Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All The Days Long

man, where does the time go? i need a more exciting life to keep up with all you.
in the last 3 weeks, jammer graduated from kindergarten with a 97 out of 99 on his psat finals. i'm so tickled with him. he was awarded 7 certificates for being best in class & has a shitpile of words to learn for the first grade.
we've been swimming alot. i've also been painting. wanna see my last project? course, i'm gonna show it to you anyway. its a mat i painted on the back of a piece of linoleum for my mom. remember, i told you she divorced her current squeeze & went back to her maiden name? well, this is in celebration of that. i never looked at it really close when i was painting it. now that i look its kinda lopsided. isn't it? oh well, i'm not perfect. that just gives it more character. guess i'll use a measuring stick the next time i paint something so i get it more centered. this was all freehand. not bad for me. and the damn thing is 4 x 3 so it wasn't easy to eye. it looks better when you're looking down on it.
btw, anybody on facebook? thats something else i've been up to. i spent today adding friends. i've also been trying to talk my sis, nipper, into opening an account. she says her 19 yr. old won't let her open an account cos he doesn't want her to see what his little girlie friends are saying to him. i think i wanna spy on him. is that a bad aunt?
our county fair is going on this week & i wanna go this weekend. i start my vacation this friday. raaayyyy! i'm excited. i start my vacation with a dr.s appt. i get to meet my new dr. she's gonna wanna give me a blood test, among other things. if my cholesterol & blood pressure isn't good i'm gonna quit taking all these friggin pills. i hate pills.
we kept the kids an extra day this week. sonny had a axle on his truck go out so rather than having to take them home hubby kept them on monday. sonny works with a guy that lives right here by us & they ride together so i had him pick the kids up on his way home. jammer wasn't a happy camper by the time i got home. seems papaw pissed him off first thing by writing me a note that jammer didn't want to help in the garden. jammer ripped the note up but he pulled it out of the garbage to show me the 'mean letter papaw wrote'. the day just went completely downhill for jammer from there. he couldn't catch a high pitch when they tossed ball & they didn't get to swim long enough for him. needless to say he had a headache & wanted an ice pack for his head when i came in. a little lovin & he was fine. before he left he actually stretched his lips about a mile to kiss papaw by. he's a sweetie even when he's pissed.
time to go hit the shower. gotta a few days to get through. oh, my transmission i paid $800.00 for about a year ago is getting ready to go out. it shifts down on hills & won't shift back up. looks like this vacation is gonna be another stay at home to fix the damn thing. is it ever gonna get better?