Monday, August 03, 2009

Back To School

so, i'm taking a vacation week. i start on monday. oops, thats today seeing its after midnight. as usual, my vacation starts out like shit. i took my car to my mechanic to have him check out the transmission he put in on my vacation last year. its been acting funny. so what did he do? he beat the shit out of my car in about 10 minutes & blew the head gasket. of course, he's not taking responsiblity for it so now i'm out of a car for vacation. believe me when i say my mechanic is out one client. asshole. not only did i miss the 'cash for clunkers' deal but i've spent all my income tax money. shitty timing for me.
on a good note, i went to the doctor last week & my cholesterol is down, my blood pressure is good & my sugar is great! i'm gonna start my diet again. just for good measure. i wanna lose another 30 pounds & then i'll be done.
today was hubbys birthday. we took him shopping but he bought for his brother instead of himself. i tried to get him to buy some new clothes or something but he said he didn't need anything. so, i just baked him a cake & we all sang happy birthday. at least he ate the cake.
sometime this week i'm gonna attempt to change my template here. if i screw it up it may be a while before i'm back. wish me luck on that. i've read the backup info here in blogspot & i'm hoping if i screw it up i can at least return to the original. guess you'll be the first to know.
jammer starts back to school on thursday. he had to be rushed to the hospital last friday. his mother, for lack of a better term, managed to drop a bed rail on his head while he was playing his playstation. he wound up getting a few stitches. honestly, between his mom & his sister the poor kid doesn't have a chance. i'm thinking i need to invest in a bubble. i have to find some way to keep him safe. may be i should ship in off to a boarding school. i could go as a teacher so i could be with him. man, guess i better go brush up on my aerodynamics cos he's gonna need some help with that bubble thing.


Walker said...

I love mechanics who have no idea what happened but it was like that before they touched it.

Shit happens when you least expect it.
You had the money and enjoyed it and now you wish you hadn't....NOT

You got what made you happy.
Now you will figure out a way to fix the car.
If won't have to worry about loosing that 30 pounds you'll do that just walking to work.

Jammer needs a helmet for when he is home.

Have fun with your template and don't worry, you can always go back but keep a copy of your template just the same