Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Day From Hell

wow, can the weather get any weirder? it poured down all kinds of buckets of rain yesterday that simply shut everything down. on my way home last night the creek was running even with the road. a little cause for concern knowing the huge hill i live on. i expected the creek to cover the road & figured the road would be closed. i hit the floor early expecting to get a jump on my day. NOT! says the battery in the car. it was deader than a doornail. hubby usually starts the car & when he came in saying it wouldn't turn over i was afraid of just what the problem might be. it could be frozen with the zero degree temperatures outside & all that rain from yesterday. it could be the alternator, starter, cellonoid, or maybe all the crude that had gathered on the cables. his parents had given him AAA for his birthday so instead of trying to figure it out for ourselves i suggested we call them for a jump & diagnostic. just my luck they sent a flatbed tow truck company instead of the van i expected with all their special tools. needless to say it did us no good except to jump start the car. i finally got on the road only to turn on the lights & have the car do some jolt thing like i've never had happen before. after another jump i headed straight to the auto parts store. i know they do free diagnostics there & they have the equiptment on hand. thank god it turned out that it was just a dead battery. 50 bucks later & 3 hours late for work at least the road had warmed up & i didn't have to worry about the ice on the road or driving on the creek. finally got to work, i signed into my computer & started answering some emails when all of a sudden i got a message that my computer was signing me off. huh? why? no! i did nothing! 2 & 1/2 hours later & several calls to the IT department i finally got back in. in the meantime i worked the help desk just for something to do. in the middle of printing a card that pc froze with an hour glass & refused to do another thing. fine, i moved to another pc. third times a charm right? nope, no money to work with in that one. i'm batting 0 for 0 at this point. shut it all down manually & guess what? i can't sign in again. damn, i had been so glad to finally get to work & nothing was getting any better. i took a walk outside, kicked a few squirrels, took a deep breath & started again. things finally got better but what a start to a day! btw, no squirrels were actually hurt. i just felt like kicking something.
did i mention that my step dad had a pace maker put in on tuesday? turns out he only has 20% of his heart working. they say the rest is dead. on top of that he has peritonitis, diabetes, high blood pressure & his heart started skipping beats. it went well, he's home & healing nicely. sonny is watching after him. he's a good grandson, don't you think? i don't know too many grandkids that would look after their papaw like that. my life is certainly too busy to take care of him. hell, what am i saying? i can barely take care of myself. i can only hope that when i get old & delapidated someone loves me that much.
well, just wanted to chime in for the day.
talk at you,

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Birthday Recaps

this weekend has been a rat race trying to pull it all together but its all over now. i'm sitting here sunday night looking around at the wrapping paper, balloons, streamers, toys, cameras, tables, plastic bands & dishes that are left from the party. it turned out very well & i'm glad its over. ms. m made it through without one incident. mr. p stayed hidden. jammer showed his best side & ixxie couldn't let a pic be taken or a toy be opened without being in the center of it. the twins were so worked up with their birthday coming up next that they sat back, took it all in & made plans for what they want. the balloons & streamers are still hanging from the ceiling. the happy birthday banner is half down. hubby & i are both beat to death.
we had them finish the valentines cards before anything else was started this weekend. i was surprised with snooks patience & snarks mess. i drew some clouds, balloons & rainbows on the cards then just turned them loose. snooks took her time & tried to draw a kitty....coloring oh so careful but when i looked back over at snark she was literally scribbling on the front of her card. there was nothing i could even do to help make anything out of it. i drew a big gumball machine around the scribbles & tried to round out the colors. it still looked like a fixed mess though. i kept a better eye on her for the rest of the coloring & gave her little ideas here & there so the inside turned out much better than the outside with my supervision. the twins had a little more work to do with making a card for daddy & honey as well as mommy mojo. but everyone had a great weekend.
jammer made out like a bandit. he got a big ole robot that has all kinds of lights & gadgets & he walks (i'm not even sure what all he does), puzzles, motorcycles, a sword, superman (he vibrates to imitate flying, damn near made me want to play with him, hahaha) a huge racetrack, karaoke kit including a microphone & a foot pedal to simulate cheering, clapping & music. i know theres more but my mind is drawing a blank. we played pin the tale on the donkey. you would die laughing if you could see my donkey. i took pics with my new camera but i'm not sure how to download them onto my pc yet. i haven't played with it that much. if i can, i'll show you the pics as soon as i do. we also played a card match game that was alot of fun to watch them do. the way their little faces worked trying to remember where things were was more fun than anything else. except watching everyone try to cheat on the donkey game.
hey, if you don't get caught its all worth it right? although, most of them got caught on film.
the girls all got to wear their pretty princess dresses & jammer insisted he wanted to wear his spiderman suit.
its back to work for me so i'm gonna get some of this picked up & hit the hay. gotta be ready to put my nose to the grindstone again.
since i haven't been in my email i've received 493 this week. think i'm just gonna delete them & not think about the consequenses. do you think my pc will explode if i don't send those threats on? does it count if i don't know what they say? cross your fingers for me.
k, i'm outta here.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Off The Clock

i started my vacation on monday. it was supposed to start snowing by 8 pm. you know the weathermen know that its coming but they can never be certain just when it will hit. it did hit finally around midnight & has been bouncing between rain, icy rain & snow since. a total mess for driving. we had new tires put on saturday to prepare for this. you all know how bad i hate to drive in the snow. hopefully, new tires will decrease my fear of that. simply because having more control will make me less likely to wreck. that was one of my priorities for income tax money. another priority is glasses. the last time i took my eye test for drivers license i had a tough time making out the letters. i stopped by an optomitrist outlet & tested a few weeks ago. the lady said, 'oh yeah, you will need glasses before you test for your drivers license again, they insist you be able to read the 5th line down.' i couldn't even make hers out. hubby says they are in the business of selling glasses so theirs would be tougher but glasses are still on my list.
this weekend i'm planning a birthday party for jammer. he'll be 4 whole years old. man, has the years flown by. i wake up with him next to me & still remember the day i welcomed him into the world like it was yesterday. i keep reminding him that he used to lay on the cushion between me & papaw on just one cushion. he stretches across 2 cushions now. his foot is like an inch & a half of being as long as mine. not near as wide but in length it won't be long. he measures his hand to mine all the time & i can't believe how close it is. 1 more knuckle & the end of my finger, he'll have me beat. mommy shaved his beautiful curly locks off again so he's bald right now (poor baby, its below 0 out there) & his eyes are still that bright, light blue. he's just growing up way too fast for me. i know i talk about him way more than i do the girls & i know thats kinda biased but its hard to not be more attached to him. afterall i've been a part of his life since before he was borned. i was there the minute he came out. the doctor held him up for me even after they fussed that they didn't like photography during birth, specifically requesting no flash. i took the pic of the first glimpse of him coming out when all you could tell was it was a foot. the first pic before he was even wiped off still being held in the doctors hands. i've brought him home every weekend since he turned 5 months old & kept him from friday till sunday when mommy & daddy would come & pick him up. i've spent every weekend with him minus 4 since he was born. he's a huge part of my happy life. theres nothing that makes my day like his little hands holding my face giving me kisses & telling me he loves me tooooo much.
ok, i'm getting sappy. i'll stop with that now.
except to wish you all a happy valentines day. thats why i even signed on tonight. have lots of chocolate & cherries. hold your special other close & always treasure the sex treat you get for holidays.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Blues Blahs Booms

can someone please tell me if blogger beta is supposed to be this aggravating? how do i get a dashboard displayed in my blog or how the hell do you get back to the dashboard when you read the blog first? right now, i click on customize then on dashboard to go back to edit my post or create anew post. or using the back button gets me there but i really liked it better when the dashboard choice was shown in my blog. also, i made the mistake of using the same gmail account for my other blog, too. but then i didn't realize that your profile would be shared when you signed up for the beta blogger. i really wish i'd known that first. i'd have kept this in the old blogger until that was changed or used a new gmail account. lately, i haven't been around partly due to the pain in the ass blogger has become since i changed to the new blogger & partly because i get even more aggravated everytime i see the same pic & profile on both of my blogs. i use this blog as my hook up & chat blog, my everyday blog. the other one i mostly don't even publish the posts cos its like a private diary. my deepest & darkest thoughts. if you read it you might cross the street when you saw me coming. anyway, i worked really hard making it what i wanted then with one swoop blogger changed it all. woe is me, huh? what a whiny little bitch i've become.
i think too i might be affected by the winter blues. as much as i hate the snow i hate the way everything slows down. i put in for a vacation week from work to avoid even living in the worst week of weather coming. we're looking at major winter storms coming our way. the last i heard before i shot the tv (of course, aiming for the stupid weatherman) was up to 18 inches before it was all over. uugghhh! wheres my boots & blow dryer? i'll fight every snow drop falling. die bastards, die! actually, snow flakes are pretty & i don't want to kill them off. how can something so beautiful be associated with such hateful weather.
the kids & i have been working on valentines cards for mommy & daddy. they are turning out so cute. i started with a glossy paper about 26 x 20 & folded it in half. i cut a heart shape in the center of the front page & i pasted a pic of each in the heart. i cut about 36 red felt hearts in varying sizes & split them between the 4 kids. i also cut out little i's & u's for the i love you part. i figured they could use the heart for the love word. next, i'm turning them loose with markers & the heart shaped felt pieces i cut out for them. jammer & ixxie worked on theirs all weekend last week & finished before they left on sunday. this weekend i have the twins coming & i can't wait to see what they do with theirs. jammer colored little circles in a question mark around his pic then i helped him put little squiggles all over the front. he wanted to write mommy & daddy & happy valentines day on the inside of the front then paste the i (heart) u on the opposite page with a (heart), jammer. plus hearts all over the 2 pages. ixxie drew clouds & a sun on the front around her pic & colored them all different colors. she pasted all the hearts on the opposite inside & signed her entire name on the bottom. she didn't need any help, she's a big girl. i know the twins & how independent they are so i won't be doing much with theirs. i'm excited to see their individual artistic side at work.
well, better go now. i'm running out of yada, yada.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

My Baby

hey! today is my only baby boys birthday. he's 32 years old. jeez, that makes me sound old, doesn't it? i'm not old....i'm wise....yeah, thats it. wise for my years. i was a baby when i had him. i'm still a baby. no! wait! i'm a babe. a babe with a 32 year old son. damn, i forget to give me credit. doesn't matter it still makes me sound old. can you say 'old fucking fart' nicely?
actually i'm a proud mother of a 32 year old son who has given me 3 beautiful grandkids that i adore & if not for my baby i wouldn't be able to say that. i'd give my life for my offspring. sonny was donned with the nickname 'spud' at birth cos someone said, 'he's no more than a spud tater'. spud stuck & since then he has never been able to lose that nickname. when he graduated high school my family called & said, 'whats his name? i've always just known him as spud.' i can't believe he has kids now. i truly never believed he would bless me with grandbabies. i called him this morning to wish him a happy birthday & he was still in bed. guess he par-teeed too late last night. i don't blame him. life is too short & you should enjoy every second that comes to you.
and i guess you shouldn't have to worry about your mother calling at 2:34am to remind you that at this time 33 years ago she was enduring labor pains to die for giving your precious ass life.
he turned off his phone.
love you, spud. happy birthday.
and thank you for all the wonderful things you've given me in return. giving you life wasn't really all that. i forgot it as soon as they laid you in my arms.