Saturday, February 05, 2011

This Love Is Just Grand

sonny has really done something stupid now. in his pursuit of the ultimate love life he got caught with another woman. he not only got caught with her but he had his son with them. and not only got caught with another woman with his son but was arrested with her...also, she had major drugs on her & now he's facing charges for those drugs. apparently, neither one would tell who's drugs they were so they charged both. i have to admit....sonny isn't perfect. but this is about as close to idiotic as i've ever seen him be.
it turns out, sonny called a pizza in & left home to pick it up. on the way he stops to visit with said girlfriend. they jump in her car & continue on to pick up the pizza so sonny won't be seen with another woman in his car & she promptly speeds through town doing 50 in a 35 mph speed zone. so she gets pulled over. little did sonny know but she has a record for, god only knows what all, but apparently drug possession. so they search her car & both of them. they find drug paraphenalia on her & in a coat in her car & she won't admit to the stuff being hers so they drag them all to the police station. my grandson, people, sitting in a police station with his father while they get booked! needless to say, because there's drugs involved the child services gets called in & they visited the kids in school. jammer is as innocent as they come. he never finds anything wrong with what his daddy does. as far as he's concerned daddy is a god & can do no wrong. ix on the other hand hates her life. she hates her mother, hates her brother, hates her room, hates her school, hates her get the picture? (except i guess she doesn't hate daddy)and she knows everything...well, just ask her! anyway, back to the story at hand, so she tells them she has seen mommy & a friend snuff something up her nose & to be honest, she probably has seen something. but she ran her mommy into the ground. so honey & sonny have to have drug tests immediately and are not allowed to be alone with the kids. i think i've mentioned that sonny takes care of my step dad. so papaws appointed to be a supervisor making it possible for the kids to live in the home just not given a chance to be exposed to any drug use. i was also required to become a supervisor in the event my step dad wasn't available. he has major medical issues & occasionally winds up in the hospital. can you imagine my horror as i type this? my son is facing major drug charges, my grandkids are facing foster care & i live in a different state & would have to undergo an investigation to be awarded custody of the them that would take months. not to mention i have to stay at their house in the event papaw does wind up in the hospital. i'm not sure how this is gonna turn out but i'll be here with new updates as they come in.


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