Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Profiteers Ain't Got Nothing On This One

are you on a prescribed medication? one that the dr. put you on maybe cos you were just over the accepted 'safe zone'. maybe its your blood pressure or cholesterol. maybe its pfd or some other periphial defunct. jeez, maybe its just migrains. don't you just hate it that someone else has control over your staying healthy? i like to walk & i try to eat right but i guess some things we really don't have much control over. my grandmother had diabetes & my mother had lung problems. that puts me at risk for one or the other. maybe both. i'm not good with keeping up with my pills either. sue me. i forget to take them. birth control was another thing that i couldn't keep up with. i'd remember to take them for a month or two but sometimes life just gets too full & my brain forgets things. hell, i still forget to pay my insurance payment by its due date & thats something i've been doing for what now? about 20 years. but...can someone tell me how important that med is if the dr won't renew your prescription unless you make an appointment to come see them first? even though you may be out of that prescription they refuse to fill it again until you spend that friggin $25.00 for a visit. and thats if you have insurance. do you know how many people out there isn't covered by some insurance company that pays most of that dr's visit? my dr was doc holiday until he got a better offer. we had an understanding. i'd follow his orders & he'd see me once a year. with hubby not working & mine the only income dr visits are a must that i can't afford any more often then necessary. necessarily he figured he needed to see me at least once a year. necessarily my budget was fine with that. i was fine with that. since both hubby & i are on a few different meds between drs visits & medications that shit adds up. since doc holiday went to teach up & coming drs a woman dr took over his patients & let me tell you i have had more stress over this woman than anything i've ever dealt with in my life. she absolutely refuses to give me any thing more than a 3 month prescription. thats 4 visits a year & hubby is another 4 visits. that means we've gone from a reasonable $50.00 a year for the both of us to a whopping $200.00. tell me she isn't money hungry. i've explained to her that i can't afford her requests & she stubbornly insists that if i want to live i'll manage. easy for her to say she works for a profiting organization. and she makes mega bucks by making her patients come see her every 3 months. if she has 40 people a day at 7 days a week & makes us all see her every 3 months at $25.00 a wack no wonder she has the arrogance to tell me i'll manage. if i made that kind of money i could manage an island in the carribeans too. and i wouldn't mind paying her the $25.00 on top of it. i also would like to point out that if you run out of that med & you have to wait a week to see her the med is out of your system anyway. how much sense does that make? what good could that possibly be doing you? isn't it bad for you to stop something cold turkey like that? seems to me that that could bring on attack that just might kill you anyway. needless to say i'm in search of a new dr. i know, i know. two people off her list just means she takes on a few more that she can bully around but by golly it won't be me. and i'm fine with that too. if anyone living in my area knows of a good dr that at least applies common sense...see me. otherwise i'm off my meds & that doesn't make for a healthy me.