Thursday, January 31, 2008

Times Have Changed

to be honest with you, i'll be so glad when this bullshit menapause stage i'm going through is over. i've been so hyper lately. and anxious. everything is much more intense & i don't know how to handle it. its all i can do not to cry or have a fit. whichever comes first. my mood bounces quickly from one to the other. how do women do this? its absolutely killing me. i can handle the hot flashes. sometimes thats the only flash i get. they don't bother me so bad. i've always been a little in temperature...(hey, i'm still no slouch) so i really haven't noticed that much difference there. i have nooo patience though. thats not good for me. i've always been pretty easy going so its hard to adapt to losing my cool without any obvious reasons. of course, my reasons are sane to me but not everybody sees that. its hard to know what someone else is going through until you walk a mile in their shoes. right now i don't advise anyone to step in. they wouldn't be a happy camper.
i picked up the boot to replace on my car. did you know that they have a split boot these days? this is new & nobody ever bothered mentioning it until i went to pick one up. its split up one side & can be applied without removing the tire...let alone brake assembly or cv joint. check this out.
just too much. i didn't know they came in different colors either, till i saw this pic. but the idea is simple. one side is split & you slap it together with either a glue or screws. a much quicker & simpler job that i can't believe someone didn't come up with along time ago. believe me when i stopped by my local shop & asked about the price of the job not one of them suggested i use this boot. hell, i could do the job with this. i don't know if i've mentioned this before but i'm actually pretty knowledgable when it comes to cars. when i was growing up my step dad was a mechanic. at 35 he had a heart attack & couldn't do much anymore. so, not to give up his side jobs he had us girls climb under the hood or the car, whichever the case may have been. he would tell us what to do & supervise the jobs, we would do the work & he'd collect the money for a job well done. as a matter of fact when i hooked up with my husband he didn't know much about working on cars. he's a lot better with them nowadays. i've taught him more than he'll admit but he directs people to me when it comes to figuring out what might be wrong with a car. diagnosing is one thing. getting my fat ass on the ground & up under that car is something else all together these days. i bribe sonny to do the jobs now. he's a good little shit. he's what i call 'a jack of all trades & master of most'. seriously, this kid can build a house, fix your car & cook his meal all at the same time. i raised a super kid & i'm super proud of him. you name it & he knows something about it. alot like his momma that kid.
k, time to watch the coolest show on tv these days. i love me some 'supernatural' with jensen ackles & jared pedelecki.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


ever feel like this?

everyday......everyday of my fucking life.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Winged Horses, Fairies & Magic Dust

jammer finally pulled his tooth. he said he did it all by himself & he got a whole dollar for it. he was so excited with his dollar. kinda makes me wish we had regrowable teeth cos sometimes i could use a buck from a fairy. couldn't you? come to think of it, man, if teeth regrew i could use a few thousand at a time from a fairy. i don't care what fairy just any fairy would do. course, i'd want my teeth to regrow really quick. i'm sure i wouldn't look good without teeth.
while we're in fairyland. i could use a flying horse, a unicorn would do. just cos i think they're so pretty. i'd want mine to be purple with flowing white mane. and sparkles. yeah, lots of sparkles. and a regrowable gold horn. shit i need lots of money. can you tell?for the last week my drivers side front wheel has gotten more & more wobbly. i know the process of elimination starts with my tie rod end. there was no clicking sound so i immediately dismissed my cv joints. then it could be my ball joint. if its my ball joint i might as well go all out & replace the axle. just an easier job. probably cheaper too. so, hubby grabbed the tire & tried to shake it. it shook but just a tiny bit. as bad as its driving it had to be more than that. so i was more or less leaning towards the ball joint deally. (lots of my teeth having to go there) even if the axle is cheaper to replace its still gonna cost a pretty penny. finally i gave up & called sonny. in my finest mommy begging voice i asked him to take a look with hubby to figure out what it was this weekend & we had to fix it. my worst nightmare is of me dying in a car accident. i just know thats how i'm gonna go. after he had to deal with a flat tire he made it late this afternoon, jacked the car up & immediately pointed out my cv boot is shot. it was dry with shards of metal showing inside. it was already getting dark so he packed it with grease & told me he'd fix it next weekend. all i could think is nooooo, not another week!! i'll never last another week!
i still need to replace my lights that were busted in the wreck. i want to replace my convertible top.
oh, hell if i'm gonna dream i might as well dream big. i need a new house & a new car & a new job & a new .........damn, the list goes on & on & on. i need some magic dust too. that should fix all my worries.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Growing Up

yes, in case you're wondering, i changed all my passwords to one. yes, it has capitals & numbers & its at least 6 characters to meet their criteria. i'm good to go, now. after all that i figured since i was in the upgrading mood i might as well start on the pc too. so, i upgraded to more ram & fixed the broken plugin to my cdrw & added the program that works with my cdrw. i figured in for a for a pound. i did all the things to make my pc faster & better & now i'm good for another 230gigs of crap that i can add to my, what was then, full hard drive capacity. mbwwaaahhaaa. i'm in evil mode now.
on the lighter side, jammer is about to lose his first baby tooth. it cost sonny $40.00 to find this out from his dentist. jammer smacked his tooth on the schoolbus seat causing it to become loose. honey, (being the idiot that she is) insisted they rush him off to the dentist. dentist shookit & said 'oh, yeah, its ready to come out of there. his permanent tooth is right behind it ready to come in & this is normal'. sonny said, well, that was a waste of forty bucks. honey said, well, i didn't know. i said, yeah, i've been trying to get him to eat an apple for me. jammer said, 'i'm having nothing to do with any of that'. so, he has this tooth thats ready to literally drop out of his mouth but hanging on by mere shreds of skin that he refuses to pull out. i'm sure it'll be gone by the time he gets back here next weekend. i just can't believe sonny hasn't yanked it out already except its jammers first real loose tooth instead of his sisters abnormal way of making him lose teeth.
other than that i've just been boring. nothing exciting going on, so, you haven't missed anything.
i'll be back when i have something new going on.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Out With The Old But What Did I Do With The New?

just dropping in to let you know the situation. between thanksgiving, christmas (that really drained me), the new year, the birthday that added yet another year to my already aged brain, the snow & the bills that i can't pay....i forgot my password! seriously, just after christmas i decided to change my password. cos THEY (whoever 'they' may be?) advise you to change it periodically. for safety from hackers. be damned if i didn't forget which one i assigned to the blogger & its taken me this long to remember. i don't think they gave this much thought when it comes to the old & delapidated brain that i'm working with or the fact that i've always joked that for everything new i add to this lump something old has to be deleted. little did i realize it would be the password function. but after a few weeks of racking my lump....UREKA! it came to me. no ureka is not the password but its a thought for the future. at least i'd have a hint. so, i'll be back soon. i have a few more passwords i have to remember & then i'm gonna change them all to one password & the hell with the hackers. i have to take somekind of control here.