Friday, March 26, 2004

WooHoo!!! i'm excited. finally figured out how to get the guestbook in the sidebar.. it's only taken me a week. now to find a bunch of stuff to add. i have a few in mind. so, on with the blog.

i don't have alot of air to share anymore. if i came across someone having trouble i've had the class before so i could help them. i'm sure i would. i did save a little girl once. we were at our local county park swimming. i saw her walking out farther & farther. she was really young like maybe 2 years old. anyway i watched her go under & by the time i got to her she wasn't there anymore. after frantically thrashing around i found her & pulled her up. she was spitting water & drawing breath fast. poor kid was scared to death. her mommy saw what happened & said she couldn't find her. it felt good so, yes i would help anyone that needed it.
been reading a lot of blogs. more & more interesting. i read one the other day that said "he thought the life cycle was all backwards" and described how it should go. i like his way of thinking. young people have a cool outlook sometimes. then i'm thinking how would that work? would we have dead bodies laying around that just comes to life & starts the backwards process? i can see 'dawn of the dead' all over. (which i'd like to add one of my brothers-in-law played a zombie)
my boys r coming to see me today. i can't wait. we talked to dom on the phone last night. he said "papaw" for hubby. he said "hi, what's up" to me. i love keeping him on the weekends. he's so fun.. i might be back today to expand on ixxie & dom. we'll see.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

ok i know it's been a while since i've posted anything but i've had a crazy weekend & the week has been pretty close to the same.
conversation with sissy on friday:
gramma can u paint my nails?
sure ixxie. what color do u want? ( ixxie is my nickname for her cos last summer she was determined she had a tick in her ear so i stuck her with ixxie)
i don't care. alma painted them & it's wearing off.
(i choose pink)
ixxie do u know what color that is?
what color is it?
no, that's what its called but there's a name for it. do u know what the name of the color is?
yes, gramma.
what is the name of the color?
no, ixxie do u know ur colors?
yes, gramma.
tell me some of the colors u know.
(at this point i'm getting frustrated.)
ixxie do u know what red looks like? can u show me something red?
(she points to something blue)
no that's blue. what's red? she points at the same thing. ixxie that is blue. (so, i point at the same thing & ask) so what color is this?
no, ixxie. is it red, (shakes her head yes) no ixxie, what color did i just tell u it was? did i say green, red or blue?
oh god i'm gonna lose my mind. this child is a smart kid. she can repeat whole movies & every conversation she's ever heard. why can't she comprehend colors? so we worked all weekend with colors & by sunday she can show me red, yellow, green & blue. but getting her there was like pounding my head against the wall. more to come so hold on. work doesn't appreciate paying me to blog & i've got some cards to check right now.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

i truly expected that to just go in as the rss i copied there so i could find it when it came time to apply it. (after i figured out how to incorporate it into my blog ) screwed that up & a few other things too. but i will figure this shit out i know.

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hey again, it's saturday & the kids r here. dom is playing with papaw right now. he's getting into everything these days. he has 14 teeth. he showed us this by biting very hard with every one of them & leaving the imprint of each. he can eat just about anything too. except chips. he's not good with chips. and what is his fascination with paper? maybe he'll be a journalist. what do u think? his mommy loves to write poetry & both his daddy & mommy love to draw. he's got the most beautiful smile. he has a gap between his top front teeth (like me & his mom). he loves to climb too. that will come in handy when daddy takes him hunting. there's so many things he has yet to learn. we call him our miracle baby cos daddy was told years ago that he would probably never be able to conceive. and he tried hard not to come out. he was breach u see. so, they had to take him c-section. i have some great pics of his birth. the doctors were all very good about letting me take pics during the entire thing. they even held him up at the end so i could get a pic of all of them with him. when i learn how to use all the options i will post some of them. i'm a picture freak. it's the best way to remember my life. my mind may fail me but my pics will never let me down. ok. i'm off to browse now. more to come as usual.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

phone keeps interrupting me. i think i am becoming stupid. that's what old age gets u. i also wanted to tell more on Dom.. he's in a squeezing phase. he either has to squeeze 'it' or 'through it' these days. did u ever wonder how they could be so mean & so cute at the same time?

Monday, March 08, 2004

Just wanted to give an update on my weekend...Friday on my way home from work my tire fell off. OMG. Scared the crap out of me. Thankfully I wasn't far from home & friends were all around me. One went to get hubby while the other stayed with me. I didn't do too much damage & it looks like maybe at work someone is just being mean & destructive. I think I was riding on one lug nut all the way home. Which is about a 40 minute trip. There was another car that had been broken into. Window smashed & everything stolen from inside. I'm wondering if they were stealing tires & maybe got busted???
Thank goodness I didn't have Dom & Sissy in the car. We all went to see hubbys' Mum & Dad for birthdays. We celebrated both together. They just love having Dom & Eleesha. And Uncle Steve is so great with Dom..He needs to be a daddy. Dom did all his usual cute things. And surprisingly didn't try to head butt anyone. He gets in these moods tho. He wants to just be really rough. For example I have him in my arms & he hugs my neck...awww, isn't that sweet but all of a sudden he's got hands full of my hair & Yes he is hugging but he's pulling my hair out at the same time. Then he gives me that sheepish little grin like I'm supposed to understand sometimes he just has to get the meanness out...He learned about buttons this weekend. Now, he yanks your clothes around to see if you have buttons anywhere. And I sing ABC's to him to help him go to sleep. He hums them with me as I go. Guess that's all for now. Oh, yeah one last thing. The car that the tire fell off of was a gift from my sister. So, when that happened I called her just to aggravate. She hasn't called me back. HMMM, deep huh?


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how many of these things are there anyway? u can find out what u would be if you were anything from an animal to a zodiac. i've seen harry potter characters, lip gloss, candies, animals, politicians, and the list goes on & on. kinda ridiculous isn't it?

Sunday, March 07, 2004

OK. From start to date. I invited 2 people to this blog...Hubby & Mom.. Guess what. Neither has shown any interest. Even to check out the blog. Oh Well. It's still here.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Well, I'm back. It was late tonight but they finally got here. My son is a busy man these days. We didn't wind up going to bed until after 2:30 am. But Dom is here now & mamaw gets to aggravate him. He now knows his nose from his teeth & his ears from his eyes. I've been teaching him these things each weekend. He learns quickly. Oh, yea & I bit his finger. Accidently but I got him pretty hard. I was playing & chomping my teeth at him to get him to show me my teeth. Well, just as I chomped he decided to show me & his finger slid right between the teeth & CHOMP. Now we are learning fingers & toes. I bit his finger & he won't forget that very quick & I pull his toes. He doesn't like the "this little piggy went" game. He keeps curling his toes up so you can't get hold of them. He has a black eye from an encounter with a chair. Man, it's hard growing up. But soon, he'll stop the tottering thing & be able to stand firmly. One step at a time. Till next week.