Monday, April 20, 2009


hey all, i'm a bad blogger. how many times have i told you that? but i am so sorry i haven't been around. i think i've missed some important events & maybe hurt some feelings. its not cos i don't love ya'all. its truly money burning a hole in my pocket. this old pc of mine is so slow. it just takes forever for some blogs to load & god forbid i want to watch an utube video. i have to wait forever & let it run through once or all i get is bits & pieces. i want a new computer so bad i can taste it. i've been shopping for one that is worth my money. i'm not rich so when i got hold of an extra $500.00 all i could think was this is my chance. i have to watch sales & pick the right one cos its gonna have to last the rest of my life. pretty soon i'm hoping to find the perfect pc just for me. something else i'm gonna have to do is go for faster internet connection. one of the things i have done in the last week is visit my library. i want to know about networking & setting that up. its something i'm completely stupid about. you know, my library doesn't have a networking for dummies book. i did get a few networking books but those are so easy to learn from. i was disappointed. i've also been trying to do some redecorating in the house. which hasn't been easy with working every day & having the kids on the weekends. i just don't have enough time to get everything i want done in a day. we finally did get everything back in the bedroom & the curtains made & up. i had to wait for a paycheck to get the ceiling paint which we finally got last weekend. i have to rely on hubby to do that cos i (a. can't reach (b. can't paint (c. have to work.
so, i promise i'll be back with a vengeance once i get all this shit together. just be patient with me. in the meantime, i've found a few things i think might make up for both my lack of posting & visiting. this is one i think some of ya'll will love & this is one i just love . check them out & let me know what you think.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


'Happy Easter' everyone! even without the kids we still did the ham & potatoes along with the boiled eggs. i just didn't color them. but it was a good lazy day & ms. m is tickled pink with her bone.
hope ya'all had a great day, too.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Paying The Piper

even though there's soon to be a lawsuit regarding the twins i emailed mojo to request she meet with me to give the twin xmas gifts that they still have to get. isn't it awful that she won't let us even give them the gifts we bought for them? of course, (and i didn't expect anything different) she never responded. BEYOTCH!! but soon, i just need to be patient. not my best quality i assure you. but i'm doing my best 'hang in there' impersonation. i miss my girls so much. the only way i get to see them is by visiting her 'my space' page. she posts new pics occasionally & i get to see their smiling faces there. i guess if she knew i had her page saved she'd probably quit posting there. and just to reiterate again: BEYOTCH! i can only hope someday someone takes a loved one away from her & refuses to even acknowledge her existence in their life. paybacks are a mother fucker & i hope she gets hers. of course, pretty soon sonny will be socking it to her so i guess i shouldn't feel this way. but not getting to see my granddaughters is really taking its toll on me.
the devils gonna take me to hell for the way i feel about her.
its easter weekend. i called about the kids today & honey informed me that her dad was having an easter party & they were taking the kids to him this weekend. that really ticks me off too. i can't tell you how many times i've been told how honey hates her father. he's never been there for her & he hates my son. i just don't get it. the less you do for them the more they love you? the thing that really pisses me off about this is they didn't bother letting us know ahead of time. i had to call them today to find out they weren't coming. after we bought easter goodies, i might add. someone just needs to smack me.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Staying Busy

i told you that damn groundhog didn't know what he was talking about. he saw his shadow & predicted 6 more weeks of bad weather. well, here it is 2 months later & we've got snow!! its not accumulating but its been spitting snow all damn day. in case i haven't said it enough, i hate snow!!
i've found a new hobby. for the last year or so as we've flipped through the channels on saturdays i've stopped on the painting shows to watch a little. before i knew it i was looking for them intentionally. there's a woman named donna dewberry that does a show on pbs. i just love her. she does all kinds of projects but her one stroke painting is fabulous. i'm thinking of adding some charm to the freshly painted bedroom. maybe a tree & some flowers would be pretty. bring the outside garden in. i'm thinking of copying parts of my own garden. course, this may be too big of a project & i might wimp out but for right now, its on my agenda.
two big purchases are also on my agenda. i want a new flat screen hdtv. a BIG one. and i want a new computer. if you're wondering where i've been lately, i've been shopping. you know me, i can shop all day long. what you may not know is i'm a tight ass. i really hate to part with my money so to do that i have to find a really good deal. if you hear of any, let me know...

Friday, April 03, 2009

Mastering The Fine Tuning

finally, i've just about finished with the bedroom. except for the curtains & deciding where everything will look best on the shelves. you know, the fine tuning. i really don't want to put it all up till hubby paints the ceiling. have you ever tried to get paint dots off of ceramics? that shit ain't easy. once i used this stuff called 'awesome' & it totally is just that because it really cleans your shit without scrubbing but it takes the color off with it. the only thing i know that works is good ole soapy water & that needs to be done as soon as possible. i'm so glad to have the floor fixed. that tilt a floor i had to walk through to go to the potty in the middle of the night was getting old. the pale tangerine color really brightened the room though. i should have done this years ago. even walking the tilt a whirl would have been easier if i could have seen like i do now. but, right now, its my favorite room in the whole house. up to this point my ivy covered kitchen was my fav. its moved down to the 2nd fav. i searched high & low for the perfect pieces for the kitchen till i had it all, then decorated it. i think its cute as hell. martha stewart ain't got nothin on me!!! i joke that i'm a 'jack of all trades: master of most'. how many women do you know that can cook the bacon, sew a pair of curtains & pull your motor out of the car all rolled into one? oh, and repair your computer to boot? ha! i'm too much. ow, i think i just pulled a muscle patting me on the back. i'm not as bendy as i used to be. and sad to say, i'm getting old.