Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Missing In Action

i'm sorry i've been mia.. work is busy & i have a virus i don't want to share with anybody. damn internet fuckers...have nothing better to do with their time than fuck up my computer.
please bear with me. i'll be back.
& don't do what i did. i used to search a song & it must have been filthy cos before i knew it there was a virus, a thousand windows & shortcuts popping up on my desktop.
grumble, grumble...i even have a new toolbar that drains more memory & freezes my pc.
be back soon.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Could I Be A Redneck?

another weekend behind me. with 4 aliens & i made it through again. damn, i'm good. but man, am i tired. then i worked monday, btw, how was everyones memorial day? spud & honey didn't leave with the kids until almost midnight & thats late for this ole gal!!! lil sis, ranie showed up monday night with a girlfriend & they didn't leave until almost 1 am. (can you tell i started this post & then didn't get back to it for awhile?) i'm not really complaining about getting to see ranie i don't get to see her enough & it was fun but wow, i've got circles under my eyes. and they're puffy. and red. i'm sssooo ready to hit the sack.
i need some input. hubby has finally put my outside bench together. the boards are all cut & layed neatly in place but he wants me to find something 'quaint' to hold the pieces together. my answer was 'duct tape'. you know the silver tape that red greens swears by. i think it would add a touch of 'redneck' ummm class. yeah, class. and what man doesn't grunt at using duct tape? my hubby gave me that look. you know the one that you get when someone is trying to tell you with their eyes that you might be a redneck only in a nice way. he looked at me like he kinda felt sorry for me.
i had to laugh. i love duct tape. i use it frequently. granted not where it can be seen but i use it. its held drawers together for years. and my pillows or clothes until i get around to sewing them. i've closed my vents with it in the summertime & i mean, come on, its versatile! and strong!! what's up with that look?

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Long Beautiful Hair! Hair! Hair!

last week, friday to be exact, honey called me at work & said jammer wanted to talk to me. he got on the phone.
'memaw i need to see you.'
'well, memaws' at work right now but you're coming to see me tonight & i'll meet you at my house. ok?'
'ok. memaw i gotta talk to you.'
when they walked in the house jammer pointed at his head & said, 'look memaw, what mommy did. she made me soo mad'.
i didn't know whether to laugh, cry or scream. he was so cute but omg, his beautiful long blond curls were gone. he looked like a little man with his grownup boy haircut.
we've been talking about it wouldn't be long till it would need to be cut but until i saw it gone i didn't realize how much i loved his long gorgeous curls.
and his reaction really tickled me. mommy said he wouldn't sit still for her. well, i guess not as bad as he didn't want it to be cut. it turned out just a bit too short. she had to shave around the edges to even it up. cos he fought her so hard. poor baby.
we just keep telling each other that it's hair & it'll grow back.
on sunday when they came to pick the kids up she handed me a little plastic packet. you guessed it. one half of the curls were in the bag.
i hope when he gets alittle older he lets it grow out just to see if it stays curly. his daddys hair is about to his waist. he keeps it pulled back & has several bands down it to hold it in place. but he has really pretty hair too & curly.
well, i've gotta get ready for bed.
did anyone watch the american idol outcome tonight? carrie underwood won. thats who i was pulling for. i give them all credit for being brave enough to try but hurray for carrie.

Monday, May 23, 2005


i reached 500 visitors today. whoa hoa. thank you to all of you that have helped to get me here. i love the friends i've made. two in particular come to mind, mental laundry & mad becka. you can read them here (btw. thanks for linking me. i'm so honored.) & here . and she has to stop giving away my secrets (especially to family, they can't know how crazy i am) i read them faithfully everyday. check them out sometimes, i think you'll like them.
it's been kinda slow around here lately.
the garden contest deadline is getting closer & you should see my garden. my heart shaped bushes are heart shaped again. the colors are bursting everywhere. now if i could get him to clean the patio off i think he could have a shot at winning. they promised him the contest wasn't about what the patio or house looked like, that the garden was the only thing taken into consideration, but you can't tell me that if the front of the house looked nice it wouldn't have some pull. this is really just my way of getting him to build me another deck. the last one literally rotted right out from under us. i still hated to see it go though, i was the one that built it. a girlfriend had some leftover lumber & we pitched together & built it while the guys were at work. they took over when they got home & finished up the floor of it & tried to claim it as there own but we all knew who really put the damn thing together. i loved sitting on the deck & looking out over the garden. plus i could hang my bird feeders really high off the deck & the cats couldn't get to the birds as they ate. i have a family of martins that live in my pine trees out back & cardinals & humming birds that come back every year. one of the humming birds is actually brave enough to come into the front door & hover there to say 'hi'.
oh, today is our wedding anniversary. the 13th anniversary to be exact. i bought him a slab of ribs that was shipped from north carolina. supposedly the best ribs in the world. he bought me a new 35 mm camera with a built in flash. i wanted to buy him a divorce but i couldn't afford it. at least not right now. he's just gotten back to work so i'm gonna need some time to save for that one. aww, lets face it, i hate to start over. don't you? theres so many diseases out there & it takes up to 10 years for some of them to surface. thats the last thing i need so, maybe i'll just put up with him. who knows maybe he'll fall off another tree & break something other than his collar bone.
well, gotta go. gotta read some blogs......

Saturday, May 21, 2005


i invited some of my family to visit my blog. hi aunt margie!!! i emailed the site addy to her so i know she'll come by. and to anyone else that comes by 'hey', hope to hear from y'all soon...
we visited the zoo today. jammer gets so excited when he go's to the zoo. i think theres just too much to see in one day. well, he also gets too worn out.
company just showed up so i'm gonna visit with him for awhile.
see ya later..

Friday, May 20, 2005

Living Without Life Savers

sorry that most of my latest posts have been downers. i've been in a very blue mood lately. not only has there been 2 more deaths in my family but with the dog having seizures & work piling up i've been frazzled to the bone. not having any time off, between work & the kids, i think i'm losing my mind. (course would i miss it?)
my favorite uncle past away last monday. uncle sherrill. i lost a cousin on tuesday. there are the 3 deaths & has anyone ever heard the old wives tale about a bird flying in the house? well, honey had a bird fly in the house on the day before mothers day. the saying goes if a bird flies into the house someone will die. (then there's the whole deaths come in threes thing.)
i've attended a layout on thursday for the last 2 weeks & theres been a funeral on friday another layout on friday & funeral on saturday.
i'm done.
of my moms 11 siblings we are down to 1 brother & 4 sisters.
we have to stop meeting like this. its actually a running joke that the only family reunion we ever have is a funeral. i've seen more of my aunts & uncles in the last 2 weeks than i've seen in the last 5 years & i thank god that i at least did see uncle sherrill one more time while he was alive. i want to make a promise right now to the rest of my aunts & uncle. i solemnly make this promise, to each one of you, i will never let another year go by without calling you. hopefully we can make plans to see each other soon each time i make this call. if not see each other we'll make plans to contact each other soon with a time that we can visit. i know we all have hectic lives & its hard to find time to do the things we want to do as opposed to the things we have to do. but i want to cherish the family i have left. they are all a part of my mother that i've neglected. i'm ashamed of myself having to admit that.
my sisters & i talked among ourselves & reunited with cousins we haven't seen in up to 30 years. we all talked about some of the different things we remember about each of the aunts & uncles. then some of the aunts & uncles shared memories with us that they had. its amazing the memories we have when we all get together. aunt franny even reminded me of my not being able to say franny when i was a baby so i called her 'aunt b'. before we lose anyone else i want to be able to say that we've heard all the tales from the aunts & uncles that there were ever to tell.
uncle bill had a pink cadillac.
grandma was the sweetest woman you could ever meet & she always rocked each of us to sleep by bouncing her foot over the side of the bed.
aunt betty died from eating dirt.
ranie put life savers in uncle sherrills pocket cos you never caught him without them.
goodbye uncle sherrill.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Here Comes Doggy Valium

little ms m has been having seizures again lately. damn, i was hoping we were done with that. it had been almost 7 months since her last one & that was brought on by a very stressful day of events for her. including several doggy visitors that weren't invited.
the very first time she ever had one was when our last chihuahua died in the bed with us. ms m was new to the family at the time. all of us in the bed & about 3 am gingy kind of shook & kicked her leg out waking all of us & then took her last breath. both hubby & i had a hand on her at the time just loving her in our half sleep state. thinking she just wasn't comfortable but immediately realized she stopped breathing. so did ms m cos she flung herself off the bed within 5 minutes & bounced down the hall way. i thought 'did she see a mouse or what?' but when i caught her & tried to pick her up she was stiff & her eyes were glazed over. i recognized it cos gins' mommy had seizures when she was a puppy but out grew them as she got older.
i took her to the vet but she was only having one about every few months & the vet said he would have to examine her during one of her seizures or do a lot of expensive tests on her & wanted to keep her in the office for a week. if you knew how 'up our butts' she is you'd know why we couldn't leave her in that office for a week without us. she cries & howls all day when we go to work. (our neighbors have told us this) when we get home in the evenings she jumps clear over us with excitement. she's so excited that she screams & cries then too. if you were standing outside listening you would think we were beating her to death. but really, it's not like that.
i explained ms m's living condition to the vet as to how i came to have her. my sister ranie lived in what is known as 'over the rhine' & told me that the girl that owned ms m moved off throwing rocks at her as she pulled off with her last load of furniture. leaving ms m to fend for herself. she slept outside with no protection. nobody fed her. she fought with every dog on the block for anything she got and that was mostly fish heads & scales from the guys that fished & threw the shit in the yard as they cleaned the catch of the day.
over the next month or so ranie kept telling me stories about the mistreatment this dog endured. finally the story that broke the camels back. she had snuck into an apartment to get something to eat & when they found her they picked her up & threw her out the front door which was 6 steps up from the ground. after they threw her that far they came out & kicked her down the 20 or more steps to the street. ranie said she cried watching what they did to this dog but the guy was a drunk that she was afraid of. the dog kinda crawled/pulled herself out under a parked car cos she couldn't go any farther. later ranie went to try & find her but she was gone. when i pulled up to pick ranie up for work that day we asked about the dog & the people told us they hadn't seen her since last night but if they did they would kill her. she was there when we got home & it took us about 20 minutes to coax this dog to us using whatever means we could find. she wouldn't even come for food. she was moving slow & limping. she had a snarl on her face & blood around her mouth. she was a grey dog with a few blacker markings on her head & back. her hair was short & all matted. i was afraid she might have mange cos there were some bald spots. she was the nastiest smelling thing i had ever been near & i've smelled some pretty nasty things so i bathed her as soon as we walked in the door. she turned out to be white with a black head & black saddle with long silky hair. she was very timid & shook for the first 3 days i had her but from the time i took her out of the tub she layed next to me & wouldn't leave my side. every step i took she was right beside me. she still is to this day. she still has issues out the wazzoo, too. she won't stop barking at anyone that comes into my house with a ballcap on unless they turn it around. she gets freaked out in thunder storms & if you scare her too bad she has a seizure for sure. (sometimes if she gets too excited she has them too.) or if someone acts like they're gonna hurt one of us she goes into attack mode which then turns into a seizure.
the latest was at 6 am this morning. i'm not sure what brought this one on. it could be she heard something outside while we slept. it could be that she was dreaming & something scared her in her dream. it could have something to do with the fact that the bird has taken to landing on her back or head. she's so jealous over hubby & i that the bird gets ignored alot just so not to upset her. you'd think the bird would stay away from her the way she drools when she looks at him. she kinda looks like she'd give her front leg to eat him. she's started chasing him if he lands on the floor, too.
she always greets us at the door barking hysterically when we get home from work. today she wasn't at the door & she wasn't barking. we knew something was wrong the minute we got out of the car. we came inside calling her & looking for her. finally she turned up back in the back bedroom on the bed under the covers.
she was having another seizure. but she was trying to wag her tail at the same time. i love my poor abandoned doggy. i've heard they have more advanced ways to help animals with seizures so back to the vet we're gonna go.
wish us luck.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Creepy Thought

how of my last post i called superstition & it never occurred to me at the time that friday the 13th was coming up. think that was a prewarning?
but today i see a set of letters at the bottom of blogger & it is making me enter them before i can post. whats that all about? is that their way of getting back at me for bitching about them? they did blackball me in a way, heh? tell me that everyone else out there has to read & enter goofy letters to post a blog.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Superstition On Its Way

our little community watch is having a best garden contest. they are always on people in the community about 'pride & partnership'. we should keep our yards clear of toys, grass trimmed, house freshly painted, yata, yata, yata. they are offering a one hundred dollar bill to the best garden. give you 2 guesses as to who is investing lots of money & time in this stupid project. hubby is a sucker for a little attention, especially when it comes to his garden. its his pride & joy. (next to me of course, gag) so i guess i'm gonna get propositioned pretty soon to help in the yard work. he's mentioned that he could get the kids involved but only after he talked to a few neighbors that mentioned they were entering the contest & had lots of helping hands to volunteer their time. i think it kind of made him mad that they weren't doing it on their own. one guy has 4 of his best buds coming in on the weekends to help him turn over & plant new things. almost renewing his entire garden. hubby has been looking at me with puppy dog eyes when he talks about the garden & the contest. its his only peace & quiet. i know i'll help him when the time comes. i'm a softie like that.
my old boss stopped by the office to see us monday. she's visiting from fl. with her in-laws for their 50th wedding anniversary.
forgot to mention yesterday. i talked to aunt peach from fl. she was visiting for the weekend, as well, calling as many as she could get hold of to say hi & vistiting some to talk old times.
she managed to get to see her 2 oldest & sickest brothers. i'm glad she did & i know she's glad she did too.
aunt margie called to let me know that uncle bill passed away on sunday. i haven't seen uncle bill in a few years & i'm sorry i'll never get to talk to him again. when i was little uncle bill & uncle sherrill would toss me back & forth thru an opening above a huge door my grandma had.
they had nipper convinced they were bringing her a bucket of nuts & bolts cos she needed iron in her blood & eating them was the only way she could get it. uncle sherrill played a mean guitar in his hay day. they say things come in threes especially death. everyone expects uncle sherrill to go next.
so, i had 3 visits from people i least expected. i'm afraid to ask who the third death may be.

Monday, May 09, 2005

And Thats How That Went

to begin with let me tell you my plans never seem to happen the way i want. i was running late as always. dropped hubby off at his mom's & went to see mom arriving an hour later than planned. we had a great day. nobody cooked we all just chipped in & brought something. the menu was simple but plentiful & lots to choose from. we had fried chicken picked up from kfc, grilled taters with herbs & butter, baked beans, pasta salad, chips of all kinds, cole slaw, fruit dishes, cakes & cookies of all sorts. i know i'm not remembering everything but there was table after table of goodies. jammer was the star of the day & man, did he ham it up. he was always smiling at someone that either had a video camera or a digital camera. at one point he was given a hose & sprayed everyone. they played with water balloons & a slingshot that stretched to be about 4 foot long they lobbed balloons with all the way down to the next farm. we all played corn hole, (hahaha i said corn hole. that just cracks me up) tossed hard ball, hit golf balls, ate again & just had an absolute great day.
when i left moms nipper made me promise i would stop by her house to pick up forgotten christmas gifts. on my way there i passed dads house & there was a crowd of people in the yard. i haven't seen dad since jammer was 6 months old & he's now 2 years old. i couldn't resist so i stopped by to visit my dad. he took the kids for rides on the horses. he tried to talk me into riding a new horse he just picked up. last time he did that the damn horse was a really mean horse & decided to take me to the barn. no matter how hard i pulled on his reigns he wouldn't stop. i tried 3 times to turn him around & head for the hills & 3 times he turned back around. dad gave the kids candy, money & generally just spoiled them rotten. i think he was really glad to see us. and he told me to call him & come see him more often. maybe he's getting soft in his old age.
i fought with hubby all morning for being drunk & no help. except another kid to get together. that's what made us run late. i had to do laundry for him to have exactly what he wanted to wear cos he didn't mention the night before that the outfit he wanted was dirty. i fixed french toast for the kids while that was going. still hoping that i would be reasonably close to my time schedule.
on the way home i blew a spark plug right out of my motor. i drove the car home anyway but it was embarrassing. it was really loud.
sonny bought me flowers & a sappy card that made me cry.
so all in all a lot of good with a little bad.
happy day to me!!!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mothers Day

hope everyone has a great one!!
my plans are to drop hubby off early & head on out to moms. i need to be home early enough to let hubby work on the car & my kid to catch up with me.
i'll write about all of it tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Lieing Queen.

ok back when i had a small hissy fit about blogspot losing my blog it was like overnight that they came up with a fix. now seriously i have no inclination to believe that had anything to do with my bitching but a few people did comment jokingly that they must have heard me. so, i have an idea that lots of people must have bitched about the same thing. i thought it was cool to tease hubby with though. i have him questioning the possibility that i am the blogger queen & that they read my post & knew i was so upset. therefore creating a fix that took them pulling an all nighter just to make me happy. he will look at me like maybe i'm crazy & maybe i'm not. i love to fuck with him.
theres lots of people i love to aggravate like that. the aliens are all too gullible. they'll believe anything i say so i try not to tease them too much. YET. my family all know me well enough to know if they want to know if i'm teasing all they have to do is look at me. i can't keep a straight face with them. i don't know why but they make me crack when i'm trying to really pulll a good one. my son goes along with me. he's as bad as i am.
well, this weekend i thought he was kidding when he told honey she wasn't his mother & he wasn't buying her anything. at first i listened & got in the mood. just about the time i started to start aggravating i realized she was getting pretty upset over the whole thing. needless to say i kept my mouth shut & was pretty glad i did. man, she turned into the bitch we all know & (cough) love? she started screaming about all she did was sit at home & take care of 4 kids & no one was going to tell her happy mothers day or get her a present. yeah, they argued hot & heavy for the rest of the time they were here. he was serious too. i don't think he appreciates her as much as he does me. course i quit trying to boss him around when he bought his own home & didn't live in my home anymore. just about the time she thinks she became his boss.
guess thats one more gift i'll be buying.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

It's My Party

and i'll whine if i want to. the birthday party is over & again, nothing went the way i wanted it to. honey is just a very bossy person & how she can manipulate my home is beyond me. one minute i was taking a shower the next i was setting up for the birthday party that i didn't want to have for another 2 hours. my plan was to get the kids up from nap time. feed them dinner & let them play outside until we had the party all set up. but no honey & sonny showed up just after they woke up & i went to get a shower. when i came back out sonny was hanging party decor & the kids were outside waiting (unbeknownst to them) for their party. well, i let things go her way to a point. i am not going to feed kids cake & ice cream before they have dinner. so yes, i put them all in their princess dresses & we did the cake thing. i took them outside & took pretty pictures of everyone then we changed into play clothes & ate the sloppy spagetti & meatballs that the twins wanted for dinner. i guess we both won. but this is my house. shouldn't my plans be plan a? hers can certainly be plan b but thats only if my plans aren't working. and i'm tuff!!! my plans always work.

My Little Piece Of Heaven

i am absolutely in my heaven. right now, my babies are here with me, i'm watching tracy chapman live, sitting at my pc, dinner is over & bathes have been given. all the girls are sleeping & jammer is on my lap telling me how much he loves me. yes, i am biased. i love all my grandkids but jammer has a special spot in my heart. come on. you have to understand, not only does he look exactly like his dad (my only baby) but i watched him come into this world, heard his first sound & was one of the first 2 people to hold him minus the nurse & doctor that delivered him. i'll never have this again. honey had everything tied this time & with 3 kids already i can't see sonny wanting anymore with another woman.
its time for night night. jammer just took my face in his little hands & told me 'you sing, memaw.' i asked him what he wanted me to sing. 'bye, bumpkins, daddy , hunting.' so i guess i'm singing 'bye baby bumpkins' to the present day love of my life.