Friday, December 25, 2009

After The Yule Log

we just got home from christmas dinner with my in-laws. had a great roast dinner with all the trimmings & exchanged gifts. the first christmas since dad passed away. it was hard on mum but she's a tough lady. the best thing is her new granddaughter, k-boo. she's a blessing. i'm not so sure mum could be so strong if it weren't for her.
i painted mats for everyone. they were a big hit. everyone bragged & compared that theirs was the best. i love the personal touch. i think it shows the true meaning of christmas to put your own touch on a gift.
we'll be doing my family on sunday so i'll post all my gifts at once.
we're picking up the kids tomorrow. they'll be opening their gifts tomorrow night.
i've been meaning to find the time between painting & shopping to tell you we got to see the twins last sunday. we all got together at my dads. man, that was a trip! my dad has mellowed so much in the years. i can't remember as a girl ever sitting on my dads lap. it was just something not done. with the twins its so different. they climbed all over him & he just loves on them. its great to see. he actually played baby dolls with them & i can honestly say i've never seen him play dolls with anyone before. i think he's probably happier than he's ever been before. i guess his new wife has been good for him.
well, got a big day planned tomorrow. i need to hit the hay.
hope everyone had a very merry christmas. be safe.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Slow Motion Rewind

note to farmers: i understand you need to haul your crap around from farm to farm but please! put! lights! on! your! trailers!
i had some work done on my car. turned out there was a problem with the bolts that was supposed to hold my calipar in place. like one was missing. so i had this horrible rattle going on in the front end. while the mechanic had my car i borrowed my mother-in-laws car. which really made me nervous anyway. i came to complete stops, looked both ways three times before i pulled out, kept to the speed limit & parked away from all the other cars. i was so careful. the last day i had it i was coming home & i've told you how my road is uphill with a lot of curves. not to mention its now dark when i come home. so i'm coming through the s's up the hill & i'm thinking how i'll be turning over the car in just a few minutes so i won't have to worry about something going wrong. when i came to a tight little curve. with a farm truck coming at me. the truck was in his lane. i was in my lane. the farmers trailer was also in my lane. with no lights on it so i really didn't see it until i was almost on top of the tire. the tire that was sticking out a foot from the trailer. the trailer that had no lights on it. i did manage to miss the damn trailer but i went straight to the bathroom when i got home. just to check. i did take the car home & i didn't mention that i almost wrecked it because of some stupid farm trailer. i also didn't mention that i almost shit my pants while driving the car. my mother-in-law is awesome.