Monday, June 28, 2010

The Coolest Papaw In The World

we took the kids to see toy story 2 last weekend. it was a cute movie & they thoroughly enjoyed it. we all did. we giggled, ewwwed, ahhed & leaned with every character at the appropiate times. the 2nd movie was the 'a-team' which i really liked too but i think that was because i thought face was really hot. the kids were bored so papaw did the only thing a papaw could do. he entertained them while i drooled. being the special papaw that he is he took them to the lobby for popcorn & wangled them a tour of the projection room. danny, the nice projectionist, explained to them how the reels worked & the light put it all up on the big screen. they ate popcorn & hung on his every word. asking questions while they drooled over his job & totally made nuisances of themselves. they declared papaw 'the bomb' when they came back to the car. i can only hope that when we die they'll have some wonderful memories of us. they love the playground at the park & we always make sure we take them over to play. there's swings that have animal bodies on them that they just love. there's only 3 of them so they have to take turns with the other kids but they snag one as often as they can. jammer was climbing on the fort & was stung twice by wasps. poor feller had to act big so he didn't cry but you could tell it really hurt. we put some medicine on it & he & papaw went to let the concession stand know they had a wasps nest on the fort. they came over & jammer showed them where they were so they could spray the nest. after that he proceeded to show all the kids the sting marks so they understood why they couldn't play on the fort. it was cute the way he was so big about it all.
of course, the end of the night turned into a big fight cos ixxie decided jammers feet touching her blanket was more than she could take. honest when that child starts having periods i'll probably have to kill her. she's too much already. i know siblings have to fight but she starts over the craziest things. i know she's just gonna get worse as she gets older. i keep wondering what GOD was thinking when he hooked that sweet little boy up with that evil little girl as siblings. he told me when he 'got bigger than her he had a lot to avenge'. honest that was his words. and honest: i don't blame him at all.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Zits & Scars & Hairs, OH MY

lately i've had a close brush with puberty. all over again. my face is so broke out i'm embarrassed to be seen outside. although i've spent a lot of time in the sun they seem to be getting worse all the time. not to mention when they heal they leave scars that are just hideous. so, i've invested in the 'proactive' acne plan. after receiving my box of goodies i used each product according to the instructions. for 2 days straight & since then i've been to busy to get back to it. now its a month later & i've received my 2nd shipment but i haven't hardly touched the first shipment. at this rate i'll have proactive for years to come. i still have one more shipment & 2 more payments to make.
i guess sometime in your life you revert back to puberty in so many ways. at the same time you experience the old lady syndrome too. as in: my hairs on my legs don't grow like they used to so i don't have to shave as much. at the same time my hairs on my chinny chin chin are going crazy. i refuse to shave my face! i've reverted to plucking my chin hairs instead of my eyebrows. they aren't growing so much either. after i started doing that i got this mental picture of my grandma walking around with a pair of tweezers feeling her chin. i was pretty young & i never made the connection. until now! i bout died when i realized that was what she had been doing. i am my grandma reincarnate!

Graduation & Elation!

the school year is over & can you say 'hooorray'? everyone passed on to the next year. jammer is so proud of himself. he made it with lots of awards & recognition documents. one of his documents claimed that he could spell over 400 words accurately. when i congratulated him on so many words he told me, 'i know a lot, memaw'. we've been working on spelling & arithmatic with them both.
ix has become what she believes to be an adult (we shopped for bra's last weekend) questioning everything you ask of her & giving you that 'hmmff' attitude. jammer is still his sweet self & i'm praying he maintains that attitude regardless of how bad ix treats him. hopefully he'll grow up to be much bigger than her for his own protection & will make her life miserable when she starts dating. he makes buddies easily. brothers can be a bitch & she hasn't learned the worst of it. he'll have her dates playing games with him instead of pawing her like she is planning. she's already told me that she can't wait to have sex which kept her from being allowed to go to the swinging rope in the woods. can't trust her & its kinda the boys hangout. i refuse to be a great grandma before my time. ya know? besides, sonny would have my ass if she got pregnant on my watch.
sonny has been building on to his home & working as much as he can. making money for paying child support & supporting his family is taking its toll. he chews his jaw a lot & looks tired all the time. i wish i could do more to help him but unless i win the lottery that ain't gonna happen.
my mom has created a facebook page. ugghh. i haven't accepted her as a friend yet. i have my dads new wife on there & i really don't want her checking on me to see what dads up to. i know thats what will happen. i know my step mom. she thinks she's smarter than the average person but she doesn't have me fooled. i've grown up with her & i know her as well as she knows herself. my new step mom is a very nice woman & she makes dad happier than i can ever remember him being. he deserves that & i'm happy for him. besides that, he actually calls me now & wants to see me & my grandkids. i don't want to do anything to screw that up.
well, enough for now. i'm going to bed.