Monday, October 18, 2004

That Alien Is A Trip

this weekend has been so fun. halloween events r going on at our zoo. thats trick or treating for children, young & old at heart. they have characters that entertain & movies to watch. everyone dresses up including staff & just have a frightful good time. there's a haunted trail with lots of scary noises & 'guests'. we took the grandkids. ixxie was thrilled with everything she saw. jammer was showing his butt. literally. papaw put him on his shoulders & pulled his pants down, diaper & all, unknowingly. i was snapping his hood around his head from the front when a guy walked by & said 'yeah, he'll appreciate that but he's hanging out in the back too.' it took a minute to sink in but the more i thought about it the more i wondered what he meant. till i walked around behind the group to look. there it was for god & all the world to see, his cute little tush just shining in the light. poor guy didn't even care he was mooning everyone. he was too into what he was seeing. then there was scooby doo. he petted & hugged on scooby doo till i thought he'd go bald. scooby that is not dom. and pumpkins everywhere that was really cool. from big tall ones made out of balloons to the ones walking around waving & shaking hands. they both got pumpkins painted on their faces & played some games. it was a great weekend all around.
at one point, over the weekend, dom was standing between us on the couch & happened to look over the couch. i had dropped a toy that he really likes back there the night before to get it out of sight at bedtime. when he saw it, he asked me to 'git it' & i said he had to ask papaw. he looked at papaw & said 'papaw, git it' (as i prompted please, which he ignored) he repeated himself, 'papaw, git it' which papaw ignored cos he wouldn't say please. finally, dom took papaws' face in his two little hands, looked him straight in the eyes & with a really slow speech said 'paaaapawwww, giiiiit iiittttt'. like he was slow & hard of hearing. i cracked up. that kid has a personality that is just too cute. u have to picture this little guy, he stands about 2 1/2 feet tall with curly, long blond ringlets hanging everywhere & light blue eyes. he looks like a little male version of shirley temple. until he smiles at u & u see that missing tooth. then 'smart aleck little thug' comes to mind. i am not looking forward to beating the girls off with a big, big stick in the near future.
k, it's late & i'm tired. gotta hit the grind stone tomorrow.


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