Monday, July 19, 2010

Facebooking It 24/7

who all has a facebook page? i fought it forever. i avoided it like the plague. i thought it would be one of those fly by night social things like linked in, tagged, mylife, meetup, you know the ones. there's so many pages out there that tried to make it but haven't turned into anything. i did join linkedin, thinking when i received an invite from a coworker, that might be a smart business move. well one day i ran into a friend from my high school days & he had just attended a party for his brother. he invited me to be his facebook friend to see the pics he had taken at the party so i was forced to bow down to greater forces & made the damn page. its turned out to be pretty cool. i've connected with family i haven't seen in 30+ years. i've also connected with a boatload of kids i went to school with. i've seen some cool links & great pictures. i've also had lots of friends that play the games, who once they found out i was on facebook, decided it was new blood to get involved in the games. therefore i'm playing all these stupid games that take up way too much time. although i do really like the Mafia Wars game. the rest of them are just pains in the ass. i spend way too much time collecting gifts & sending them to really enjoy playing them too much. the only bad thing about Mafia Wars is to have any real power you have to have 501 members in your mafia & you have to invite them to be friends before you can accept them into your 'family'. which means you wind up with a lot of friends that you don't even know. so then you have to remember who is who so you send the right gifts to the right people. its a huge mind boggle! so i've created different groups to try & keep them all separate & then every time i add a new person or receive an invite i have to remember to add them to the right group. and if you get too many invites in a day you're screwed. you can only accept so many of each gift & a total of only so many gifts so you have to keep up with what you've accepted each day. if you accept or invite too many people in one day they can freeze you for a few days & on & on. not to mention with working all day i can't even start on facebook till after 6 when i get home. for some stupid reason the powers that be doesn't want to pay me for my time while i spend it playing games on facebook. does that sound reasonable? i let them play all day long & they make plenty of money for that. anyway, have i made my point about how aggravating this all is? i'm way too old for all this crap! not that i'm complaining. i love the shit out of facebook even though i mostly refer to it as facebroke. cos lots of time it doesn't work right & that's another aggravation for another whole post. kinda sounds like a love hate relationship, huh? or maybe i kinda sound like some kind of nut, huh? well, thats what facebook does to you.
so to get to the whole point of this post: i want to apologize for not posting more often. as you can see though, with facebook by the time i'm done with that the last thing i even have time for is blogging. plus i've already aired all my dirty laundry once & if i start all over here then i just sound like a whiner.
if you miss me & you want to check in with me in between times you can always find me on facebook. scan for in Ohio. not that i think there'd be too many lewlew's anywhere else but just to make sure you know you've narrowed your seach as much as you can & won't be too aggravated going through whatever that does bring up. at least i know you guys unlike knowing most of my mafia buddies, which i don't. so look me up. i've actually already hooked up with a few people i've met through blogspot. i'd love to see what you're up to as well.
and thanks for listening to my weirding out.
love ya'll.