Saturday, August 01, 2015

Tightrope Walking

Sorry i haven't been telling you whats going on these days. its been so hot that we've been spending most of our time at the pool. They don't recommend computers in the pool. I think something to do with your pc not being water retardant. Unless maybe if I add a card. Too bad they haven't invented that yet. But you know with my luck it would never work. Or maybe the electric is what doesn't work with the water. I can never be sure about these things. I'm confused!
So, we changed hard drives & this mother will fly. Now. When we first changed it over though I thought we really messed it up. It would boot to the windows screen & there it would hang. I kept asking hubby if he was sure everything was hooked back up the way it was & he actually got mad at me for asking. He insisted it was all exactly like it should be. Me being the believing soul I am, I worked & struggled trying to fix it. I read everything I could on the web about what went wrong but nothing answered my questions cos nothing worked. Damn, I thought I was gonna have to start from scratch & just reformat...losing all my programs & having to re-enter everything. So, I took the pc apart & started to remove the hard drive to put the old one back in. Wanna guess what i found? Let me reiterate....hubby said everything was right. When i say I'm confused you haven't seen confused until you see hubby in his GREAT confusion! So, the cd rom wasn't plugged in & after plugging it in I crossed my fingers & started it up one more time. Yep, it fired up & everything is hunky dorey. I should have known not to listen to him. We replaced a cdrw in his brothers computer last year & he said it was set as slave but after 2 days of trying I couldn't get it to work. Finally taking it apart & starting from scratch discovered it was set as master & that was the problem with that. So, it was my own fault for not checking it sooner & just relying on a man or doing it myself & making sure to do it right for that matter.
We've been very busy at work too. The summer renewals are in full swing plus our direct mail piece has brought quite a bit of new members in.
I have to ask a question. Does this sound right to you? We had a meeting about making membership move a little faster. As in getting the fulfillment done quicker. They've been kicking around ideas for about 5 years now but nothing ever seems to get done. So this meeting was to come up with some new ideas (to not use) for streamlining our entry & making a quicker turnover. The powers that be were asking us what the problems were. So, we started naming them. Well, mainly I started naming them cos nobody wants to stir a simmering pot. Thankfully, every now & then someone else would speak up & add that what I was saying was the problems plus maybe add something that I hadn't mentioned yet.
So in the middle of one of my 'problem points' one of the people running the meeting smacked her hand on the table & said ' what is it gonna take to make you happy?' Then realized how it sounded & added a giggle & said 'what can we do to make you see the glass half full'. That joke hasn't been funny for along time and i don't want to hear it anymore. The glass is half full alright but not with anything I would recommend you count on. I see it as shit cos that's what they're full of. Of course I can't say that in a meeting but most of my coworkers know how I feel about this. They keep making us promises but never come through with anything. This year we didn't even get a cost of living raise. I mean think about it, the price of gas, food, cigarettes, housing & booze, hell, just plain living, has all gone up without a raise. Makes for stretching the budget a whole new ball game. Anyway, back to my point. It really pissed me off when she smacked that table like that. I feel like she owes me an apology. Am I wrong or is this the way people act in meetings? Am i walking a tight rope & gonna fall on my face? Or do I demand a little respect & ask for an apology? What would you do....
Well, now that I got that off my chest on to some good news. Tomorrow is hubbys' birthday. Makes him closer to being old. hahahahahahaha
like me.
gotta go,


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