Monday, June 13, 2005


mia is becoming a bitch. seems like hubby beats me to the pc every day & i'm tired of fighting over computer time. so, i let him go & everynow&then i throw it in his face. no, i'm not accomplishing anything except driving myself crazy. oh for those of you wondering. i am a redneck. my car lock stuck on the drivers side last summer & we took the inside panel off the door. in the process of removing it i split it about an inch. the interior of my car is silver, the tape is silver, it was perfect. i guess though, yes, i am a redneck. doesn't make any difference i still love duct tape. i'm thinking about having my coffin wrapped in the shit to preserve my body a tad longer.
sorry this is short. it's late & i'm tired.
night friends


ML said...

LOL... duct tape car!

maybe I jinxed you!

Rainex said...

Hmm duct tape!