Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Like Shit...Birthdays Happen

Today is a day that I try to overlook.
If I can.
I try not to answer the phone, I don't check email, I take the day off work & I don't open my door so I don't have to listen to EVERYONE telling me happy birthday cos's not. My family, they know the date. They know my age. They know how bad I hate birthdays. Doesn't matter. I can't really get away from hearing the dreaded birthday song. I try. I want to just lay in bed & let the day go by without coming out from under the covers. But some people just refuse to allow me that luxury. They insist I'll want to hear from them. They're wrong. But I'm nice & allow them their illusion that I really just hold my breath until I hear from them.
Get the idea?
I hate birthdays!
It's just another fucking day that I ache & make myself keep going. It's better than the alternative, right?
I'm going back to bed now.