Saturday, April 03, 2004

blogging...ahh what a release, huh? it makes me melancholy. there's so many things i want to remember & never forget. man, am i in a mood. must be getting 'that time'. (mom will think that statement very inappropriate.) but let's face it, it's part of this thing called life. everybody has to deal with these feelings & truths. none will be above it. of course there is things that make it alittle easier. (sometimes) like money. love is great but who gets that? offspring & i'm so very proud of him. and now grandchildren. the joy of grandparenting became very obvious this morning. i am looking at ixxie with her cute little sprinkle of freckles across her nose & notice one that isn't a freckle. i reach to brush whatever off her face & OMG IT MOVED!!!! while she stands there digging in her head. so, i turn her around & start looking through her hair. oh yeah, it's lice. great! now, i have a long haired minature shelty named mousey & a cockatiel named peepers. will they also get head lice? does anyone know anything about this? i'm off now for the drug store. and guess what? is this my imagination or is my head really itching? and life just keeps getting better.
p.s. is ur head itching yet? if u don't help me within 4 minutes of reading this bill gates will not give u money, ur computer will explode & lice will start jumping through ur modem. laugh lindy laugh before u have a stroke....