more fun to piss off than jammer. he gets over it right away but she sits & broods on it until it eats at her. poor kid is gonna grow up to be a miserable adult. i forsee a lot of pissing going on in her life.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

New President In: Money Out

after that last post have you missed me? was that long enough or what? i didn't realize how long it was till i published it. i thought damn lindy, can you think of anything else to put in there? so, i come to you with my head hung & beg your forgiveness. but in my defense...aww, fuck it. i have no excuse. but dude, did you get my love of computers? you're gonna love this then. right now i have 2 sitting here with problems & people want me to fix them. someday, i'm gonna be able to retire & when (no, if) i ever do i'll have a backup income cos i'm gonna fix computers for a small fee. course, all the people that depend on me now to keep them up & running for them won't be happy that i want money for said fixing of computers but 'thems the breaks'. not everyone can have their own free IT support. honey thinks she's stroking my ego when she says 'you're my computer guru'. truth is i'm practising. her computer is my guinea pig & i'm doing trials & errors on it. knock on wood, i haven't screwed anything up yet so i must know what i'm doing to some extent. i figure i can only get better. i won't be retiring before 2021 so that gives me plenty of time to practise. besides, i've lost hard drives, had ram go bad, corrupted files & the dreaded bsod so i've been through a lot of the fixes on my own computer. also, between hubby & myself we've put together several computers to give away too. really, its not like i'm flying blind.
shoot, my 5 year old grandson already knows the 3 finger salute & advises everybody to use it on a weekly basis. speaking of jammer, we had pizza delivered on friday & when the pizza dude got here jammer ran to the door to say 'hi, pizza dude'. kevin, our delivery guy spoke to him asking 'whats up'? jammer told him he was gonna be a pizza dude when he grew up. god, please help me save him from that life. i know, i'll teach him to work on computers. when i retire i'll get the jobs & he can do the work. course, when that time finally gets here computers will probably come with their own nano's to repair anything that went wrong. guess we'll have to learn how to fix the nano's when they go bad.
february is coming up fast & whoo hooo, tax time. i want to get mine done quickly before obama makes his all important change
to our system & i get screwed out of my money somehow. it would be nice if he came through for the little guys but i just don't see it happening. we're also gonna take mojo to court for visitation with the twins. i'm excited for that to come. i've really missed the girls. as a matter of fact we still have xmas gifts sitting here for them. its gonna be like xmas all over for all of us come february.
ahh crap. its snowing here again. i was hoping it was over for the day. just means i have to get up early & head out before daylight. guess i better hit the sack.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Losing My Shit

i love my computer. i don't get as much chance these days as i used to sign in & do my surfing but that doesn't deter me. its still the most fantastic thing EVER to be invented. well, not counting things like electric toothbrushes, hair dyes & cardio paddles but still it ranks right up there with the best of inventions. i first started about 15 years ago on an old workstation that had a unix system on it. all i could do with it was enter stock information. it was a company computer & it didn't have internet access. the experience of having something so cool that made my work so much easier was fascinating to me. it made me want to learn more about it. thats about the time they started coming down in price & finally was cheap enough that people were buying them for personal use. my boss at the convenient store realized how much i loved being on the computer & invited me to stop by his house to check out his sons computer. well, let me tell you, i was thrilled! his son showed me how to sign on & surf the web and people, it was on!!! from then on i just couldn't get enough of the computer knowledge. i started checking out books at the library & every chance i got i visited jay, the kid with the computer, to show him what i learned. we fed off each other & before you knew it he had the most tricked out computer in the city! one day another friend stopped by & he was in a jam & needed to make some money fast. he was packing a....
hang on a minute while i take care of business. 'what do you want'? 'come to bed'. 'i'm waiting to take my medicine. i'll be in in a minute'.
if this thang darling man that i grudgingly lovingly refer to as hubby yells calls at me to 'come to bed' one more time i'm gonna smash nestle his obnoxioux face cute litte upturned nose into my big fat tits breasts & stop him from snoring permanently make him a happy man.
now where was i? oh yeah, the computer.
he was packing a compaq presario 4402 & needed a hundred bucks to pay his electric bill. i didn't want to seem too excited but for me it was a done deal. i went to the bank to get the money but made him go with me so he wouldn't be able to sell it out from under me before i got back. since that time i've cruised the internet to my hearts delight. i've bought programs, more memory & bigger hard drives eventually moving on to a better & newer computer. for every program you buy you have to sign up with some site to upgrade or get the latest news. if you want to lose weight, you have to sign up for that site. if you want to get email, you have to sign up for an account. have you noticed how every site you go to wants you to 'create an account'? just to name a few, i belong to blogger, plaxo, myspace, bebo, juno, hotmail, kodak, trellix, ebay, cincular, duke, lifelogger, & even martha fucking stewart (don't laugh, i love my cute little house) not to mention a few banks that i deal with. the list goes on & on. i've had so many accounts that i've forgotten about a lot of them until i see something that mentions the site & reminds me, oh yeah, i have an account there. hell, i even read a few blogs that insist you create an account with them so you can comment. which is why some of you don't hear from me anymore. i had to draw the line somewhere! well, to finally get to the point. i opened one of my bank sites last night & spent 2 hours trying to sign in! shit, damn, hell! what was my user name & password? 2 hours people! thats ridiculous! i know how ridiculous it is cos i have a cd getting ready to mature & i have to do something about it now or its gonna roll over for another fucking year. shit, damn, hell! i want that money now! as stupid as it is i've reached the point where i'm gonna have to start keeping a list of things to keep up with all of them. i know, i know! i'm asking for trouble but i have a lockbox that i can keep it in. its buried in the back yard & all i have to do is wait until after dark to go dig it up. right? wanna hear the funniest part of all this?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Toys

sorry, i know i'm a shitty blogger. i've been so busy with work that the last thing i want to do when i get home is get on another computer. i'll try to be better. now that we've slowed down at work i can find more things to blog about. i've been playing with my new video camera a bit. i'm still not really good with it but this summer that will change. i plan on burning it up. it has so many settings & things to check before you tape that the pages of the manual all look like bangledesh to me. theres one page that illustrates how to get to different functions & how to change them but i can't figure out when to hit the confirm or the menu button. i'm not stupid just overwhelmed with this thing. its gonna be a trial & error kinda learning experience for all of us. so far the video i've taped is too dark to really see anyone. except where i'm in the bright kitchen. theres an ev adjustment on it that i didn't even know about when i started using it at nippers house the day we did our christmas there. when i got home & started rewatching the videos on the camera they looked ok. you could see everything pretty well. just like when i taped it. but after i finally downloaded the drivers & copied everything onto the pc its alot darker. when i put the new 2 gig memory card in it i read on the box that i could get a free download of corel maintainone program which i thought cool, i can fix the dark exposure with that but when i went to the site to download it i was looking at 17 hours of download time. sorry bitch, its yours if you can stay online long enough & guess what? i can't. my isp will only stay up in 4 hour increments. besides, who's gonna go to work if i have to try sitting here for 17 hours to babysit a download? see! there! i just got kicked off & had to sign back in to finish this post.
which is a sign that i've been on here reading my favs & searching the net for my allotted 4 hours. like i care that they think i only need 4 hours to do whatever i want to do on my computer. pfft. what do they know?
i still have to visit utube & figure out how to stay online long enough to upload these videos for ya'll to see.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Old Age

did anyone see that full wolf moon on the 10th? we didn't get to see much of it. the skies were mostly cloudy but every now & then it peaked through. beautiful. too bad it happens in the middle of winter. you can't spend any time outside as cold as its been. we've had below zero temps & snow. i need to move to a warmer climate. preferably warm year round & flat. so i can get lots of walking time. i've found that the more i walk the more weight i lose. since xmas i've been kinda stuck due to not getting out for my walks & hubby moved my nordic trak to the bedroom to make room for the tree. now that the tree is down its time to bring the trak back out but you know, thats just not as fun as taking a walk outside. its boring. i tried reading while i walked on it but thats not the easiest thing to do. maybe i need an ipod so i can listen to music. anything to make that damn trak more interesting. if i weren't such a wuss i'd get out & walk in the snow. that would really burn some calories, don't you think? for every step i'd take i'd have to take 3 or 4 more to keep from busting my ass. so far this year i've only kissed the pavement once. i was getting out of the car & as soon as my feet hit the ground my feet flew out from under me. i went straight under the car. granted my face didn't kiss the pavement but my ass sure did. i was sore for a few days. i'm too old to do that too much. course everyone that saw it asked if i was ok through their snickers. i can't blame them, i laugh first & show concern second too. i think thats human nature.
stupid me got a vibrating, heating mat for christmas but i loaned it out to my boss that just had back surgery. i took into the office & said, 'i thought you could try this today & see if it helps'. a little while later i went in & asked if she'd like me to plug it in for her & she informed me that she thought she'd just take it home & try it. i thought she'd try it at the office & if it helped she'd go buy her one. i never dreamed she'd take it home & keep it. that was almost 3 weeks ago & she still has it. at home. not the office. i'm kinda at a loss as to how to ask when she thinks she might bring it back to me. after all, my sister bought it for me, as a christmas gift, cos, ummmm, my back hurts too. i had used it once. it felt really good which is why i thought it might help her. hubby says i can kiss it goodbye. he thinks she'll just keep it & every week that she doesn't bring it back he just shakes his head at me. i know she'll give it back but at this point i'm wondering if it'll be summer before i get it. or maybe she's waiting till she can walk long enough to shop so she can buy her own. whatever, i hope its soon. i'm jealous she has the heating vibrating mat.

Monday, January 05, 2009

What's Up

watching the ball drop i came to a few conclusions. you may or may not agree with me but thats totally up to you.
1. a person has to be nuts to want to go to new york in the fucking winter & stand in the middle of the streets for hours for any reason. on top of being too cold you're always taking the chance of getting stabbed. it happens every year & its just not a chance i want to take.
2. its time for dick clark to give up the ghost. god bless him, he's still hanging on but how scary does he look these days? i'm not sure if thats a cause & effect thing or if he's had too much plastic surgery. who can tell?
sure i was raised on dick clark & his american bandstand program. sure i love dick too. but i really didn't enjoy the show enough to watch. seeing him that pitiful made me feel bad for him. he didn't really even look like he was enjoying what he was doing. i had to turn the channel until it was time to see the ball fall, opps, i mean drop.
i saw the blog awards are back. did you voted for anyone? a few of the blogs listed in my sidebar were actually nominated. and yes, i had to vote for them. i started my new year off right by doing good deeds. think that might pay off in the long run?
its time to get back on the diet rollercoaster. through the holidays my main goal was to maintain. i figured if i could keep the weight off that i've lost through the holidays i was good to go when i got started again. i did that & went one better by losing another pound even with all the good food. now, it's time to start taking this thing seriously again. i did finally get the meds the dr. wrote prescriptions for. i couldn't afford them even with my insurance covering the biggest part of them. it took a few paychecks after christmas to get that together. it was a choice between my new meds or hubbys' seizure meds & since taking him off those would cause him to maybe have a seizure i couldn't take the chance. after i take them for a month i'll make another appointment with my dr. to make sure they're working for me. i'll keep you updated on that.
oh crap, i almost forgot my big news. jammer is learning to read! i have to get utube or blogspots video to work for me cos i have to show you what he does with his tongue when he's reading. he sticks it out & wiggles it every time he gets a word right. i think its his way of celebrating but it might just be concentrating on how to pronounce the next word. you can help me decide. if you don't laugh yourself silly.
now, i have to hit the sack. we're expecting snow tomorrow so i'll have to head out a little early to miss it. i'm just praying it'll all be over by the time i get off tomorrow & not too bad to make it home. i hate sleeping in the car.