Wednesday, October 31, 2007

All Hallows Eve

i'll post more tomorrow. just wanted to add to the witching hour!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

What Next?

you look like cheese & i'm gonna eat you. normally this wouldn't upset me but considering it was coming from ixxie & she has been especially sex oriented lately makes me worry. i caught her with a cigarette in the bathroom earlier. i asked what she was doing with it & she said nothing but it was lit & the end of it was sloppy wet. what would you think? of course, she finally admitted to smoking it. she's 7. do you think sonny has his hands full now? wait till she's 17. scary, just too scary. they had a parent teacher meeting last week & the teacher told them she disrupts class because she walks across the room to the boys at the other side to carry on a conversation in the middle of lessons. when told to take her seat she ignores the teacher & on the playground she's holding hands & kissing the boys. she's 7! i wouldn't want to be in sonnys shoes for anything in the world. talk about the need for a chastity belt. wonder where i can buy one real quick? maybe if we get one now it will actually pay off. if we let it go too much longer i'm afraid its gonna be too late. nipper keeps telling me to be patient & pray for her but i'm not sure thats enough. honestly, i think the only thing to do now is lock her in her room until she's 30 & then step back as she whirls past you on her way to destroy her life. at least you'll have saved her until a reasonable age. you know how they encourage you to spay or neuter your animals? wwweeeeelllllll. maybe they should start thinking about your children & how to maintain their innocence.
oh, remember a few posts back i showed you jammers new smile? guess who it took all of 3 weeks & 2 days to knock it out again. if you've guessed anyone other than ixxie you haven't been paying attention. i remember saying when they got his teeth fixed i'd give her a month & she did prove me wrong. it took her less than a month, instead of the benefit of the doubt i was giving her she worked faster than i thought she would. this time she kicked it out climbing a tree. yeah, it was an accident. got a bridge you want sold? doesn't matter where it is or what shape its in. she'll surprise even you. accident my ass.
you wanna hear about an accident? sonnys friend cellis stopped by to drop off some clothes she had gathered for the kids. we've been putting up halloween decorations & one of the things we've put around was spider webbing. while sitting on the love seat something dropped from the ceiling & liked to cause cellis to shit her pants. it was a plastic spider that had been stuck in the webbing & managed to come loose. on her way out the door the steps gave way & one side came completely loose. she gracefully sat on the deck that sonny just built while the steps fell off to one side. now those were accidents. nothing set up just the fact that shit happens & she happened to be in the wrong place at a decidedly inopportune time. or maybe its just halloween & the forces that be are in motion. i do love halloween. its probably my favorite holiday. not to mention that kids are so easy & gullible. i'm an innocent looking grandma so when i make my eyes all big & act like i'm scared the kids fall for it hook, line & sinker. it helps that i can make myself cry at the drop of a hat. a few tears & i can convince them the sky is falling. even if i just make my eyes water i can scare the shit out of them.
just to give you a little idea of how good i am. we were out shopping a few nights ago & there were these laser lights in the sky that would make a circle & then pull into a pinpoint, then flare back out into a circle. we all noticed the lights & i told the kids that all the houses under the circle were going to be taken over by aliens that night. of course, the lights were just barely covering our house so that included us. we all got into the house & we heard some sound outside i convinced the kids were the aliens sneaking up on us. jammer being the brave one wanted to go outside with his new sword to kill the aliens. so i helped them put jackets on & arm themselves to go save the nation. especially the grandparents that they love so much. i explained to them how sneaky these aliens are because of course, i am an alien so i know they have underhanded ways of taking over our bodies & things like that so they had to be really careful & keep a close eye out for anything out of the ordinary. they never thought to question that maybe being one of them they wouldn't take me. after they got outside we waited for them to get around to the back of the house before we turned the lights off. we heard them out there discussing the reasons that the lights might have gone out in the house & jammer said 'oh no, what if the aliens are in the house already'? hubby & i snuck out the door. he went one way while i went the other way around the house. it was just my luck the kids came my way & i hid behind the big evergreen in the front as they came around. jammer was in the lead. as he got even with me i jumped from behind the tree & wailed as loud as i could. he screamed like a little girl & ran in the opposite direction as ixxie came in sight i ran at her & in the confusion she tripped over her own feet & covered her head screaming at the top of her lungs. like a girl! sissys, both of them. i cackled maniacly at them. they still weren't sure i hadn't been overtaken by the aliens that were coming. then papaw came up behind them & wailed at them too. talk about a couple of freaked out kids. man that was fun. it took some convincing to get them to accept that we were just playing & hadn't really been taken over by the aliens. the lights still going in the sky didn't help us at all in the convincing. but they didn't want to go investigating anymore noises for the night. bbbaaawwwwwaaahhhaaaaa. we have our ways.
k, i'm gonna go for now. i want to watch star trek. i need ideas for the next scare...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Alien Invasion?

this morning was a very foggy start to the day. the sun hadn't quite come up to burn off the condensation when i left for work & with the rain we've had it caused the heavy dense kind of fog. i turned my lights on when i pulled out. i was hitting about 60 down the 2 lane highway i travel. there wasn't many cars on the road. i noticed following the school bus down the road that a lot of the kids weren't going to school either. i think this kind of day makes you want to pull the covers up over your head & sleep in. it would have been nice, i'm not gonna lie. i thought about it. but my coworker is on vacation & living it up in hawaii right now. i'm the only one in the office & if i skip out things will just pile up & be waiting for me when i get in there. so to not cause myself a more hectic day i tend to make it in more often than not when she's out of the office.
going through the s's along the river was extremely foggy & without too many cars on the road it was a bit creepy. like i was very alone on this stretch of road until i looked in my rearview mirror & saw what looked like an ufo coming up behind me. now it was more than a bit creepy, i actually freaked out. what the fuck was that coming at me like that? what would have all those lights on the front of it & moving that fast? it looked like it was about 4 feet wide & off the ground by about 3 feet & it was fucking moving. i thought back to the news the night before & there was no mention of an invasion & i'd had no word from my homeland to expect this to be a visit but by golly something was coming.
as it whizzed past me in the outside lane my heart slowed a bit. no, i was not being hauled home for some unknown reason & there was no laser fire being shot at me. it turned out to be
this. actually, 2 of them riding side by side & running late for work or something.
sorry its so pixelated but that was the best i could do. you might not be able to tell but there was a total of about 8 lights on each & with the fog they had them all on. not blinking but running full on. just a bit alarming with sleep still in your eyes & fog all around you.
including your brain.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Family Matters

sonny built me a deck this past weekend. he's such a good son. i've had the wood to build it for most of the year just waiting for hubby to get around to it but that wasn't happening. i guess sonny finally got tired of waiting too so he showed up early on sunday & it took him about an hour to throw it together. i just wanted something as a platform coming out of the door. about 4 x 4. we still have to put a railing up. but the deck is done. sonny is one of those that can do just about anything he puts his mind to. just to give you an idea i've added a pic of one of his most recent finished jobs. mine he did for free this one he got a bunch of bucks to build. the one you're looking at is actually 3 tiers. he had hired a few guys to help him but they didn't tend to show up so he basically built that sucker by himself. i put it on a business card for him. after he finished my deck jammer walked out on it & put his head to his daddys & said, ' look daddy, i'm as big as you'. as you can see sonny tried to smother the giggle. we all did while he stood there but you would have died laughing at the cackling when he walked away. he was just too cute with all the seriousness of being as big as daddy. there isn't much sonny can do without jammer getting in on if at all possible. that boy does love his daddy. of course, most of sonnys' tools have to be tracked down when he needs them. jammer has a way of not putting anything back when he's done with it. that drives sonny crazy. both with jammer & his papaw. sonny likes to keep his shit in order. i'm sure before its over he'll have jammer trained but i think he's given up on papaw. you can teach an old dog new tricks but that dog has to want to learn that trick.
while i'm at it i thought i'd throw out a couple of shots of the girls too. snookie is getting into the picture taking thing. she's getting to be quite the poser. throwing her hip out there like she's just the shit. well i guess she kinda is. in my world anyway. she puts me in mind of her mother. mojo is kind of showoff too.
ok. guess thats enough for now. i'm ready to post & do some cruisin. i've missed reading blogs but i think i'll try to get back into the swing of things. see ya round.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Smile, Its Candid Camera

sorry blogger buddies but i've been doing alot of things that has kept me off the pc lately. the little bit of time i've spent on the internet has been mostly looking at missing animal sites. except for the odd 'must know what this is' obsession that takes over me. like hubbys' itch. not to mention my pc is soooo slow it drives me crazy. fucking dial up connection. i want fast internet & just can't afford it with my present income. i've found a new way to make more money but you have to have fast internet to do it. they check too. sucks to be me.

not really. its just one of those things that sucks about my life.
i finally got to see jammer this weekend with his new pearly whites in place. last weekend was hubbys mum & dads' anniversary so i couldn't get the kids then. skipping the kids for a weekend is almost something i can't do. i miss them so bad that i overdo it when i do see them. i try to make it up to them by bribing them with treats or toys. just a doting grandma, right? rrriiiiiggghhhhtttt? they've got my number. especially jammer. he'll squeeze me super hard & tell me about a million times how much he missed me & almost have me convinced that its just love until he asks 'what cha got for me?'
so anyway, wanna see his new teeth? this isn't the best pictures but this little piece of crap camera of mine doesn't do a better job. this is before.
he's been without this tooth since he was 2 years old. right after he got his full set of baby teeth as a matter of fact. needless to say he's been pretty used to getting by without it. it never seemed to make any difference to him. people would say, 'oh, you've already lost your first tooth. how did that happen?' he go into the story of how ixxie dropped him knocking it out without blinking an eye. after awhile it kinda even added to his personality. making him look like a tough guy with just alittle more character.
here is a couple of pics with his tooth replaced.

makes a big difference, huh? it still bothers him a little. every now & then you'll catch him pushing on it. he says it hurts but i'm sure thats just because its been a big gapping hole for so long having something there is moving his other teeth around alittle bit.
i'll be back tomorrow. its late now & i have to get ready for bed.
have a great day.