Thursday, October 21, 2004

Where Have All The Bloggers Gone

long time passing....
u know? not blogging & not sitting down to read any blogs for a month taught me a lesson. u miss out on a lot of things & u literally miss these people. then, god forbid they have gone when u go looking for them again. cos ur gonna go looking for them somewhere, sometime. blogging is something u either really like or u couldn't give a rats ass about. i've decided i'm a blog addict. i really, really like it. in fact, i really, really love it.
but a drawback to this whole blogdom realm is that u get attached to these people & in some cases, u feel like u'r best friends cos u know so much about some of them & their lives. i've watched babies being born, childrens first steps, first tooth & first peepee. i've met guys blogging about their love life & actually gave them sisterly advise. i've hurt over people who r sick & need to just tell someone about their ordeal. i've gone to a blog to discover that they died suddenly & prayed that it was just a sick joke. that i would wake up & find it was all a bad dream. i've cried for people trying to get a message out whether it be 'don't drink & drive' or 'drugs kill' because of the loss of a loved one that they r trying to deal with. from one end of the spectrum to the other u'll meet all kinds of people.
Another drawback is just losing them. one day they go away on vacation & make one last post upon their arrival home, then nothing. just a lot of comments speculating over just what might have happened to them. i've also accidently crossed one that i enjoyed only to forget how i found them in the first place. some i've read made a first post & never posted more. and i really liked that first post. or ones that get a book deal & quit blogging or lost their job for blogging about that job.
and something that turns out to be really cool is when u find out that a whole slew of them that u read live in the same area. and they r all gonna meet up & get to know each other. or that they all go to a blogmeet that is the big bash set up just for bloggers. u know the one? the one that i'll never be able to attend for one reason or another. mostly finances but who would watch the aliens & the animals?
so, blog withdrawal set in & i realized i wanted to thank some people that i read. ordinary joe, the mighty jimbo & his gang, halcyonstyn, finslippy & piehole ur too cool. i love it that u r so down to earth. mental laundry, zoe & her twat of a boyfriend, yvonne @ aged & confused, broad at bat & melly ur one of the first i started reading. u r kinda my mentors so to speak. waisty dog i miss ur wit. prison pete thanks for keeping it real even if ur not. kevin @ tj's place i wish i knew what happened with u. Belle de jour, i hope everything works out for u.
if ur not mentioned here don't be upset. i just hit a wall & can't think of all the blogs i read. but to all of u.. a big ole hug & mwaaahhh!! i love u all.
bye, bye for now.

Monday, October 18, 2004

That Alien Is A Trip

this weekend has been so fun. halloween events r going on at our zoo. thats trick or treating for children, young & old at heart. they have characters that entertain & movies to watch. everyone dresses up including staff & just have a frightful good time. there's a haunted trail with lots of scary noises & 'guests'. we took the grandkids. ixxie was thrilled with everything she saw. jammer was showing his butt. literally. papaw put him on his shoulders & pulled his pants down, diaper & all, unknowingly. i was snapping his hood around his head from the front when a guy walked by & said 'yeah, he'll appreciate that but he's hanging out in the back too.' it took a minute to sink in but the more i thought about it the more i wondered what he meant. till i walked around behind the group to look. there it was for god & all the world to see, his cute little tush just shining in the light. poor guy didn't even care he was mooning everyone. he was too into what he was seeing. then there was scooby doo. he petted & hugged on scooby doo till i thought he'd go bald. scooby that is not dom. and pumpkins everywhere that was really cool. from big tall ones made out of balloons to the ones walking around waving & shaking hands. they both got pumpkins painted on their faces & played some games. it was a great weekend all around.
at one point, over the weekend, dom was standing between us on the couch & happened to look over the couch. i had dropped a toy that he really likes back there the night before to get it out of sight at bedtime. when he saw it, he asked me to 'git it' & i said he had to ask papaw. he looked at papaw & said 'papaw, git it' (as i prompted please, which he ignored) he repeated himself, 'papaw, git it' which papaw ignored cos he wouldn't say please. finally, dom took papaws' face in his two little hands, looked him straight in the eyes & with a really slow speech said 'paaaapawwww, giiiiit iiittttt'. like he was slow & hard of hearing. i cracked up. that kid has a personality that is just too cute. u have to picture this little guy, he stands about 2 1/2 feet tall with curly, long blond ringlets hanging everywhere & light blue eyes. he looks like a little male version of shirley temple. until he smiles at u & u see that missing tooth. then 'smart aleck little thug' comes to mind. i am not looking forward to beating the girls off with a big, big stick in the near future.
k, it's late & i'm tired. gotta hit the grind stone tomorrow.