Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eye Makeup Or Not

american idol is back! RAY! i love this show. the courage it must take for some of these young kids to step into that room & make total asses of themselves! the strength to take the criticism that the judges deal out & the faith in themselves to reach for their dreams! i actually get all teary eyed over some of these kids & their tragedies. it seems like so many come with some terrible story. they have a special needs child that having this break will make all the difference in their life or they grew up on the streets with nobody to care about them. i don't think the back story really has a lot to do with their success. in the end its the people that choose them & by that time the stories are all but forgotten. i do tend to lean toward the under dog. you know, the ones that come in with some backstory that just tears your heart out & just barely gets past the judges but the more you listen to them the better they sound. thats who i vote for. i've really only voted a few times & i've watched every season. i vote when i think the underdog is being swamped by the one that the judges have deemed their star baby. you can always tell which one the judges want to see go to the top. throughout the show they can't seem to find anything their chosen one can do wrong & i think all that bragging sometimes is the only thing the viewers hear. for example, kris allen & adam lambert. remember them? i think kris was a much better singer than adam but with so much previous exposure & experience the judges couldn't find any fault with adam. so much glam compared to so little fluff. now that they've both put out albums i love kris' work & adams sounds just like a whiny boy toy to me. what do you want from me? pfft. please. i want a frekkin song that doesn't sound like begging someone to like you. geek.
too much to ask? i think not.
so on with the show. i'm looking forward to this season & who's life i can change forever!