Thursday, September 23, 2004

ET.... Phone Home

i made my first phone call to the twins today. i called in the middle of the day just to say 'hi' & see how they were doing. i talked to al first & said
'hi, al. how r u?'
she answered, 'hi, memaw. fine, gullocklocklockgullock.'
laughing i asked 'what?'
'r u being good?'
snickering, 'no' gullocklocklockgullock'
'r u & sissy going bye-bye with mommy'
'no, sissy, gullocklocklockgullock'
'ok. memaw love u...bye-bye'
'bye-bye, memaw. i love u'
he was the same thing. they r saying something that i should understand but what? no clue.
sonny is getting his twins this weekend. the first time overnight for him. i'm laughing. he's got his hands full.
wonder if this means i won't be getting dom & ixxie. they will definitely be an asset to keep home this weekend just for entertainment purposes. Maybe he'll bring everyone to see me anyway.
if not, i'm gonna be lonely.
stop being a wuss lindy. deal with it.......

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


we've now had 3, including a saturday night stay over. the state park meeting was fun but it was hard to try to get acquainted with mommy, twins & extra kids on the side, keep everyone busy & slide through the drama queens little fit (without too much going sour) & keep up with all the kids. the parents tended to stand at the table & talk while papaw & i got to watch all the kids. it wasn't even just the twins, dom & ixxie. we also got stuck with an 8 year old son william & a 5 year old, ciera (honeys that lives with his dad and a daughter that is a 1/2 sister to the twins that also lives with the dad). the kids were great. they immediately started playing & running with each other. the jungle jim was a bad idea cos of all the open places for small children to fall through. the slide attached was dangerous. but they loved it. i loved having them locked into swings that i could talk to them & look at them. being kids they were too busy for that too much of the time. the 3 babies all wound up falling at some point making someone feel bad. nobody actually sat down & ate at the same time & i was so tired by the end of the day that i didn't want to drive home let alone go to work the next day.
then, one of the days i only worked 1/2 day i invited the twins & mommy (now on know as mojo) to meet me at the zoo. she agreed & we had 3 really cool hours together. papaw met us there too. we saw the dinosaur exhibit & the elephants, cats & monkeys (twins favorites) had lunch & bonded. i introduced the twins to everyone i knew & they all got hugs & kisses. al had gotten stitches the weekend before (not with us) & was showing everyone her 'boo boo'. for future reference i want to mention that she had pulled her stitches out already & the gap was far from being healed. no point in having her stitched until she learns to leave it alone. do i think she will have more stitches? yes. i do. she's a rough & tumble kinda little girl. he (i really need nicknames for these 2) on the other hand stayed right by my side & acted like i was her guardian angel there to protect her from all the bad in the world. she clung to me like a vine. very shy & only gave hugs if asked. but she did give them. sweet & loving little girls. seems like hubby & i have been accepted & r gonna receive alot of love here.
this past weekend hubby & i had to pull our 16 hour day & didn't know if dom & ixxie were coming but we made arrangements with mojo to take the twins for saturday & she would pick them up sunday evening. after talking with sonny & letting him know this was the plan he decided to visit & bring dom & ixxie for the night as well. we had a blast. it was so much easier keeping up with the kids in a closed in area. they played, fought, screamed & loved all at the same time. it was all still bonding. it was all still great fun. makes my heart swell thinking of all the fun & hugs & kisses & just all round family together time we had. i love all my grandkids. its amazing how quick u can love a child. even if its not blood related. but its so cool to love kids that u know will always be apart of ur life. someone u can help to shape & teach. i can only pray that i can be a good influence on these kids. god knows we can all use all the help & guidance we can get.
till next time....
hug ur kid

Monday, September 06, 2004


'oh, what a beautiful day. i've got a beautiful feeling, that everything's going my way'. my first day as a memaw to 3!!!! count them 3 gorgeous babies!!! this is why i don't use caps and punctuation in most of my blogs. i get so excited to get this stuff recorded that i don't want to miss a thought, a feeling, a pang, a realization, a reality. any realization.. any identify factors... anything....
my reality..
the twins were born on april 25, 2002. they're fraternal twins. AL & HE (just to identify.) not identical. one is smaller built, louder, more demanding with a look that says i' m ur devil. the other is big eyed, loving & very easy going. she just emits love.
the best part is their little bitty toes. u know that little baby toe that just sits on the end of ur foot? there for whatever abuse is gonna get dished out to it...? our poor little toe has like a split toenail. or a corn kind of thing growing to the right that will peel off but leaves raw meat behind. i can't explain it but i know it hurts. i peel it, trim it, cut & file it just to keep it under control. it stays tender and i absolutely hate it. poor babies have it. they r without a doubt his babies. dom has it too..
wanna discuss aliens? we have a trademark....

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Two New Aliens

i get to meet the twins tomorrow. i'll have to post back cos we're spending the night at sonnys & all going tomorrow to a state park.. more to come.

Dom Poo

dom has a slight rash so, i've been letting him go without a diaper here & there. guess this was one of the times that should've been between here & there. i'm doing up dishes & putting things away after lunch. dom says 'memaw poop'. i look around just in time for him to squat again having already dropped a good size hard load. (i add hard so u know it wasn't a disgusting mess to clean up.) well, we're also trying to give him an idea of how potty training is going to go. i grab him up & tell him 'ok, lets go to the potty & u can poo.' as i step over the gate to the hallway i look back to see where ixxie is. she's safely watching tv. off we go.
but the dog...oh nooo, the dog. i catch a glimpse of my dog as i am goin over the gate. the dog is at the 1st offense gulping & swallowing fast when i see the 2nd offense. the first offense is disappearing fast. gulp... gone. nowhere to be seen. oh no... my dog ate poo..
mousey just ate dom poo... i had to come back into the room to remove the 2nd turd telling her the whole time 'NO MOUSEY, COME TO MOM. come on.!!! that dog kisses me. i can't have her eating shit. right? RIGHT?
dom & i can practise potty anytime.