Saturday, August 26, 2006

Spy Fuckers

finally. is blogger sick or is still just me? it has taken forever to open a new post. and i mean fooorrrrreeeeeevvvvaaaahhhhhh! when i signed off last week everything was fine but when hubby signed on the next day some stupid antispy program came up, froze the computer & wouldn't let us sign into any of our emails. most programs as a matter of fact. i couldn't even get google to come up. no matter what has hit the computer i've always been able to get google up thankfully, cos thats where i get my answers from. i'm totally lost without it. want a quick fix? ask google. want a driver? ask google. want to know what your symptoms mean? ask google. its my personal free fix it all. i was lost without it, literally driving blind, so to speak. so the worldantispy thingy came up on the 21'st & i tried looking into safe mode to see if i could fix it. of course, keep in mind hubby is signing in everyday to see if anything has changed. plus, i'm checking google at another pc to find answers. then signing in to make those fixes happen. before i thought about it we had passed all our last 5 saved registry entries that you're supposed to be able to restore back to. and we were pretty much fucked! the only thing we could get to open was the isp that we pay for & everything i tried was automatically undone cos this spy program even knew when i was trying to delete it & reapplied itself. what a shithead! who thinks these things up? turns out it was a trojan that hijacked the computer. at least it wasn't a destructive virus.
i still have no idea how we got this thing. hubby swears he hasn't been to any porn sites. which is where they've come from in the past. he says the only thing he's done is read his newspapers & emails. he gets newspapers from around the world but i know they wouldn't have a spy attached to them. i mean i know everything has cookies but this was different. it added a key to my registry that i found by running our anti-virus program.
i don't know if cruising blogs can stick it to you or not. (guess i should ask blogger, huh?) i love to read random blogs but if thats a threat i can do without it. i'm also a member of blogexplosion which you can use to get traffic. again, i can lose all that if it means not getting any stupid shit downloaded into my pc. sigh....i'm gonna miss it but until i find out where this came from you can bet i'm gonna be alot more careful.
to make a long story shorter, i finally remembered i had saved a registry in my documents just in case of something like this. last night i applied that & viola! that quick i can sign into all my accounts again. the pc is running a tad slower so i know the damn thing left remnants of its program in there but right now i'm just happy to be back on the net.
this weekend will be spent running hijack this, cwshredder & constant checking on google to remove the entire thing.
wish me luck. i can use it. until then if you don't see much of me hitting your site, you know why.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Take A Number

can you tell that hubby isn't working alot of hours? when he works a full day he gets home about the same time i do. if he isn't working much he gets home much earlier & does his thing on the pc so when i come home its free.
yayyy, for me. booo for me. yay because he's done with the pc when i get home but boo for me cos he ain't making much money. he also gets alot more drinking time which really pisses me off cos i hate it when he's drunk by the time i get home. i hate it even worse when he doesn't work all day & is drunk before i even go to work in the morning. either way, the pro is i have my time on the pc...con, he stays drunk. can't win...just can't win. maybe its in my karma.
i guess the older i get the more cantankerous i'm getting. everything pisses me off these days. i've read that road rage is the thing to worry about now. cancer, heart attacks, random shootings, embolisms, stroke, car accidents....the list goes on & on but the newest thing is road rage. its actually been documented as a mental disorder. (jeez don't you love the way these people come up with this shit?) i'm going somewhere with this, honest.
i've always been a verbal driver to myself. when someone does something stupid i mutter out loud about how stupid they are. if you're in the car with me you get to listen to this but for the most part the other driver never hears what i'm saying. i'm alone these days so its mostly just me bitching about the stupid drivers i have to deal with on a daily basis. this week i shocked myself. i'm not usually a forceful driver. not to say that i don't drive fast when nobody is around. but in traffic i tend to take my time & hang back, not really pushing my way into traffic or taking chances that may put me in jeopardy. unlike some of the people that piss me off. they tend to inch their way in front of me & i just kinda let it happen. on my drive home these days i have to go through an area where over the last year they've been building a school. the school is built but there is still construction on the entrance & exit to the school as well as the road surrounding this area. as i left work today i heard on the radio that there was about a 30 minute delay through this area. i bounce around on the radio & i heard this traffic report on 3 different stations. the last station even added that a traffic light was now not working at that particular intersection. (i know i'm not the only one that heard this on top of knowing i'm not the only one that knows this construction is going on) its a 2 lane road but anyone that travels this area knows that the right lane closes & everyone has to merge into the left lane to get through, its been that way for at least 2 months. everyone that travels this route knows that the right lane merges. i've been sitting in this traffic jam everyday for way tooo long & letting the assholes push their way in front of me at the last minute. well, today, i sat in the left lane for my 30 minutes to get through the series of lights. just like i always do. knowing that one of the lights wasn't working, with the other 300 cars that was sitting in the same lane waiting their turn & watched as another 150 cars came up the right lane to pass us to jump in line in front of us. what? they're too good to sit in line & take their turn? are they better than the rest of us? who the fuck do they think they are? the longer i sat there the more aggravated i got. what the radio said was an extra 30 minutes on my drive home was quickly becoming an extra 40 minute commute. do you wanna know what i did? cos i'm gonna tell you. i was still 40 cars deep to get to the light & i straddled the 2 lanes. yep, i blocked the right lane the best i could. yep, some of the smaller cars still squeezed by me but when i got to the orange barrels where the lane ended....i blared my horn at the assholes that tried to crowd their way into my lane. the cutsie young guy looked over at me like i owed him the entrance into my lane. my windows were all down so i yelled out the window at him...'you knew that lane was closed when you got over there? (as he shrugged at me) NO, i've waited my turn & you'll wait your turn somewhere behind me!
my knees were knocking & i felt like an asshole but at least i got throught that fucking intersection without letting one more car in front of me. i tried to make myself feel better by telling myself that i took my turn & didn't jump line. then i thought about a beer line or a movie line. everyone has the common sense to take turns & i was tired of them not recognizing the line system. even if its a 450 person line, you still need to take your turn.
now, i'm mentally worn out. i gotta go to bed & get ready for the same confrontation tomorrow cos i know i didn't teach anyone a lesson. although, i had to laugh as i watched the young asshole back up to the last side street & try to get in at the light instead of pushing his way into the backed up lane.
GO LINDY, you outspoken daredevil..hahahahahaha

Monday, August 21, 2006

Shave & A Haircut

i've just sent the aliens on their way. this weekend has been very busy with everyone going back to school &/or starting school. we took them all to get new haircuts & pictures made. we shopped for school supplies/clothes & spent lots of money. they had a great weekend. thats whats important to me. just that i made an impression on the twins for their first year at school. i did it with ixxie & i'll do it for jammer. hopefully, i'm still around for jammer next year. see, i've already imagined that i may not be around for jammer when he starts school. i have to stop this negative lifestyle. i'm strong & i'll be around for many, many more years. besides, doesn't the song say 'only the good die young'? maybe i'm not so good that i'll die in the very near future. maybe i'm so mean that i'll last out all the good people. it's gonna be 3 weeks before i get their pictures back. in the name of technology i can't believe it takes that long to get photos back. jeez, do these people live in the age of forever or what? seems like they should just be able to email you the proofs, make your picks & print them out. what the hell takes so long? come on people! is like lightning fast. why can't we just use its potential? i guess as long as someone has a finger in it they earn a paycheck. man, if i ruled the world things would be different. email & the internet is the shit & the way to go. anyway, my way to go. course that would mean lots of people with nothing to do except send email. whoa, wait, even a monkey can do that. note to self...train more monkeys.
jammer naturally got mad at us while we were shopping. i don't even remember why now. but threatened to run away. 'i'm mad & i'm running away.' he declared. i asked if he wanted to do that now or wait till after lunch. i told him we were gonna do something special for lunch he may want to wait & make his decision then. he agreed that he'd wait till after he saw what the treat was. after all the shopping & haircuts we took everyone to wendys for lunch. it is a special treat cos we eat at home mostly. in the last 3 years we've had them in a total of 4 restaurants for a total of 6 times. once there he got mad again & said he was running away after we ate. wendys has a donation contraption hanging in the restaurant that has lots of really cool things inside. i don't remember what all was in the damn thing but i remember a truck & coin counter. anyway, it was full of things that jammer thought was cool & he proceeded to try pulling it off the wall. when i told him he couldn't have it i had applied the last rule. he was so pissed & proceeded to tell me just about how pissed he was & he was definitely running away as soon as we got home. i said we're taking naps first. ok? no, that wasn't working for him. he wanted to run away as soon as possible.
when he got home i asked him if he wanted to pack some toys, take his blanket or should i fix him a nilk (what he calls his cup with a leak proof lid). he didn't want any of those things but he told me he did love me & he was gonna miss me but he was running away. he had on the sandals i bought him that cost like 25.00 dollars so i told him he needed to leave his expensive shoes & wear the cheap ones. it'll look good for you to be wearing the cheap shoes if anyone wants to feel sorry for you, i told him. besides someone else can use them. they'll fit the twins if you're not gonna wear them.
he changed his shoes & out the door he went telling me again how he was gonna miss me.
hubby went out the back door as he went out the front door to keep an eye on him. he went next door & knocked.
when someone opened the door he asked the kid if he could come outside. the kid yelled for his mom & jammer booked it home.
he came in the door so fast hubby didn't have time to get back inside. he was breathing hard at me (actually imagine fast panting) like he'd been running for hours although he had only been gone for less than 5 minutes.
oh my goodness, are you ok? why are you breathing so hard? did someone chase you? did you get scared?
yeah, (with a pause for dramatics) i went...up the...street....i....stopped friends house. i was gonna...ask him to run away with me...but he yelled for his mom. i was...scared he was gonna...get in ran home.
so you ran all the way home?
yeah, i didn't want his mom to be mad at him.
so, you came home? does that mean you aren't running away anymore?
yeah, i'll talk to him later.
well, i'm glad you decided to come back home. i missed you.
ok, memaw. i just need to rest so don't talk, ok?
ok, i won't ask anymore questions.
thanks, memaw. but i missed you while i was gone!
he gave me a hug, a kiss & went off to play.
damn, i'm gonna hate it if he has to run away everytime i get a hug & a kiss.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sending Love Via Internet

i just read that a fellow blogger & his sweet little puppy was hit by a car. go on over & give them some sweet internet love for me if you get a chance. i've tried several times to just link his name & give you the link but i'm tired of trying that. so here is the link. blogger just keeps giving me a message that its not accepted. i've tried it & it'll take you there so shut up blogger. send him some sweet get well's. wouldn't you want that if you had just been hit by a car & didn't feel like doing anything that didn't consist of laying in bed? besides how can you resist the cute face on that pooch?
i have all 4 aliens this weekend so i'm gonna be losing my mind real soon. i still haven't adjusted to having 4 people talking to me at once. yes, multitasking i can do but multilistening i haven't gotten down to a science just yet.
give me break. i only have 2 ears. they have 4 mouthes between them. if they were in different keys i might be able to pull it off but to me it all sounds like jibberish when its all 4 at a time. maybe more practise will help. i know... maybe if i go to sleep listening to 4 different things i'll get it together sooner. practise makes perfect, right?
practise, practise, practise. thats what i'll do.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

In True Lindy Fashion

shit or not to shit. that is the dilemma. i don't usually share this stuff with you concerning my ageing but this getting old crap really sucks great big snotty boogers. my back has gotten where it aches all the time. i think in part this is due to always being used as a katrinka around the house. (thats the strong woman in the circus for those of you that don't know) anytime something had to be moved throughout my entire life i was the one chosen to grab an end. it has been that way as long as i can remember. the couch needed to be moved to the other side of the room, lindy can grab one end. a dresser needed to go up the stairs, lindy can grab one end. the car needed to be moved to the other side of the driveway, lindy can grab one end. yeah, thats an exageration, of course, it could be driven but you get my point. no matter how big or how small i was always elected to help move it. resulting in my nagging backache now that i'm older. well, thats giving it a little too. my back has actually hurt me since i was about 13 years old. i remember standing at the ironing board for hours back then thinking i was gonna die if i didn't get to sit down for a minute. thats just one of the cantankerous things that hurt. for the last few years i've been prone to migraines. doc holiday says this is known as premenapausal migraines. menapause because my periods are now coming about every 2 weeks. i couldn't be one of the lucky ones that skip months. oh no, i have to be one of those that start having them in duplicate. my latest bitch is my shit has forgotten the way out. i've gone for up to 7 days without being able to take a decent shit. i think this is in part to the hemorroids i have from childbirth. (thank you sonny for hanging onto my insides for 4 days.) but i'm a self diagnoser so i think this is all leading up to cancer. until i see my doctor again i'll be building this out of proportion in my mind. the not being able to go potty really makes it hard to sit still in an office where entry at a computer is what i do. hubby in his most serious face (with a slight smirk hiding behind his eyes) suggests i carry a donut with me to sit on. that won't give away the fact that my ass hurts to any onlookers, right? although, now that i think about it that might just help with my posture, too.
i think the cancer thing comes from news about my dad. i just recently found out that they found cancer cells in a prostrate test he had. its scary but they told him they found it early enough & they don't think it will kill him for another 100 years. i hope the 100 year thing runs in the family & not the cancer thing.
k...gotta go. i have 4 aliens that are trying to kill each other with their tentacles right now. i only know this cos my extra sensory perception is tingling & they are being waaaaay tooooo quiet.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Shower

another gorgeous weekend. the weather has been perfect. sunshine, no rain with low humidity. i could live somewhere with weather like this year round. the weather wasn't the only thing perfect this weekend.
remember i told you my niece is getting married in fla. sometime in october? well, nipper threw a wedding shower for her this weekend. jammer & i attended alone & had a blast. he sure knows how to play a crowd. the boy made me proud. he was adorable, sharing, sweet, thoughtful & helpful. i didn't know he had it in him. he also tried to swipe the box of potato chips in the end. i can't lie....he loves him some potato chips.
nip had everything layed out so beautiful. since the wedding is in fla. she had used seashells & sand for decoration with yards & yards of gossamer everywhere. honest, i think she could have made a whole wedding gown with all the gossamer she had put around the room. i loved it. she had pictures of the happy couple setting along the food table that looked like a couple of models. i want to know how 2 people can look that perfect. honestly, they looked like a couple that would be in the picture frame when you buy it. i wish i could show you but i didn't get copies of these pictures. i guess mom didn't think i needed to be privy to them.
nipper also had a collage of pictures hanging on the wall behind the cake that consisted of them as they grew up. such a great idea. the colors were violet & white with a 3 tier cake & she had a whole table full of gifts. they already bought a house. yes, bought! lock, stock & barrel so, she has already started the fix up & color scheme. (lucky little twirps. when i got married i had to match & patch in an apartment that had nothing that went together.)
nipper certainly knows how to throw a party. she had another table full of food. people were sitting around drooling for the food long before the shower ever started. as a matter of fact, one of the woman asked if she could go ahead & start eating before the guests had finished arriving. sis told her it would just be a few more minutes while the last of the stranglers wandered in so jammer shared his grapes with everyone. the bride sat in a white rocker while her mother read a beautiful poem about her growing from the busy little kid to the mother that she would some day be that brought tears to every eye. we ate as she opened gifts & all in all it took at least an hour to get through all the gifts. it was a great time for everyone. i think nipper did herself proud. i know i was proud of her. she sure put alot of work into this. and moola, i'm sure. but being the sweetie she is i know she loved every minute of it. cheers to you nipper for all your hard work & shopping to make everything perfect for the baby bride. she was so happy & she actually glowed. you did good!!!!
on our way home i asked jammer if he had a good time & he said 'yeah, but feeding all those girls was hard work.' i answered 'but you did it & did you know jesus feed thousands with 7 loaves of bread?' he added 'wow, i have to talk to him'. he fell asleep on the ride. wonder if he dreamed of helping jesus?
ok.....gotta go.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Fabulous Four

this weekend has been beautiful. its been so ungodly hot you couldn't stand to step outside. not this weekend though. perfect weather for a perfect weekend.
the twins are growing like weeds & definately coming out of their shyness. such little independent ladies. i went to the store on sat. planning on leaving all the kids at home. i wasn't gonna be gone more than a few minutes but when i got to the car i looked back to see them both standing at the door with their little purses hung on their arms waving for me to wait for them. they were dressed to match & i had been playing dress up with them. they looked so cute with their hair all done up with ribbons, lipstick on & carrying the little matching pink purses i just couldn't say no. i miss them when their not here but i couldn't do 4 kids every weekend. its draining. jammer alone is equal to 2 kids & depending on ixxie's mood she can be anywhere from 0 to 4. sometimes all within an hour. she sure is moody. give me a normal, adjusted growing kid anyday. i'm fine with that. the twins really don't take much out of me. their so independent & trying to be all grown up. they mostly play & entertain themselves. still, i remember why i wanted a boy so bad & why i only had one. i'll write more later. tonight i have to go to bed.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cruising The Hood

i've mentioned that i drive an hour to get to work. i live in the country, although i'm only 10 minutes from the big mall, theres just no work right close that you can make any money at. (not that i make a lot of money) but if you go into the city you have a better choice of jobs & money. so, everyday mon-fri. i make the drive. the scenery isn't too bad (except for all the dead animals i see) & until i hit the city the heat doesn't really get to me. apparently, it strikes the sanity of the city folks really hard. the heat that is. everyday is an adventure getting to work between the idiot drivers & the crazies hanging out on the street corners. there was this one day last week when i saw a fight between 2 women on the corner in crack town. you can only guess what the fight was over when you heard one bitch yell at the other one that she wanted her money. these idiots stand there & yell, 'hey! crack here, get your crack here.' just like they're selling beers at the ball games & shit. once i hit town i crunch down in my seat, crank up the windows & lock my doors. i'm hoping the stray bullets whiz over my head & noone is smart enough to smash my window to get to me. by the looks of most i don't have anything to worry about. when god passed out smarts these people were in line for cracks, thinking st. pete said crack. i guess some of them are kinda pitiful. they came out as junkies & didn't have a chance.
last week on my way through town i saw a cute little poodle racing down a hill from a house heading straight for the street in front of me. i saw it, i stopped & waited for the critter to cross the street. which it did without ever looking either way. hubby gets upset with me for this kind of shit cos it doesn't matter if its a dog, a deer or a bird...when i see it coming i stop & let it cross. well, as i'm sitting there watching the dog reach the other side of the street i catch a glimpse of a man running from where the dog came from. he was a pretty big man so i looked over at him wondering what in the shit is he chasing this little bitty dog for. as i turned he started waving his arms up in the air like he was hailing a jet plane. i noticed he had a white cape & hard hat on. he was yelling at any traffic coming down the street to stop for the dog. guess he wanted fresh meat for breakfast. all i could think was run! forest! run! (thats what i named the dog immediately). i raised my head a little bit & asked 'yours?' he said 'no, lives across the street. damn dog was eating my fins'. huh? i don't know if he had a speech impediment or what but about that time i realized the cape was a straight jacket that had come untied & was flapping behind him. i didn't ask no more questions. i just rolled up my window & went on to work.
this week has been both hubby & my dads birthday. hubby had several wishes that i had to grant. damn! obligatory wifey things among others including a nice dinner. all in all not a bad day. dad still hasn't even gotten a card. sperm donor that he is i haven't gotten that far yet. i'll get to it sometime today. he's probably out drinking & riding with his new horse (i mean wife) anyways.
well, gotta go. time to hit the pool.