Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Gotta Love My Aliens

things i've heard:
'aawww it's a baby wecord'. how do they know about records? and why don't they know the difference in a cd & a record?
'you go poop. then i gotta tell you something'. please, don't make me explain.
'i need your help.' 'about what?'
'will you wipe my apple? i can't use my sheet'.
just overhearing the things said sometimes crack me up. course, the last thing i wanted to hear this weekend was ixxie asking snarky if her mom 'had sex'. then saying 'yeah, she will though. just give it time'. WTF? where does this shit come from?
i missed out on halloween this year though. because it fell on monday & the kids were home. i bought costumes & planned on taking them out cos our community usually does something over the weekend when halloween falls on a weekday. this year we have new community leaders that decided against that. they just didn't care about one old memaw that wouldn't get to share if they broke tradition. i don't feel like i'm ever gonna get the twins for a halloween. and that's one of my favorite holidays.
other than that. nothing much new on the home front.
oh, except, finally hubby got busted at work for being drunk. he who swears he's not drinking in the morning when he staggers through the house. what is it about a drunk that they think they are so inconspicuos & smart that they can lie to you like that? fucking losers. i hate a liar, a thief & my next biggest bitch is a drunk that thinks he's the smartest man in the world.
enough about hubby.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Curiosity Kills More Than The Cat

man is it me or does blogspot have a lot of problems? i just lost another post & yeah, they have a recover button but if you haven't saved your post at least once it won't bring anything up. for those of us that just sit down & start typing that does me no good.
so i'll start over. damn it.
i was telling you all how i love reading blogs
i love to just randomly click on blogs to read. i like to go to my favorites & check out their links. something i found that amazes me though, is how i can find a blog randomly (by using the next site at the top) & read their links to find something i read all the time. if there are thousands of blogs out there how do we all find the same ones to read. is it just me or is that pretty bizaare?
better than that how do i find a specific blog? one i know about..just none of the specifics of the blog. i'll tell you why i ask. i have a boss at work that blogs. he's told me he updates it fairly regular (but not about work). he doesn't use his name..but who of us do?..and that i'd never find it. well, it makes me curious that he would say this to me. it felt like a challenge. like he dared me to find it. i said it couldn't be that hard cos i figure if he post regularly & he works the same hours i do then his chance to blog would be the same time i would be blogging (not about work). then he said i'd never know it was him. but he posts pictures (not about work) of a dog i gave him & a wife i know. i think he's wrong. i think i can find him. my best clue is he's a tarheel fan, i know where he hails from, where he works (even if he doesn't blog about work) where he lives & how many apartments he's had. hell, i even know what his favorite foods are & what he's allergic to.
so my new project is to find his blog. i don't need ammo against him, for once, i actually like this guy. he's a hell of a boss & always seems to care about his crew. yeah, he forgets to clue us in sometimes but he's a busy guy. they actually have him doing the job of 2 full time employees just like the rest of us & always looking for more work they can add to his job description. i kinda feel sorry for him. i said kinda cos he makes alot more money at his job than i do. but i really want to find him. any suggestions will be appreciated.
something else i want to ask. will i ever get over being tickled by these kids? i have to go right now cos the twins are telling me how their mommy is upset. something about crying & kevin & taking her heart away. this i have to find out about. nosey? nooo, i'm a concerned grandparent. yeah, right.. my curiosity gets the best of me. you know i lost a job over this once but thats another story.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

I Wish I Wish

this weekend we only had 3 grandkids. ixxie spent the weekend somewhere else. the 3 little ones get along so well when she isn't in the mix. we all went to the park & played for a couple hours yesterday. nobody got in trouble. nobody pushed anyone down. nobody had to be the first one in line, every time. nobody had to have a time out. they all just played & laughed. at one point a heavy set little girl climbing through the tubes yelled she was stuck. jammer went to her & pulled her till she fell free. she kept calling him her big man after that. he was so proud of himself. he kept asking her if she was all right. now that i think about it i can't remember anyone falling down. maybe their gracelessness has something to do with ixxie's absence.
ixxie is a holy (or unholy) terror. she's big for her age so she towers over the others & outweighs them by about 25 pounds so she kinda pushes everyone else around. she's bossy too. which really makes me mad cos she isn't the one to be disciplining anyone.
can you tell i don't mind when she doesn't come to visit? i'm trying hard not to treat her differently than the others but its hard to do when she's always so mean to everyone.
have i mentioned that she's hit her teacher twice? she tells everyone 'no' & wants to know 'why she has to do what she's told'. oh, yeah, she flipped her teacher off 2 times. she doesn't learn this stuff at home people. she learns it at school. then she comes home & shares it with the babies.
i wish sonny would find a good woman with no kids of her own. i'm ready for our world to be much happier. you know what they say? be careful what you wish for. honestly, i'm not sure it could get any worse. with honey being the psycopath she is & her daughter the meanass she is. where's the downside? at least my grandson will keep the rest of his teeth until they're ready to fall out. and no more twins will get bit by a snake being man handled by a crazy little girl & her mother.
aahh, yes, i wish.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


mojo & the twins met us at the zoo today. i haven't seen them in almost 3 weeks. i've missed them so i called mojo & arranged to get together today. we had fun. mojo showed up with so much makeup on that it was running off her face after the first hill. why do women think they have to put on all that war paint to walk the zoo? and funnier than that is the women that wear 6 inch spike heels to try & walk around. it's hilarious the way some people show up for visiting a bunch of animals in cages. (or maybe its the animals not in the cages they dress for) but the place is beautiful & there's lots to see & do. even people watching is part of the experience.
with the weather changes the colors of the trees are looking beautiful. all the wild animals are busy gathering for winter so the squirrels & chipmonks were everywhere & that tickles the kids almost as much as seeing the tigers & bears. easily amused aren't i?
i get such a kick out of the kids. they're so good together. if one falls the other runs over to brush her off. believe me, gracefull they are not. so, someone is always falling. they tell everyone they see 'hi' & sometimes 'i love it'. but they never meet a stranger.
well, thats about all i've got for this week.
see ya later

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Who's Going Down?

how does spammers get blog sites in their program? aren't they automated? to me thats just crazy. i hate to have to use the word thingy in my comments but the spamming isn't what i want. how long before they figure out a way around it, anyway? thats the thing with computers there's always gonna be someone out there that can write a new program to get around everything. i wish i was that good with computers. I can get them up & running from a 'bsod' but programming is lost on me.
something else, that bitch 'madame smerinoff' has got to die. does anyone know where i can find her? cos if this mother fucker hits my grandkids one more time...i'm taking a cast iron skillet to his head & i ain't going alone. she's going down with us.
no, he isn't hurting them but there's better ways to teach a kid something then always smacking on them. whatever happened to just plain talking to kids. sonny & i talked about everything. even when he was in trouble...we still talked about it & sometimes, i asked him to tell me what he thought his punishment should be.
they all have a great grip on vocabulary. they are well spoken kids. yeah, they sometimes have a tendency to go deaf. at will. but smack me to get my attention & all you're gonna get is one mad bitch that isn't gonna listen to you, for sure, now. i'm gonna be planning evil little things to be getting back at you for smacking my hand or butt.
you lose.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


and thats all it took. it's winter. well, it feels like winter. this time last week the sun was shining, i was swimming, running around in shorts & sandals, playing ball & wishing i was back in high school. damn, time flies. today i wake up & i feel like i've died, holding up a few hundred pounds of dirt & pushing up a bunch of the middle of winter. when did i get old? when did the sun die? what year is it? is this what old feels like? seriously. i'm forgetting things, aching everywhere & i can't see to drive anymore, at night, anyway.
driving at night in the rain is like taking my life in my hands. i might as well shut my eyes when other cars come at me with their lights on. i'd be seeing about the same. i'm sure driving the same. and thats not good.
i'm developing either carpol tunnel or arthritis in my hand. my fore finger, ring finger & middle finger of my right hand has gone numb. especially when i try to pick something up. of course, thats the same fingers i use to play with myself so maybe thats just overworked. but between my back & my brain i'm not sure which hurts more. migraines have got to go. my doctor says its menapausal migraines. easy for him to say... he doesn't have to live with these owwies.
i need to invent some kind of stretching machine that bends my back backwards. another that throws my legs over my hip to crack everything. o yeah, i guess they do have them in the gyms. huh. but i don't want to have to work more to feel better. how can that help?
people, i'm old.
don't get me wrong. i don't feel like this all the time but today hit me hard when i woke up & it was so cold. cold on top of all these aches is not a good thing. and a beauty queen i ain't.. today.
hey, did i mention that snarkie knows her abc's? ixxie (5) finally learned hers 2 months after the 3 year old. snookie skips 'g' & 't' but she almost knows them. jammer mouthes them with you but he won't say them out loud by himself. i think he's afraid of the girls making fun of him.
he sure has it hard living with those 3 girls. snook & him are great friends but when she gets with the other girls, she is a typical girl. they gang up on him & won't let him play with the 'girl toys'. they giggle at little jokes between them about him. ixxie will say 'he still wears diapers' & snarkie will say '& he smells'. snookie will look kinda sad for a second before she starts giggling but she goes right along with them in the end. the cutest thing is before they go to bed, no matter what has transpired through the day, snooks will always hug jammer & tell him she loves him.
a few weeks back we had that big event at work. my younger sister, nipper, kept the kids on friday for me. i went to pick them up on saturday & snooks was so glad to see me she started crying. i picked her up & she said 'i thought mommy honey gave us away to her'. she's a tender little thing. i want to protect her forever. i want to protect them all forever.
therefore, i can't get old. i have to stay the same girlie, young, energetic, beautiful me that i have always been. (no conceit here, haha) besides, this past weekend i realized how much i like the guys flirting with me. i like being appreciated. i like strutting my stuff.
i like life.
and to top it off.... i like daisies....what do they think they're doing? adding to my miseries.
ummpff..i'll show them. i just won't plant them this year.
well, gotta go.
later hipsters

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Wrapping Up

why was i so worried? man, i felt great at that reunion. my hair turned out perfect, without coloring it, my makeup went on like i was an expert, my outfit looked great & i dressed just like i had planned the whole thing. i recognized people easily. i was so shocked at how big some of the pretty little girls had gotten & how pretty the geeking little girls had gotten. the guys were pretty much the same. those that flirted then still flirted. others that didn't flirt so well then had learned. it was fun. we danced & talked & partied just like we had all been together just yesterday. the only thing missing was the next years graduates cos alot of them had married them & divorced. i barely survived that process.
which brings me to the next part of the night that was so cool. remembering & being reminded of things we had done. i laughed so hard at things i had forgotten. the first time petey had kissed me in the 3rd grade & how red we got when everybody looked. me accidentely hitting ray in the nose, playing ball just when he was getting ready to ask me to go steady. meeting joey when we were like 2 & then later in our lives becoming neighbors again. the time joey got the hard on when i kissed him. which freaked us all out. cos everybody saw that too. jimmy talked about us depantsing tommy & tommy talked about getting even by sleeping with his wife. hubby acted like my best friend was his greatest love & when she didn't know who he was he acted rejected until he fessed up & told her he was my husband. she said 'i knew i wouldn't have forgotten someone like you. stinker.' her hubby & mine became best of friends & proceeded to get drunk together. making it their job to take the rest of us with them. someone insisted on doing the electric slide & the whole room got up & joined in.
the topper to the evening was when we all got ready to leave. hubby & mike had crashed a few parties when they got bored with ours & us wives weren't looking. they came back time & time telling us about this guitar player that rocked. so on the way out, we stopped by to listen to the last song. standing in the middle of that stage, playing that ass kicking guitar was my ex. belting out 'free ride' to the crowd going crazy. he waved when he saw me. i waved back & said to my hubby 'lets go'. what a small, small world after all.
later gaters.