Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Butterflies & Doornails

did i tell you i bought a new car? its a cute litte plymouth breeze. it has 17 inch tires that look like they're about an inch thick. i mean when you hit a pot hole you have about an inch of tire between the road & the rim. as you can see by the spoiler someone has souped it up. i haven't made up my mind whether i like it or not. i thought about painting butterflies across the scoop. hubby painted it blue for me to match the writing on the car. i have put a wheel cover on the steering wheel that has butterflies on it & i want to either paint or buy seat covers with butterflies. i have big plans for her. her that i have christened 'dottie mae' after my mommy. i may even paint the name across the back. i still have cherry but she upchucked on the radiator & i'm seriously considering selling her as is. you have to reach some point where you stop dumping money in a dead doornail. (what the hell is a dead doornail?) i have to load a new photo program before i can get anymore pics in here. this stupid vista. i used the program that came with it for editing pics but now that free trial has expired & i haven't gotten around to loading photoshop. so for now this is the only reasonable sized pic i have. i guess i could have washed her before i started pasting pics of her all over the internet, huh?


Tamara said...

Heyyy,congrats on the new wheels!You lucky thang!! LOVE the ride! and that spoiler is awesome...I say put the butterfly's on it,I bet that would look soooo cool,and maybe a lil butterfly or 2 by the door handle. (I used to have my stage name...Haley.. in cursive by my door handle)...Ok,that was 100 years I'd never put my real name on any
Oh,and I have froggy seat covers now,so you can't steal my idea(haha..yea right)as if I was like the 1st one to think of THAT.ha
Happy cruising...

Walker said...

THats a nice little car.
Don't lend it to Tammi HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!

Foxsden said...

OMG.. that spoiler! Why is it *there* of all places?