Saturday, February 05, 2011

This Love Is Just Grand

sonny has really done something stupid now. in his pursuit of the ultimate love life he got caught with another woman. he not only got caught with her but he had his son with them. and not only got caught with another woman with his son but was arrested with her...also, she had major drugs on her & now he's facing charges for those drugs. apparently, neither one would tell who's drugs they were so they charged both. i have to admit....sonny isn't perfect. but this is about as close to idiotic as i've ever seen him be.
it turns out, sonny called a pizza in & left home to pick it up. on the way he stops to visit with said girlfriend. they jump in her car & continue on to pick up the pizza so sonny won't be seen with another woman in his car & she promptly speeds through town doing 50 in a 35 mph speed zone. so she gets pulled over. little did sonny know but she has a record for, god only knows what all, but apparently drug possession. so they search her car & both of them. they find drug paraphenalia on her & in a coat in her car & she won't admit to the stuff being hers so they drag them all to the police station. my grandson, people, sitting in a police station with his father while they get booked! needless to say, because there's drugs involved the child services gets called in & they visited the kids in school. jammer is as innocent as they come. he never finds anything wrong with what his daddy does. as far as he's concerned daddy is a god & can do no wrong. ix on the other hand hates her life. she hates her mother, hates her brother, hates her room, hates her school, hates her get the picture? (except i guess she doesn't hate daddy)and she knows everything...well, just ask her! anyway, back to the story at hand, so she tells them she has seen mommy & a friend snuff something up her nose & to be honest, she probably has seen something. but she ran her mommy into the ground. so honey & sonny have to have drug tests immediately and are not allowed to be alone with the kids. i think i've mentioned that sonny takes care of my step dad. so papaws appointed to be a supervisor making it possible for the kids to live in the home just not given a chance to be exposed to any drug use. i was also required to become a supervisor in the event my step dad wasn't available. he has major medical issues & occasionally winds up in the hospital. can you imagine my horror as i type this? my son is facing major drug charges, my grandkids are facing foster care & i live in a different state & would have to undergo an investigation to be awarded custody of the them that would take months. not to mention i have to stay at their house in the event papaw does wind up in the hospital. i'm not sure how this is gonna turn out but i'll be here with new updates as they come in.

Whats Wrong With Kids Today

when we picked up the kids this weekend sonny was on a rampage. (the kids hadn't been good all week. sonny had to go to court with the kids & they ran on the steps, up & down the hallways & wouldn't sit down & behave. even sonnys lawyer got after them. how bad is it when your lawyer tries to discipline your children?) jammer came slamming out of the house saying he hated this house & he didn't want to live her anymore. well, that was the end of sonnys rope & he came after him. spanked his butt & told him to get in the car. sonny walked away to calm down & jammer realized he'd pushed too far. he started crying saying daddy didn't want to give him a kiss & hug goodbye. i called sonny over & told him to talk to his son. sonny said he didn't have anything to say. they didn't respect or love him & he was tired of trying. i said son, you never know whats going to happen. don't let us leave & your boy this upset over something. so sonny talked with jammer & they said they loved each other. jammer apologized for what he said & they said their goodbyes. that night went on as usual. the kids misbehaving & doing whatever they wanted. us begging them to behave. finally, i explained to the kids that they were going to have to earn their rights. the right to a clean bed, food, tv & respect. no toys, no games or computers. everything they had was there because we worked & strived to give them something to be proud of. she sat there & ignored me. jammer jumped up & went in to make his bed. he picked up the room & asked if there was anything else he could do to earn his keep. she sat there & ignored me. jammer aske if he could have a clementine. she sat there & ignored me. i took the book away from her cos guess what? they were my books & she hadn't done anything to deserve it. i asked her to go make her bed. she went & climbed in the bed to lay down. i said, guess what? thats my bed too. I bought it, i had my sister haul it & what did you do to deserve it? get out of my bed. she came out of the bed with this pooched out face & hard eyes staring at me. i told her she could sit in the middle of the floor & not to look at me like that. she said, 'why don't you hit me? i said not everything is about hitting. she asked again, why don't you hit me. i said i don't want to waste my time. she told me i was afraid to hit her. AFRAID? A-F-R-A-I-D? i jumped up so fast my head spun & hers? well, you can't imagine the look on her face when i grabbed her. i admit, i lost my temper. unfortunately, i didn't hurt her. i wanted to. god you don't know how bad i wanted to. she threw her hands up to protect her head & i hit her hand. i grabbed her by the hands & hanked her to her feet & said, you think i'm scared of you? you're not right little lady cos i'm far from scared of you. i'm so far from being scared to hit you that its not funny. i scared the shit out of her. then i sent her to the corner. where she's gonna stand until she apologizes. and means it. and me, i went to the bathroom & puked.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


we got the grandkids last weekend & sonny asked me if i could do him a big favor. apparently, ixxie had a huge problem & needed to go to the dr. well, i took her to the dr & sure enough...after $80.00, a stool sample & a few hours of hanging out she was found to have pin worms. how in the hell she managed that i can't tell you. she said she chews on her fingernails. i think she eats poop! poop from the dogs! poop that have pin worms! where else do you find pin worms? in poop! well, since she turned up with them i've done a little researching & found out that if someone has them the eggs can be found floating in the dust. believe me when i say we have spot cleaned everything!! we. have. super. cleaned! while the dr was poking & prodding around on her she was asked if this hurt ('no'), did she have a headache ('yes, for months' stupid kid doesn't know a month from a minute) & if her glands were sore ('no, but i lose my voice every now & i shook my head at the dr to express ixxies ignorance & she understood the fantasies of a child. at the same time, she was checking her ears, her throat & mentioned she has lice. again? damn, this kid is like a magnet when it comes to the lice thing. she asked about alergies & said she'd write prescriptions & beat it out the door like she was being chased, well, by a head full of lice. a few minutes later another woman came in & handed us the prescriptions & asked ixxie to open her mouth. she quickly crammed a few swabs down her throat & asked if we could hang out a few more hours (this was actually only minutes but it felt like hours) cos they thought she might have strep throat as well. of course, when it rains it pours with ix so yes, strep throat was added to her list of ailments. with a hand full of prescriptions, a head full of lice & a dying kid we headed to the pharmacy. i made her put her hat on to try & contain the itchys & begged her to stay away from as many people as she could avoid. the rest of the weekend was spent babying & medicating the most unappreciative little deva you ever want to meet. she didn't want to treat her head for the lice cos she hates the smell. she didn't want to eat cos she was starving the pin worms. she didn't want to take the medicine cos it tastes bad. omg! by the end of the weekend i wanted to shove the meds up her ass & wring her little neck! i know we all go through that age when we think we know everything but puhleeze! she's only 10. and she's not a doctor! wait, just wait till i write about her in a few years. when she really hits those teenage years. i'll be posting from the nut house but i promise you it's gonna be entertaining!