Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Slow Motion Rewind

note to farmers: i understand you need to haul your crap around from farm to farm but please! put! lights! on! your! trailers!
i had some work done on my car. turned out there was a problem with the bolts that was supposed to hold my calipar in place. like one was missing. so i had this horrible rattle going on in the front end. while the mechanic had my car i borrowed my mother-in-laws car. which really made me nervous anyway. i came to complete stops, looked both ways three times before i pulled out, kept to the speed limit & parked away from all the other cars. i was so careful. the last day i had it i was coming home & i've told you how my road is uphill with a lot of curves. not to mention its now dark when i come home. so i'm coming through the s's up the hill & i'm thinking how i'll be turning over the car in just a few minutes so i won't have to worry about something going wrong. when i came to a tight little curve. with a farm truck coming at me. the truck was in his lane. i was in my lane. the farmers trailer was also in my lane. with no lights on it so i really didn't see it until i was almost on top of the tire. the tire that was sticking out a foot from the trailer. the trailer that had no lights on it. i did manage to miss the damn trailer but i went straight to the bathroom when i got home. just to check. i did take the car home & i didn't mention that i almost wrecked it because of some stupid farm trailer. i also didn't mention that i almost shit my pants while driving the car. my mother-in-law is awesome.


Walker said...

I know its not funny but the "Shit my pants part" hits home from many occasions.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year